Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wheel of Random: The Exhaustion Edition

I was a LONG day. Today was our shelter's 5K fundraiser and I was on my feet for FIVE. EFFIN'. HOURS. straight. My ample ass did not touch a chair from 11:30 until 4:30. I literally took 8,436 steps (calculated on my fitbit...tune back tomorrow!) and I am tired. And too old for this shizz. So, I am dialing it in today.

Twice a week, I take Charlie and Roxie to doggie day care. The place they go is called Tailwaggers. I am friendly with the owner and, in exchange for a few days of daycare, I do some marketing for her. It is a good deal.

Charlie and Roxie love playing all day and it's good for their socialization with other dogs. Charlie esp. loves to dig and regularly comes home with clumps of Georgia clay hanging from his beard. This photo shows one of the worst days, back during the torrential rain season we also called "February":

I, mean, seriously!??!  Really, Charlie?!?! He can get nasty. But the end result is this:

Charlie, unable to keep his eyes open last week on the way home from the Tail. After all, tired dogs = good dogs. (BTW, don't you LOVE my boy's brows?!?!) But, this video, is the best....the kids just love going to daycare and show they are ready for a howling good time (PS, this one gets loud at the warned and ready to turn down the volume!):

They so funny! What's even funnier?!?! While I was loading and replaying this video, they came running in the office when they heard themselves howling to howl. Oy. Well, I am off to overdose on Advil and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Reunion Special. These bitches are gettin' nasty tonight! Later! B.

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I should have taped Lily watching that video. As soon as the pups started howling she came running to my computer and kept looking from the screen to me..."WHAT are those crazy doggies DOING???"

I love how excited they get when they see the building.