Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Verdict is In.....

OK, so I am ending this feedback process a little early because I have decided to forge ahead with bunnygoround! Thank you to those of you who weighed in....your feedback did help me reach my decision and I appreciate each and every one of you for your visits!

Now, my sis gave me a (what I think may be a) great idea today: Theme blogging. See, one thing I have struggled with is coming up with fresh posts. Posts just used to seem to roll off my fingers like nothing. The longer I have blogged though, the harder it seems to come up with ideas. Anyhoodle, sis suggested a different (broad) topic each day or week. I cannot do week, but I could try a few days a week. So, I thought about what I enjoy the most, and here is what I have come up with for a "schedule":

MONDAY:                Building a Better Bunny….Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Etc.
WEDNESDAY:        Noshing with Bunny....Recipes, Eats, Drinks, Restaurants, W-S, Etc.
FRIDAY:                   Pop Goes Bunny….Pop Culture like Music, Movies, Books, Etc.
SUNDAY:                 Wheel of Random with Bunny….Everything Else (Home, Garden, Dogs, Etc.)

I think this type of schedule may work for me because I can bank up some posts when I have time. Plus I don't have the pressure of picking and choosing what to write about each post. So, today would be Wheel of Random with Bunny and today's topic is ....... DOGS!

I haven't written much about the furkids recently. Since Pepsi died, things have been sorta quiet. It's been weird having two healthy, young dogs in the house. Less drama. Roxie is still a handful and we have to work with her everyday to keep her in check. Charlie is still, well, Charlie:

A big ol' baby. Here he is sulking with daddy last Saturday because Mama had been loving on another boy:

Tyler (with me) at an off-site adoption event for the shelter last Saturday. I LOVED this dog. He was such a sweet boy. He had this pitty face with scruffy fur. So unusual looking. And beautiful green eyes with a liver colored nose. He was adopted Thursday and I am so happy he has a good home. That is not mine. I have sort of informally started choosing one dog at a time to attach to and promote until I find them a home. I have had pretty good success, I must say.

I may or may not have expressed this sentiment here before but the #1 thing people say about my job that irritates me is "Oh, I could never work/volunteer at a shelter...I'd want to take them all home." Well, no, that's a serious bullshit cop-out thing to say. First, I guess that makes me a serious cold-hearted bitch because I don't take them all home?!?! Secondly, you wouldn't and you couldn't. 

But what you CAN do is quit being a lazy ass if you really "love" animals because shelter animals need love and exercise and socializing to prepare them for their new home.You can walk, train, take photos, promote them on your Facebook page, go to off-site adoptions. So my answer to that remark?!? "No, you wouldn't. You couldn't. But what you CAN do is HELP them find a home." Word. PS, Don't ever say that to me. Seriously.

OK, off the soapbox and signing out. Time to go cook some dinner for the hubs then watch the finale to Real Housewives of the ATL. WOOT! Later, and Happy Easter! B.


Sonya said...

Glad you're staying.

Also, no worries about me EVER saying anything remotely like that to you.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

When we narrowed our kitty search down to Lily and one other cat, I had to stop looking. It was too hard for me to look at all the other kitties. I joked with the volunteer "I'll take one of each".

I think I decided my volunteer work is going to be with the sick little ones at the Children's Hospital. I spent so much time in one when my kids were sick babies, that I'm not uncomfortable there.

I look forward to the theme blogs!

Bo said...

Glad your hanging around...I think the schedule is a great idea. Glad Tyler found a home.

bunny said...

Sonya, Thanks, and, yeah, I know! :)

LMSS, it is overwhelming when you are looking but I truly believe the animals finds YOU. And you should volunteer where you are led.

Bo, thanks. And Tyler was awesome.

robin w said...

I like all of your themes! Especially looking forward to Noshing with Bunny!

KP said...