Friday, April 13, 2012

Pop Goes Bunny: Friday the 13th Edition

It's the first install of Pop Goes Bunny, my take on anything and everything pop culture from movies to TV to books to music. But no worries! Just because it IS Friday the 13th, I am NOT reviewing any of THOSE movies. I don't do slasher.

First up, for my booky peeps, I recently finished an incredible book: Before I Wake by Robert Wiersema. Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

"After an unthinkable tragedy happens, an unbelievable miracle begins. . . Three-year-old Sherry is the adored only child of Simon and Karen Barrett. But when Sherry is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident, the fault lines in the Barretts's marriage begin to show. As her parents' marriage falls apart, it is discovered that Sherry has miraculous healing powers. As word of Sherry’s powers spread, her parents must decide how best to shelter their daughter and help the many sick and dying who are drawn to her side."

It's been quite a while since I stayed up at night reading a book. The story was different and compelling. Some say "supernatural" but I guess that depends on your beliefs. You do have to be able to let your mind go. So good. I was trying to think of another book to compare it to, but I cannot. Maybe not for everyone, but I really did enjoy it.

Last week, my hubs and I decided to go to the movies. On a school night. I cannot tell you the last time we went to see a movie at night. Or in the middle of the week. Or paid full price. (Speaking of which, can you BELIEVE how much movies are now days?!?!). Anyhoodle, we decided to see Mirror, Mirror:

We enjoyed it. It was charming and entertaining and there were a few chuckles. Julia Roberts was great as the wicked queen. But, honestly, I could have waited for the DVD. But we just wanted to go out. I am MORE excited for Snow White and the Huntsman this June:

It is right up my alley....all Lord of the Ringish dark and lovely. Can't wait. Hope you all have a great weekend. I have a big fundraiser this weekend and a raging headache trying to take me down so I am off to an early bed. XO, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm putting that book on my list.

We have a movie theater that runs "not so new" movies for $1.75
If Hugo is still playing this weekend I might see it.

bunny said...

Hugo was great...a wee bit slow but the hubs and I enjoyed it.

KP said...

Don't love I will skip this movie. I can't tell you the last time I went to a movie in a movie theater.