Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Noshing with Bunny: To Meat or Not To Meat

Friends, this post is going to be an incredibly short one because 1) I had a HORRIBLE night of sleeping last night (or, should I say, NOT sleeping last night!) and 2) I am exhausted and 3) I have a shit ton of freelance work to do before I can lay my head on a pillow tonight.

That said, I have two recipes I have cooked this week to very, very meaty, the other very, very veggie. They do have one thing in common, however.....they are both from Cooking Light's Website. Here's the meaty one:

Nom, nom, nom....these were DE-LISH-US. And simple. Make a pocket in a thick chop, stuff it full of yummy blue cheese and grill/"fry" in a skillet with a heavy hand of pepper. After taking the chops out to rest, I braised the pears in the pan leftovers until they were warm and wee bit brown. As you can see, I served with steamed cauliflower/broccoli mix and the fancy Kraft mac & cheese. This dish was excellent and, believe it or not, very good calorie wise...if I put it all into the calculator correctly, about 435 calories for a 6 oz. chop which is a plenty generous portion. Sadly, it was later that night we watched Forks Over Knives. But, gladly, having just had this dish, I couldn't imagine totally giving up meat. At least little piggies. Speaking of Forks Over Knives, tonight I started my goal of having 2-3 meatless meals per week. Tonight we had these:

First, right off, let me say that I omitted the bacon. Because this was a VEGGIE ONLY meal. And I didn't have any bacon in the larder anyways. But these were still just as yummers. The sauce is cream cheese and chicken broth but I herbed and garlicked it up. You could really go in many directions with this recipe. Feta would be great. Or "Mexicaning" it up with salsa. Or swirling in a little pesto. Not super great calorie wise (mainly because I gorged myself out on them!) but very tasty. I served with a side of flash sauteed zucchini ribbons. Very good for my first conscious veggie meal.

Well, that's all peeps! Hope you are all having a great week! I am going to go ahead and tell you that I WILL NOT be hear Friday because I will be out indulging in pop culture instead of just writing about it. I am going to a fundraising concert for another local non-profit. So have a good weekend! Kisses, Bun.

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