Monday, April 09, 2012

Building a Better Bunny: MFP & Orange Gingham Shirts

So, it's my first Building a Better Bunny post. This "theme" will focus on anything and everything that makes me a better person....mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It could be a review of my latest skin care product, or eyeliner, or my favorite new shirt. Which I will talk about later.

First, I am here to confess.....I am a fat ass. I have known I was a fat ass for a long time, but now I am owning my fat ass-ness. Owning it and doing something about it. Because I am a fat ass and am NOT going to weigh a number that has a "3" in front of it. And I was headed down that slippery slope.

In fact, last year when I went for my annual physical, I was 1 POINT away from being pre-diabetic. But, even then, I could not be persuaded to get off my fat ass. I just had a little wake-up call recently and decided I was done with being unhealthy and it was time to get on track. Permanently. So, I started my journey on myfitnesspal.

MFP is an online journal that allows you to track your calories and activity so that you can lose weight safely and realistically. You can track sodium, sugar, carbs, proteins and about every other nutrient if those things are important to you. There are community forums to ask questions and gain support. You can make "friends" for additional support. There also is an app for smart phones so you can track on the go. Best of all, the app allows you to "scan" barcodes on food items to add to your daily diary. How cool is that?!?

I have had good success with journaling in the past. I lost 40 lbs. several years ago using My Food Diary, a very similar tool; however, MFD was $9/month. MFP is FREE and, I think, easier to use because it has more functionality and a cleaner interface (wow, doesn't that sound fancy and impressive!). :) (PS, that is NOT my log above but a generic log I pulled from the internets!)

I am looking to lose 75 pounds. I have 69 to go. That's a lot, I know. But I am determined. Now, don't worry....I ain't gonna go all obsessing about weight loss all the time. But I will update from time to time on my progress and anything comical or sad or interesting I find along the way. 

And I ain't gonna stop cooking and drinking. But I AM starting to look at ways I can pare down my recipes to make them leaner, look at healthy cooking blogs for inspiration (two great ones I have found--Eat Yourself Skinny and Skinnytaste), and trying to cook with more fresh ingredients. You will see updates on those endeavors on Wednesdays (Noshing with Bunny). 

For now, I am focusing on making better choices, controlling my portions, and adding in exercise. If any of you would like to give MFP a try, send me a message and let me know your user name and we can be friends. I will be on there for a while, so don't feel rushed. 

Now, to the shirt. I said that I was not going to buy any new clothes until I lost some weight. Who the Hell was a kidding?!? Actually, one of the things that prompted me to start being healthier was that all my 2X clothes were straining at the seams. But, for Spring, and Easter, I wanted something new. So I bought this:

I lurve it. Yes, it looks slightly like a picnic table cloth. But I don't give a shit. I lurve it. I lurve gingham. And two-shades-of-orange gingham is even better. I am wearing it today. As we speak. Or I type. And I wore it to Easter lunch yesterday too. And I lurve it. It's Land's End (whose blouses I lurve) and, I hate to admit, I paid full price for it. Which I never do. But there were no sales. And I waited and waited and was afraid it would be gone. And, oh, I lurved it. It makes my happy which = Better Bunny.

Well, that's all for today. I will be back Wednesday with my first noshing post. I already have it planned. I think I like this theme idea. Thanks, sis! :) B. Out!


Jen on the Edge said...

I've been where you are with your fitness and health journey and I know how daunting it will feel at times. I can only advise that you take things one day at a time, only focus on small parts of your goal at once (I usually think about the next five pounds), and don't beat yourself up if you have an off meal or an off day.

If you ever want to call or text me for any reason, whether it's to brag about something great or kvetch about something sucky, I'm here for you.

Also, LOVE that shirt! I'm wearing my favorite Lands End shirt right now -- a Liberty of London inspired floral in blue and purple.

bunny said...

Thanks, JOTE, but I'm not really daunted. It's just day-by-day and doing the best I can. It took years to put it on, and I realize it ain't coming off in a day! :) Support is always nice though so I appreciate the kvetching offer.

Bo said...

Glad your making some changes to get healthy.

bunny said...

Thanks, Bo....that would start with staying away from your blog! LOL J/K :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Three Cheers for the LOSE OUR FAT ASSES PROJECT....we'll be partners in crime. Thanks for turning me on to MFP!

The shirt is mucho cute