Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Whiskey. Tango. Tuesday.

Good, Lord, you know what a BITCH of a day this was. I mean a we-overbooked-spay-neuters-and-didn't-finish-and-lost-a-public-dog-and-our-vet-tech-quit kinda bitch of a day. A my-boss-wasn't-there-so-I-had-to-handle-it-and-I-didn't-get-home-until-7-pm kind day. And I-am-on-my-second-but-not-last-cocktail kinda day.

Luckily, I am still clinging with both hands to the great memory of Saturday night when my wonderful hubs treated me to my Valentine's Day gift of dinner at Woodfire Grill in the ATL. I have been wanting to go to Woodfire every since Top Chef 2009 when Kevin Gillespie, Woodfire's executive chef, was on the show. He was wonderful. A big ol' ginger-beard, bacon loving, teddy bear.

2009, you may remember if you have been visiting BGR for a while, was the unfortunate year I was unemployed. Always a home cook, Kevin inspired me to up my game to home chef of sorts. Cooking classes. Better equipment. Trying new recipes and techniques. Not that I would even BEGIN to compare myself to KG, but he showed me that good cooking did not have to be fancy, just flavorful. It was about putting your heart into it.

So my hubs gave me the best gift because I have been wanting to go to Woodfire for 2+ years. And I was not disappointed. First, the signature cocktail....the Farmer's Daughter, a sublime mix of muddled cukes and mint with vodka and ginger beer. Must figure out how to duplicate. Then, the brussell sprout salad with prosciutto and pork belly. The salad was great; the pork belly I was glad I tried, but it was just like fancy, fatty bacon.

For entree, I chose the pork tenderloin, which was from happy, free-roaming piggies, served over smoked collards (slap your mother, good!) and grits. The hubs had fish which was cooked perfectly and served on a fennel-celery root slaw. Also fabulous. For dessert, we had the make-your-toes-curl Toffee Sticky Pudding. SO GOOD. 

Though the meal was not cheap, and I felt a wee bit guilty, I realized it's not about the meal itself, but the memory, which will be with me a long time. A good meal with a wonderful husband who choose an extremely thoughtful gift he knew I would love. And I did. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to meet KG proper.

PS, I took photos, but they were on my phone and not terribly good, so sorry I can't share those with you. For now, I am off to bed, and hope I will have good dreams after a bad day. Hope you all are well. XO, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ummm, lost a public dog? I'm intrigued.

I like KG's tattoo.

I hope the rest of the week is uneventful.

Bo said...

Giving you another hug...lost dog? Sounds like you and the hubs had a great V-day.

bunny said...

Ok, we TEMPORARILY lost the dog. One of the rescue groups we work with on surgeries accidentally picked up the wrong dog....they picked up a public dog instead of their dog. Our fault too, though, because a staff member should have been with them. Unfortch, we did not find out until the parent was there to pick up the dog. They were furious. As they should have been. The dog was returned, monies were refunded, the dog was fine, but JEEZUS, people, PLEASE!!!