Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Good Daughter

Well, peeps, I did it and am reporting back, as promised! I made me a Farmer's Daughter cocktail and, I have to say, it was pretty damn good.

I followed the You Tube recipe exactly, however, there was no guide on the amount of ginger beer to add so I added about 6-8 oz. It was very tasty, but I think just a TAD heavy on the ginger beer. Or the ginger beer I have may be just a TAD more potent than the one they used at Woodfire because it was a little more gingery than I remember.

I will say, however, that anything you make yourself never tastes the same as the original. Like dishes my mom and Grandmother made. Maybe it's the little extra this or that. Maybe it is a different brand ingredient that's a little more or less intense. Maybe it's the love (esp. when it is a family dish). It's just never QUITE the same. But my version was quite good, and I think this drink will be quite the refresher on a hot summer's eve. It's sorta like a gingery Mojito. PS, the little green specks floating in it? Crushed mint leaves.

In other news, it may be March 17 today but it's more like May 5 up in my house! We have been on a Mexican kick this week and are having Mexican again tonight. Last night, we had the BEST nachos:

I roasted a can of whole kernel corn in a little olive oil then added a can of rinsed black beans to warm in the pan. On the sidelines, I diced up three small tomatoes, 1/3 a ginormous red onion (why does it seem red onions are always ginormous?!?!) and a handful of cilantro then mixed it all with a generous squeeze of lime (about half a lime), a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I mixed in the corn and beans then GENTLY folded in two diced avocados. I did use cheese on the chips, but the hubs and I agreed we didn't need it because the other topping was SO. GOOD.

I had started marinating some chicken for these same nachos, then decided I didn't need it, so tonight we are going to have chicken tacos and I will probably make some more of the corn-bean-tomato mixture, as well.

In other news, I am craving EGGS for some reasons--omelets, frittatas, egg salad, poached eggs--but, alas, my hubs does no longer love eggs which greatly impacts my culinary egg creations. He also does not like olives (craziness!). I, on the other hand, could (and may have) eat(en) a whole jar of olives. It's the only reason to order martinis. Tapanade with fresh brushchetta in the summer makes me want to live. Guess I will have to get a sister hubs who loves egg and olive dishes.

Well, I am off to start that dinner soon. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Poured like mad here this morning; now it's sunny and beautiful. Crazy spring weather. Later! B.


robin w said...

When are you going to make one for me?????

bunny said...

Easter?!?! We will have to keep "the-drunk-who-cannot-be-named" away though.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I could never re-create ANY dishes from EITHER grandmother. They didn't have anything written down and if you asked them for directions they would say "add this until it tastes OK".

Those nachos look pretty awesome.
Enjoy your crazy Spring weather.We're having crazy Summer weather. I'll be at the beach on Monday. ~*~*!picture me doing the happy dance!!

Bo said...

It's always tough to recreate restaurant dishes at home. I don't really like ginger beer or even strong ginger ale so I don't think this cocktail is for me...but the nachos on the other hand, Oh yes! So you roasted canned corn...just drained? I've never heard of that.

bunny said...

Bo, I love the tart of ginger ale so this cocktail is right up my alley! :) And, yes, I drained the corn, coated the bottom of the fry pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil (I have a chipotle infused one I used!) and then just kept cooking the corn over medium heat until it had golden brown edges. You could probably do it in the oven, too, but I tend to let things burn I don't have an eye on! :)