Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Lesson in Shrubbing

I is **SO** excited. Today, I received my box full of shrubs in the mail. No, not the green things you plant in the ground but the culinary shrubs that you can use as drink mixers and for other foodie delights.

Specifically, I purchased ginger shrub, which is grated ginger that has been steeped in apple cider vinegar. You can make it yourself but the thought of grating ginger made my head hurt. And I found it online for a great price. But, let me back the story up to the beginning.

When we went to Woodfire Grill, you may remember I had THE. BEST. cocktail called The Farmer's Daughter. The bartender at Woodfire created it--and has won numerous awards for it. It is a sublime mix of muddled cukes and mint with vodka and ginger beer with a secret ingredient--ginger shrub. And the BEST part?? There is a video on YouTube where the bartender shows how to make. the. drink. Seriously. So, bitches, it in on like Donkey Kong. I have my shrub, my muddler is in the mail and I WILL be mastering that bitch.

BUT, when I first saw the video, I was like "W.T.F. is GINGER SHRUB?!?!" So I started searching on the Internets and read up on fruit shrubs and their uses. Then I found Tait Farm Foods who has a whole line of fruit shrubs!! BOO-YA!! I ordered three bottles of the ginger. That's how sure I am I will LOVES it.

Apparently, you can add shrubs to tea, sparking water, wine, and a whole host of drinks and dishes. You can basically make your own ginger ale with ginger shrub. And (read here LMSS!) the ginger, at least, is low in sugar. BOO-YA!

So, this weekend, I will be setting up shrub shop and making me up a Farmer's Daughter. Of course, I will be reporting back on how it goes. If it goes well, it's a spring cocktail party at Casa Bunny for all! You bitches bring the appetizers, I will supply a bathtub full of booze. Cheers! B.


Sonya said...

Fruit scrubs....who knew? Bunnygoround is entertaining AND educational!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ooooooooo. I see a Dark and Stormy in my future!

bunny said...

Sonya, that's SHRUBS, not SCRUBS. Scrubs is the guy that can't get no love from me.

LMSS, the ginger has 14g sugar per serving! I couldn't find nutritional info on the other flavors but I bet if you called the company, they could tell you.

Bo said...

shrubs...new to me. What flavors did you get, only ginger?

bunny said...

Bo, yes, only ginger, but I plan to go back for more....I think they are low in sugar so I need to do some research and see how I can use them in desserts.