Friday, February 03, 2012

Pictures Speak Louder

Well, my photo taking has been shoddy at best of late, but I thought I would share some random photos of things from the past week that seem to be collecting on my cell phone. Here we go!

I have really been off drinking wine for quite a while. First, there was the disastrous gallbladder episode post-holiday season 2010 when I gorged on pinot noir. But, even more damning to my vino drinking, it is hard for me to drink a whole bottle before it goes bad (yes, really) since the hubs does not drink. And it is a sin to waste wine. However, I have had a hankering of late and decided to buy a bottle last week. It was this Toasted Head Cab. And it was quite tasty.

Encouraged and still having a hankering, I indulged this week in this Two Vines Cab. This one was good, but not as tasty as the Toasted Head. Now I will tell you that I choose my wines based on 1) price ($8-10) and 2) the label/name (has to be appealing to me). Yes, I also completely judge a book by its cover. I don't know why I have suddenly started going cab. Pinot noir is like a summer red to me, and I just ain't down with merlots right now. Any recommendations? Give me a shout in comments.

I have been driving my mom's SUV this week because we have had car problems. Charlie has been sans car seat. I took this photo of him last night on the way home. His chin resting on the door frame, looking wistful. I am totally going to have to wash the dog boogers and slobber off that window. But I love my boy.

This photo totally sucks but the recipe was new and delish. Cheeseburger flatbread melts. These are ridiculously easy to make and you can vary them with a Mexican version or Italian version....endless options. I served with iceberg wedge (bacon and ranch) and the whole meal cook time, start to finish, was about 20 minutes. Winning!

The shelter where I work is having a benefit auction fundraiser in two weeks (signal my panic attack). The benefit focuses on art and I went to the ATL today to pick up a piece of art from a folk artist I met at Folk Fest last year. I wound up having lunch with her and a friend of hers who made this necklace. I was admiring the necklace (it is impressive...about 2 inches square and quarter inch thick and just funky and cool) and the lady took it off and gave it to me! WOW! BTW, that's a print of a pig she painted in the background. Very kind gesture. Knocked my socks off. We had lunch at the OK Cafe!

I had not been to the cafe in YEARS but the food was as yummy as I remember. It's a retro diner vibe. They have been a staple in the ATL for about 25 years. Love the attention to detail on the pot pie crust.

Lastly, this was the sunset over the lake last night near my home. I took this on my camera phone. While driving. Pretty.

Well, I am off. I have to go read some Hunger Games and I am going in to work tomorrow to knock some stuff out for that auction I mentioned. Hope you all have a great weekend! Smooches, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I haven't blogged at all this year. I feel like I have nothing to say, but I might just start doing photos...if I can remember to charge the darn camera.

I'm hardly drinking since last Fall's gallbladder fiasco. I'm afraid. Very afraid. We were on a Pinot Grigio kick. I'm not a big fan of the reds. I bought a bottle of Amaretto at the holidays and never opened it...ditto on all the stuff to make Frozen Strawberry Daiqueries.

The flatbread thingies look yum.

KP said...

LOVE OK Cafe. I went there a few months ago for breakfast...yum!

Also, a very sweet story about the artist who gave you the necklace.

Lyndsey said...

My first visit, stopped over via Bo's Bowl. This was a fun post, I love red wine and I have tried the Toasted Head. That is a cool necklace, I like funky things, and appreciate artists who make them. Love the pic of your dog rests his head on the arm rest. I am going to have to spend more time here..nice space you have.