Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rough as a Cob

O. M. G. Returning to work this week has just kicked. my. ass. God, I am getting so damn old. Those nine days of daily naps last week is not looking like such a good idea in hindsight. Combine that with weird weather, an impending potential sinus infection (YES! AGAIN!), a visit from Aunt Flo and a full-ish moon, and, well, TGIF tomorrow.

Needless to say, I have not done much this week but come home and collapse. Easy cooking. No watching the TV (but I did finish a book! yeah, me!). I thought I would update ya'll quickly and, then, well, then I am off to another early night.

First, the hubs and I spend NYE weekend having a good bit of fun. We went to see Hugo which was very enjoyable yet not what I was expecting. Very family friendly. Very NOT Martin Scorcese. But good. Very good. After the movie, we ran into Home Goods, where I made a great score:

Two Le Creuset oval bakers for less than $40 for BOTH. Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshall's are great places to pick up Le Creuset stoneware for a steal. And let me tell you peeps, you will NEVER EVER EVER want to use another kind of bakeware. This shit is da' bomb.

NYE, we went to Bobs and hung with him and another friend and play Just Dance 2. My shoulder still aches. Holy Christ, did I mention how OLD I am?!? All I knows is the ladies kicked ass with the dance moves. No photos. Too embarrassing.

New Year's Day, the hubs and I went to eat peas and green with my 'rents, while Bobs went on his annual Dillard's shopping extravaganza. And look what Bobs scored for Bunny:

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! A covered Le Creuset casserole! Can I tell you how freakin' excited I was?!? What a deal, too! And you know what this means?!?! I can find something else to spend my Williams-Sonoma gift card on! WHEE!

On that note, I am taking my sad sack self to bed. I will report back more this weekend....I have some plans for some new cookery this weekend and there will be some movie watching and such, as well. Hope you all are rolling big in the new year! XO, B.

PS, for those Yankee readers, the post title refers to an old Southern saying....means you feel as bad as a cleaned, dried ear of corn. Or "like shit."


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I love that you get orgasmic over Le Creuset!
I sent you a facebook message about scoring a Breville Wannabe Pie Maker for $29.99

bunny said...

Yes, sad, but true, Le Creuset titilates me terribly, LMSS! Saw your post about the pie maker...can't wait for a report!

KP said...

a little jealous over the Le it!

Bo said...

you did hit the Le Creuset jack pot...and a good color too...seem like when I go into Marshall's all I see lately is a wierd solid orange color.

bunny said...

KP, check out those stores I mention. You can get some DEALS.

Bo, I have coveted your large oval baker ever since the first posting of the sausage-rosemary alfredo! :) I will tell you the red is not the "pretty" red I have had before, but it's not bad either.

robertga99 said...

Bobs is pretty damn awesome! :)'

bunny said...

Bobs IS pretty damn awesome, Bobs!