Friday, January 27, 2012

The Paint is Almost Dry

Peeps, I am sorry I have been away so long but, seriously, it has been SO BORING here at Casa Bunny this week. I suppose it is the time of year, in part. And the weather, which has been exceptionally WET all winter. BLEH. As mentioned before, I definitely feel I have S.A.D. because Wednesday? It was sunny. And I was so productive. Not so much yesterday. And every other day for about the past month.

Today, I had to wrangle puppies at work for a photo shoot. I don't know WHAT THE HELL the kennel staff at the shelter put in their Wheaties, but HOLY GOD were they wound up. I wish I had some of the outtakes. I am sure it was more than comical. There were many "aerial" shots. Aerials are when the puppies won't sit or lay so we have to hold them in the air to get a photo. It is the last resort. But it always works.

Example of an "Aerial"...Yes, that is my hand

Oh, yeah, and I got peed on. Twice. Some people pay a lot of money to be peed on. Just go volunteer at a shelter, I say, and get peed on for free. It also is amazing how freakin' tired wrestling puppies makes you. That and a half bottle of cabernet. I think my patootie will be headed to bed early tonight. After the other half of that bottle.

The most exciting thing that happened to me this week was that I FINALLY went to the allergist to be tested for allergies. I have had chronic congestion and post-nasal drip forever. Like a year. I was worried they were going to say I was allergic to bacon, dogs and beer and then I was going to half to kill myself because life would not be worth living. 

However, after $$undergoing$$ the $$tests$$ (with no insurance to speak of) it turns out I was allergic to.....hold on....NOTHING. That's right. Not a damn thing. Seriously. He is thinking I simply have a chronic sinus infection that has never completely cleared up. Short of a $$CAT scan$$, he is going to have to treat with meds and see what happens. Sigh.

Otherwise, I've been an old fart, going to bed early, watching crap TV, and surfing Facebook and Pinterest. No cooking. No reading. Yep. Just watching the paint dry. I need some inspiration. Some motivation. I need to wake up just one day and feel, oh, I don't know...rested. Is this what old age is like? Because if it is, it sucks. Ass. Hard.

So with that, this old fart is off to bed with a book or magazine and the dogs. At 8:30. On a Friday night. Wow. Later taters! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I only got out of my PJ's twice this past week. I got da blues.
Purring black kitty in my lap helps.

I downloaded about 17 books on my Kindle and played 12,783 games of Quadris. On the other hand, I packed up 1/2 of the Christmas stuff. HA!

Perk up, Buttercup ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your mothers says "Life's a bitch and then you die".

bunny said...

Life may be a bitch, Anon, but that doesn't make it unbearable. I still love many parts of my life, even in shitty times.

Jen on the Edge said...

Some people pay to get peed on?!?! Are you kidding?

On cloudy days, would it be helpful to you to turn on more lights? That's what I do and it helps me a great deal. Listening to peppy music (hello 80's pop) is my other standby.

bunny said...

JOTE, Lordy, I thought I was sheltered! :) Yes, it is a fetish. I will send you a private note.

I usually sit in the dark at work, other than indirect natural sunlight coming in the windows by my desk. I just cannot stand overhead UVs. I feel they sap me more than the grey weather.

Sonya said...

Maybe you should consider a lamp or five @ work? Sitting in the dark all day would be depressing for me, too.

Bo said...

I thought I had sad too, but I cut back on coffee, sodas, and hydroxycut and started drinking water and I finally had energy.

bunny said...

I will try that, Bo...thanks for the advice!