Friday, December 30, 2011

What Santa Brought Bunny

Peeps, I know this is a little backwards, but I am finally going to post what Santa brought me. Just took me a week I know, but I wanted you to see my goodies because, well, I was thrilled. And I know you will be thrilled. Ecstatic even. Right.

The saddest thing about getting older is the lack of holiday gifts. I know that sounds horrible, but I just have always loved Christmas and giving and gifts and finding the perfect gift for someone you love. Sadly, as you get older, many times it is about just swapping gift cards/money because everyone, including me, is often too "busy" to put any thought into a special gift.

Those truly special gifts are rare. For example, a few years ago, the hubs gave me a sign that he had custom made that says "Casa Bunny." It was a TOTAL surprise and truly special and it hangs over our front door. Several years ago, I made scrapbooks for my brother and sister that held a bunch of photos of the three of us from through the years. I really put my heart into that gift and I hope they thought it was special, because I did.

I am very fortunate that I have friends and a great hubs who tell Santa what I really want and make sure I have the hook-up. So, here is what Santa (and friends and family) brought me in 2011:

Bobs gave me this collapsible cooler. I have wanted one of these for awhile. I hope it will inspire me to do some picnicking this year or summer concert going and such.

Bobs also gave me this panini grill. Bobs is a super-duper sale shopper and makes awesome scores so he is a great gift giver. I have not used this yet, but I am super excited about it. This is one of those things I would never buy myself, but have always wanted to have. Those kind of items usually make great gifts.

My sister-in-law drew my name and gave me a Williams-Sonoma AND a Kohl's gift card! You saw from my last post that the W-S card is probably going to buy a casserole of some kind, and the Kohl's card has already been redeemed (along with an online coupon! score!) for socks. I am in desperate need for socks because my sock-snatching, hosiery-eating dog, Charlie, has destroyed almost all my good socks, as shown in the example here:

"What Mama?!! Did I dooz that?!?" See, he is always after the socks! Bad, Charlie, bad! And my good Gold Toe socks! So, I used the Kohl's card to buy nice, thin socks for dressier shoes.

Santa brought me more socks, good, thick wool socks from L.L. Bean. Golly, I love these socks! I have a pair on now. They are warm and wonderful around the house and will work well with my hiking-style shoes and Birks.

Lucky for Santa, we live REALLYNEAR a Saks 5th Avenue outlet, which is where Santa picked up these lovely ear bobs from Alexis Bittar. The earrings are actually clear, but have a unique iridescence about them that makes them appear purple in this photo. They are super cool.

At the same outlet, Santa also picked up these really lovely Majorica black pearl ear wires. LOVE! Pearls are Bunny's birthstone. Score for Santa!

Then, Santa hit it out of the park with a double whammy....a coveted 5-inch Santoku Wustof and a new W-S apron in red! While I have not used either yet (I am sorta weird in that I like to break in my new gifts slowly), I know both will receive lots and lots of use. And, finally, a cherry on top:

The DVD of Crazy Stupid Love. Which I crazy, stupid loved. I cannot wait to watch it again. It was a pretty perfect Christmas all around. I loved all my gifts, and loved spending time with my family. And I have loved having this week off work. Now, I am off to go do some more organizing. Kitchen cabinets and laundry room, here I come! Later tater! B.

PS, Pepsi also would like me to give a shout out to her aunt (my sis) and Grammy (my moms) for their kind "donations" to her health care fund. She wants all to know she is feeling better, but is terribly put-out and freakin' pissed that I keep following her around with my sis' camera, as you can see from the photo below where she is giving me the "STEP OFF, BITCH OR I WILL CUT YOU!" stare.


Bo said...

Your gonna love the panini press...I use mine a lot...Hot dinner 5 dogs don't get that look when they see the camera...they run and hide!

Big Sis said...

I am so jealous! I want a panini press!

bunny said...

Bo and Big Sis, I cannot WAIT to use it, but I need to get some good bread first!

KP said...

You received some good gifts - you know I LOVE Alexis Bittar! Very nice.

bunny said...

KP, the hubs has always been a GREAT gift giver. NO complaints in that department!