Monday, December 26, 2011

Those Damn Lighted Vases and Such

Hello, peeps! I hope you all had a marvelous holiday. Mine was good and what is even BETTER is that I am on vacay this week! YEAH! I have big plans for cleaning out my house and maybe also doing a little relaxing, as well. In the meantime, I thought I would do a quick post, which will be somewhat quicker than intended thanks to my sister who is apparently entering early stage dementia. First up, remember these?!!?

Just about every person who viewed my Home Holiday Tour post mentioned these vases. The two vases we purchased at Home Goods, the T.J. Maxx home store. I think the purple one was around $10 and the green one was around $15?? Anyhoodle, my hubs put the lights in them last year and, trust me, there is nothing special or unique in the technique. Let me show you.

See? Just a few strands of cheap white lights dropped down in the vase with the cord running out the top and down the back. Same for the green one:

The GOOD thing, as you can see from this pic, is that the vases are strategically placed VERY VERY near an outlet so they plug right in with no extra cords. The weight of the plug pulls down the cord so it stays down and out of sight. I have realized, however, from these photos that I think we should put MORE lights in the green vase, maybe fill it halfway up?? I think we will try it and see how it looks. We actually keep these lights in year-round now we like them so much. Nice "mood" lighting.

I also will mention that Santa was very good to me. I received a Williams-Sonoma gift card that is already burning a hole in my pocket, some jewelry, and even a little money from my family for Pepsi's vet bills (they usually buy my furkids a little treat or toy but this year gave monetary donations instead which were VERY appreciated!). However, I have no photos to share right now because my sister, who I dearly love, lent me her Canon SLR to bring home so I could snap some photos of Pepsi for the memories. I also snapped some holiday photos around the house. Including prezzies. Which are still on the camera. Because my sister forgot to give me the download cord. Bah!

What I can share, however, is that I went to the Williams-Sonoma outlet today (which is, blessedly and very badly, 15 minutes from my home) and scored a few little treats:

All the W-S spices they had were 50% off as were their dish towels which are the BEST. With my $10 coupon, I only spent $10. HAPPY. I was hoping to run up on a fabulous deal to use my GC on, but, alas, none were to be found, so I am back to my original desire:

The Le Creuset Covered Baker. If you remember, it WAS on my 12 Days of Williams-Sonoma list. I could basically get it for (almost) free with my gift card. Hmmmm. I will think it over a few more days while the card sizzles in my pocket.

Well, peeps, I am signing off now. I will try to be back soon with reports on how my organizing is going and possible photos of prezzies. Have a good one! B.

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Vacay! wHoo-hoo!
I got a Kindle Fire, so I've been playing with that. Today we are shopping for dining room carpet.
My new pinterest obsession is finding organization tips for my ridiculously small closets.