Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Homes Tour 2011

Welcome to bunnygoround! I hope you enjoy the photos of Casa Bunny all decked out for the holidays. Yes, we do lots of decorations. No, it doesn't take all that long to put up (we do it in stages). No, we do not have rug rats. Yes, we do have furkids. No, they do not bother any of the decor. And, again, yes, we have lots of decorations. Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!

Our front stoop

The bench inside our front moms provided the sleigh, I am in love with the lantern

Balls in my Grandmother's antique glass basket...this is the "elegant" part of the tour

Living room bookcase decked out in angels

Colored vases with Christmas lights

Our grove of trees off the living room....three cheap trees
draped in hundreds of lights and glass ornaments

My collection of Lang snowman....all three of them

Dining table centerpiece...more lanterns and Byer's Choice carolers

Our new hutch with our Christmas china and a few of the hub's Santas

The decor at the top of the kitchen cabinets...what more do you really need but lights and balls??!

The ledge above the kitchen sink

The wreath my hub's made hanging on his antique sled

The dresser off our sitting area....stockings on the front for our furkids

Detail of the top of the dresser....a collage of Christmas goodness

The small display in our guest bedroom....yes, people give me lots of bunnies

Our office shelf....Radko figurines, garland and balls

More Byer's Choice carolers

The chair shelves in our bedroom....this starts the "whimsical/fun" part of the tour

Details of the vignettes...blocks, beads and House of Hatten Santas
Santas and snowmen in bedroom

Detail of Santas and snowmen

Folk angels in bedroom

Two small trees in bedroom....these are our "fun" trees

The door on our deck with artificial wreaths decked out on fresh greenery

Every year we say we are going to "scale back" but we never do. We both love Christmas. My hubs, who is working and in school full time, said no decorations this year. I couldn't do NO decorations, but we couldn't agree on how much was enough so we wound up doing it all; however, not much changed from last year...we simply recreated very similar decor and didn't try to get all fancy with new set-ups. I have come to believe that the best Christmas decor is little touches all around the house woven in with your "everyday" decor. Balls and garland here, a snowman or Santa there.

We actually did not photograph everything but this is 90% of it. I do apologize for my lack of photography skills and sucky camera for night/lights shots. And thanks to Jen on the Edge for inviting me to be a part of Holiday Home Tour 2012. Again, may you all have a blessed, happy and (fairly) drama-free holiday season, and I hope you will visit bunnygoround after the season, as well!


Missy Carvin said...

I love the vases with the lights! I'm going to need to figure out how to incorporate that next year!

Jen on the Edge said...

Every year, I drool over your grove of trees and fantasize about doing something like that in my house. And I'm thinking about driving down to your house and stealing that sleigh wreath from you.

smalltownme said...

Just lovely! You had me at "grove of trees!"

bdaiss said...

Oh I love your decorating! This is probably what my home would look like if my hubby would let me. Christmas fun every where you look. Thanks so much for sharing! LOVE those vases with the lights!

Soccer Mom said...

It's just beautiful!!! Your trees light up the room so beautifully. Love it.

Molly said...

I love your grove of trees and copious use of lights!I love sitting in a room filled with Christmas lights!

Sue said...

I also love the sleigh. I need a sleigh. Very pretty!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glittery, shiney, GORGEOUS! I am mad for all of it--and this is only 90%??? Good golly you are filled with the spirit!

bunny said...

Missy, just shove cheap, white lights down in any glass container you have! haha Confession: We actually leave the lights in year-round because we love them so much.

JOTE, that wreath is a cheapo hot glued up with broken/random ornaments and a strand of lights from Target. I am sure you could do something like it, as well as a grove!

Thanks, smalltownme! That grove was MY idea but my hubs tries to claim credit all the time.

Bdaiss, Just decorate, hubs be damned! :)

Thanks, Soccer Mom and Molly..yes, we don't turn on many lights at the holidays. The lights from that grove almost light the whole house! haha

Sue, the sleigh rocks. I inherited it with marriage. And thanks!

GG in WI: Glittery, shiny, gorgeous...just like me! :)

PS, I also want to add that LED candles, esp. for those people with fire paranoia, ROCK!

Jen said...

I love all the glass vases full of ornaments!

bunny said...

Jen, cheapo glass ornaments in a variety of sizes and colors are your Christmas decorating friend! :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I love the tree grove and the wreath on the sled. So fun!

Anonymous said...

I love how you decorate EVERYWHERE! It shows a lot of whimsy, joy, and dedication. Vases with lights... I've to to try that! And grove of trees... *sigh* I will "second" love for your lantern. :)

Susan said...

The many collections and "collages" of things are so special. Love the whole house!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Your house is AMAZING as usual. I just started collecting wine bottles so that next year I'll have enough to fill them with lights. I'll also start looking for interesting vases and bottles at the antique/flea market.

The hutch is GORGEOUS with your holiday dinnerware!

bunny said...

Thanks, Andrea, spokalulu and Susan...I have to say I have been married for over 15 years and we both brought decor into the marriage plus what we've collected since being wed, so we have PLENTY to spread around!

LMSS...and all...the canisters are from IKEA (cheap!) and the large glass vases we found at Home Goods (TJ Maxx home store) for about $15! Add lights for impact! :)

Bo said...

I like those chair back display shelves...I've never seen any of those before.

bunny said...

Bo, we bought the one on the right in Charleston many years ago, then I bought some old wood chairs at the flea market and my pop-in-law copied the original. I painted and "distressed." If you are handy, I don't think it would be hard.

Sonya said...

Festive and beautiful as always, my friend!

jen_alluisi said...

I love all the lights in vases and jars! But what do you do with the cord? Inquiring minds want to know so they can try it next year...

bunny said...

Thanks, Sonya!

Jen, the cord just comes out the top and drops down the doesn't look that bad at all. I guess since everyone here loved those vases more than just about anything else, I need to take more in-depth shots! :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am in love with your new hutch and the lights in the jars. How are the lights plugged in?

You do a beautiful job with Christmas!

KP said...

OMG! Your house is lovely and festive! Very nice.