Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, my hubs is FINALLY finished with school for this semester so we can start celebrating Christmas. Last Sunday night, we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Garden of Lights:

The gardens were all lit up and very pretty. These balls and cones were synced to change colors and "blink" in time to holiday music which was playing. This year was the first year we have went to the Garden of Lights, and we decided it was very nice but a wee bit on the pricey side...about $20 per adult plus parking. That's a nice dinner out for us. But it was something festive and different to do, and it does go to support the Botanical Garden. So I can count it as a donation, right??

This photo is my favorite. We don't have a fancy camera that takes great nighttime photos, but this one was pretty good. This is the big fountain at the Garden with a Chihuly sculpture on the top. Beautiful. Then, yesterday, we went to Christmas on Peachtree with my sis and nephews:

This event was VERY family/kid-centric so it was a good thing we went with kids. They had all kinds of entertainment for kids including visits with Santa. This photo is my oldest nephew, who is 10.5 years old, writing a letter to Santa. This photo makes me a little sad because this year will probably be the last he believes in Santa. The Santa that kids believe in anyway. Sighs all around.

We also purchased new holidays collars for our furkids from BowWow Couture. Amy at BWC makes awesome, sturdy and cool collars. She had a BOGO sale on Black Friday which I took advantage of in a big way. I still need to buy the kiddos a few stocking stuffers though so, PetSmart, here I come.

Friday, I needed a brow I decided to also treat myself to a gel manicure. This is the first time I have had a gel's supposed to last 2x as long a regular manicure. I will say that I have washed the dogs and cooked and not really been careful at all and my nails still look great. I choose a mid-metallic grey (less severe than black) and really like the color. The process, however, takes a long time because you have to "cure" each coat under a UV lamp. Base coat. Cure. Polish. Cure. Polish. Cure. Top coat. Cure. Repeat on other hand. But I think it may be worth it because I typically ruin a manicure about 5 minutes after I leave the salon. I will report back on the longevity.

Friday night, we were invited to a party by a new friend and had a blast. It was one of those Ugly Sweater Christmas parties and I laughed more than I have laughed in a long time. The hostess is a follower on Pinterest, and we had recently shared a pin about cake-flavored vodka, so I took this as my hostess gift:

Damn, ya'll, this shizz is fucking yummy. I don't regularly drink hard booze straight, but this stuff is good just over ice. The Pinnacle website also has all kinds of delish sounding drink concoctions to make with this flavor. I will be buying myself a bottle. Soon. And, best of all, it's only $9 a bottle! Nothing like a cheap drunk.

I also treated myself to a pair of Dansko clogs yesterday. I actually received a nice Christmas bonus this year, but most of it has gone to pay medical bills for me and Pepsi and for Christmas for other people. I decided I deserved just a little something for me. And what could be a more practical purchase than a pair of sturdy, orthopedic shoes that are supposed to last about forever?!?  I am tres excited to start wearing them.

Today, we are having a lazy day at home, cleaning, a few last minute holiday errands, etc. Then, this week I think I have a lunch just about every day with someone and dinner at least two nights, as well. Woo-hoo for holiday rush! I hope you are all enjoying the season as much as you can. Remember to slow down and spend a little time laughing a enjoying your family and friends. I'll be back later this week with my holiday home tour so tune back in mid-week! XO, Bun.


Bo said...

Those lights look awsome...I love stuff like that.

bunny said...

Bo, check out my Facebook page....more photos there! :)

Bo said...

Will do.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I LOVE your mani color. I'm anxious to know what you think about the gel manicure. Alli said every time you go they take it all off and start all over. I won't get acrylics anymore after they butchered me with the drill thingy and I got a fungus infection.

bunny said...

LMSS, the people at the salon said 1) it was non-damaging to my nails and 2) I could take it off myself at home. It is still holding sturdy so I will keep you updated. I have never had acrylics and never will...heard too many bad stories!