Thursday, December 29, 2011

Downey and Dirty

Okay, peeps, that title isn't totally apt, but you know how much I love alliteration so let's go with it. As I noted in my last post, I took this week off with the sole intent of 1) cleaning up Casa Bunny a little and 2) relaxing as much as possible. So far, I have achieved a little of both, but not as much as I would have liked.

It was a rainy day in the G of A Tuesday, so it was a great day to accomplish some chores around the house. While I was out and about Monday, I went and purchased several organizing tools, so I started early and worked in my master bedroom, master bath, and living room before lunch. Not much needed to be done in these areas...just general straightening and tossing out the mammoth pile of magazines which had been accumulating beside my bed since early fall. Seriously, I don't know why I keep subscribing to so many magazines because I rarely have time to go through them and am bad to hold onto them way too long. As you can guess, many are cooking related so I feel compelled to keep them in case I am missing some awesome recipe that will change my life forever. Then I realized I could probably find most of the recipes online. So all are gone to recycling now!

My big chore for these areas was getting a hold on the equally ridiculous pile of freakin' reusable shopping bags which had taken over our entry closet. I have one...or 10...for every store...CVS, Publix, WalMart, Trader Joes's, IKEA. And I think they were breeding in there. My solution?

A giant plastic tub where I "filed" them "standing up." Much better. No pulling out the ones you need and the rest all falling over. The sorter on the left I already had. It holds scarves, gloves, hats and sunglasses. After I finished with this chore, I took a 2-hour nap (the relaxation part of my day!) and then started on the kitchen.

Like most folks, I have way too many food storage containers and, again, I think they were breeding. So I went through and threw out everything that did not have a lid or was grossly stained (or kept them for cleaning/painting/non-food storage). Here is the cabinet after:

The top left are my muffin pans, cookie sheets and cast iron skillets in a slotted organizer. SO much better. I had seen this trick on many organizing blogs. (Please don't judge me on my crusty dishes! I also was too ashamed  neglected to take a "before" photo.) Top right is the overall view...not perfect but at least neatly stacked. The bottom is my newly sorted plasticware which I placed in wire baskets to avoid tumbling over everywhere, which I think is fabulous. Obviously, I lead a sad, sad life if organized plasticware is the highlight of my week, but it is. So, yes, sad. Next, I tackled the pots.

The left is BEFORE...a huge stack of pots and skillets that threatened to topple out each time I opened the door. And I was scratching the HELL out of my pans. Let's not even comment about the disaster on the top shelf. The right is AFTER....not perfect, but again, much better. The top shelf of bakeware and pot lids is MUCH better. The corner organizers allow you to "stack" your pans in individual slots so you don't have to pull every single freakin' one out to get to the one you want. However, my progress was impeded by this:

Many of my larger skillets have this little handle thingy on the end. Which takes up about 1.5 inches of cabinet space. Guess it is for hanging (?!?) but it was major nuisance when it came to fitting all in the cabinet. As you can see from the AFTER photo, I had to put the rack in at an angle to accommodate this little stupid thing.

Yesterday, the hubs was off and wanted to do something "fun" so we decided to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, #2, A Game of Shadows:

Hubs and I agreed not as good as the first...a bit darker, no naked RDJ...but a solid B+ for me. Lots of action. Then, we came home and, you guessed it, napped. We are both just so mentally and physically exhausted after the past month/holiday. Last night, we indulged in dinner out with friends and came home to watch Love Actually, which is always a holiday favorite we watch every year.

Today, I had to drive into the ATL to get the mop cut and colored again; tomorrow and the weekend I anticipate tackling organizing the guest bedroom and den/office which are in BAD shape and will require more than one weekend, but I hope to get a start anyway. Think piles of papers, receipts and books. And photos. And general crap. Oy. I am just where I am ready to get some of the shizz OUT OF MY HOUSE. If I could hire a pro to come in and do it, I would. I seriously considering bartering with a pro organizer, but decided I would not go there...yet.

Hope you are all having a great week! I will be posting a 2011 wrap-up sometime this weekend, so tune back in. XO, Bun.


Bo said...

I only have 3 reusable shopping bags...they say Dollar General on them...I'll use them anywhere too...I really need to do some plastic container organization too...I think the easiest thing to do would be just throw them all away and get new ones.

bunny said...

Sadly, Bo, I have borderline hoarder personality disorder. I am a child of those who taught me to believe "You may NEED that SOMEDAY." Seriously, I could throw away about half those bags...and I probably day. :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

YAY on the organization. Your pots and pans drawer BEFORE was neater than mine.

We're in the middle of replacing the carpeting in the dining room, so my house is upside down. Half the dining room furniture is in the living room and the other half is on the screened porch. Hopefully all will be done by Monday.

bunny said...

Renovation (of any kind) sucks. Just go back to BGR, circa 2008! :)