Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ryan Gosling, Soup & Cherry Hutches

Aggg. I have had a chronic sinus infection for about a year and a half now, I think, and it plagues me yet again. Thus, I have felt a little like warmed over crappola the past couple of days, but lots has been going on here this week at Casa Bunny, so I wanted to give you a quick update.

On Tuesday, our new hutch was delivered. See, Mr. Bunny works for a furniture store but not any old big box store. No sir, this store makes everything by HAND from REAL wood. It is first class furniture, but, by golly, it is not cheap. However, Mr. B makes a pittance with no benefits, so his employer cuts him a deal (basically cost) on furniture. So, we designed a piece, then put a little down on it for months and months, and now it is in our home:

It turned out even better than I expected. It is massive, solid cherry and gorgeous. We designed it with an arts & crafts vibe, and purchased the arts & crafts tiles and hammered hardware to pull the look together. The glass is seeded, which doesn't show up in the photo. We filled it up today full of china and glassware and it holds a TON. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Mad love it.

Friday I took a mental health day from work and went to see Real Steel. I didn't really know what to expect but whatever I was expecting, it was much better. I was actually really good. And looking at Hugh Jackman for two hours is never a bad thing. He is def my #1 DILF. Let's take a look, just to make sure:

Mmmm. Yep. Yummy. And speaking of yummy, yesterday was Ryan Gosling's birthday. I am coming a little late to the Gosling party, but after seeing Crazy Stupid Love this summer, I am all in. I loved him in Lars & the Real Girl, and then in Blue Valentine. I think as he has entered his 30s, he had grown into his looks, or developed some style, or something, but whereas he used to look like a baby-faced boy who constantly needed a shower , now he looks super delicious. Let's take a look, for kicks and giggles:

Yes. Delicious. And he always looks like he is up to something. That subtle smirk...a la George Clooney...not snarky, but just like he is in on a really good joke. I love that. Other than mooning over men I will never meet, much less shag, I have spent the weekend Christmasing Casa Bunny, sleeping off this cold (I hope!) and making and eating soup. I made a new recipe from Pioneer Woman:  Italian Chicken Soup.
It was really good, and even better today. I served it with a crusty bread and it was very filling. I will admit I did not stew an entire chicken, but cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken at Costco, then used boxed broth. It makes a ton....we had it for dinner last night, tonight and still have four containers of leftovers for lunch. I don't think this soup would freeze well because of the pasta, so if you are not into leftovers, I suggest halving the recipe.

Well, that is all peeps. The hubs is waiting on me to come help him finish the trees so I better be off. Hope you all had a great weekend! Love, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm surprised some doc hasn't suggested surgery for the constantly clogged sinuses. Have you tried a neti pot?

I assume that's a wine rack in the bottom center of the hutch?

bunny said...

LMSS, I use a netipot when I remember. If I use it in the morning, sometimes I am so clogged, it cannot work, if you get my drift. And that IS a wine rack. It was going to be two racks, but we took out one at the last minute. I have almost stopped drinking wine at home so I rarely have a bottle around.

Jen on the Edge said...

The new hutch is gorgeous. Totally worth the wait, yes?

bunny said...

1000% worth the wait, JOTE!

Elisabeth said...

LOVE that hutch! (Sorry, catching up on my reader.)