Sunday, November 06, 2011

Funerals & Festivals

Peeps, sorry that I dropped into a black hole these first few days of November. It has been a weird week. My hub's uncle died last Sunday and the funeral was Wednesday, which ate up most of the day. I was thinking of doing a blog post about the service but decided words just couldn't describe it. He was Holiness Baptist so there was lots of shouting and waving of hands in the air and such. If you have never experienced this type of "preaching," you cannot understand. spectacle to behold. The service was almost an hour and a half. Seriously.

Needless to say, while I appreciate any kind thoughts, it really is not necessary as I really never met the man and the hubs had not really spoken to him in like 15 years. I simply went out of respect for my mother-in-law since it was her brother. And, I suppose, it was entertaining in its way. Though I am not sure funerals are supposed to be entertaining. Luckily, controlling laughter and controlling grief look about the same.

Yesterday, I went to the Decatur Wine Festival in Atlanta with one of my BFFs. Her hubs volunteered to be our DD which was supremely nice. It was a great afternoon, and the weather was perfect. We found some great new wines, and I drank more than I have in months and months, but the highlight of the day was this...

....local butcher shop that makes their own pancetta and other cured meats. I love me a good piece of salty, cured meat. And this meat was GOOOOOOD. And I love the t-shirt. Me thinks Bobs and I will have to make a trip there soon.

I am now regretting that I also did not take a photo of this group of three black gentlemen who were at the festival and turned out. I, mean, they looked like L.A. Reid from the X-Factor. Sharply styled. I love me a well-dressed man and, I hate to say it, but black men of style beat white men of style just about every day of the week. My fave was the gentleman in an obviously tailored shirt (with cuff links!) and blazer, expensive jeans, and cowboy boots. Just wonderful. Why, oh why, did I not take photos?!? I should have just told them I had a fashion blog and was going to post their pictures. Next time, baby, next time.

Anyhoodle, even though we gained an hour last night, I need to be off. I have about a billion things to try to accomplish today including starting on Christmas decor. Sigh. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Love, B.


KP said...

I love Pine Street Market. That shirt is awesome too ;-)

bunny said...

That shirt is awesome. I will let you know once I go.