Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catching Up

Well, I cannot believe it has been two weeks, folks. Well, other than the Mr. Earl post. Anyhoodle, I thought I would do a quick recap of the past two weeks for you. Ready?? Here we go.

The week of November 14, I was juggling multiple work projects including preparing for Pet Photos with Santa Claws. The event is, duh, a fundraiser for the shelter where I work and, though a long, long weekend, one of my favorite events. We had our photos taken with Santa, of course, and when we receive the photos, I will post some. For now, here's a quick peek at our awesome Santa:

Fun, right?!?! Santa does a great job with the animals....and their owners....and our professional photographer is amazing. Unfortunately, she had a nasty cold, which, after standing in her face for two days straight, I caught and then spent the last four days on death's doorstep. I haven't been this sick in a while. I even skipped Thanksgiving. And stayed in bed. So, basically my past two weeks have been about Santa and sleep. And here are a few more tidbits:

This car was parked outside the shelter recently. LOVE. So fun. I would TOTALLY do this to my car. LOVE. Even better, it was raining that day, so this little bit of cheer was welcome.

K.K. has decided she likes to sleep on the hood of my truck. A lot. All the time. Sigh. It's not like it's not filthy anyway. Who has time to clean their car?!? Plus, every time I think about it, it rains.

I took this photo of Roxie and Instagram-med it up. Do you know Instagram?? It is a fun app for your phone. Super cool. Check it out.

This pumpkin beer?? Is awesome. Cannot remember if I already shared this recommendation, but it is worth sharing again. Tas-tee. Sadly, I have not been able to drink my last bottle since I have been sick.

I made this Italian Chicken Soup from the Pioneer Woman recently and, while it was super yummy, it made a HUGE GINORMOUS pot and we ate off it for days and days. The hubs said he could wait a while to have it again. I agree. 

Here are Charlie and Roxie in their new tartan collars, complete with bow tie and flower. Cute, no?!? I purchased these collars at Bow Wow Couture. It is an etsy shop and I have purchased many collars from Amy. They are super well-made, sturdy, and wash well. They are having a BOGO sale through Monday...check them out! Best of all, Amy donates to our shelter's art event each year so I am glad to support her.

I recently ate at Ted's Montana Grill with a friend. I cannot remember what this burger was called but basically it was an open-faced burger served on ciabatta topped with chili, cheese and other yumminess. Knife and fork required. And a Pepcid.

Tuesday, I had to take Pepsi to the vet....she has been acting like she does not feel good and we found out that she has some bad neck disks. Now she is taking doggie acupuncture. While there, this huge sheriff's deputy can in to pick up his little kitty. Who perched right up on his shoulder and stayed there forever. I had to sneak a photo. Big man. Small kitty. Tee-hee.

And here is a photo of Pepsi receiving her first acupuncture treatment. I know it sounds weird, but it REALLY helped her and we will be taking her back for more treatments. If it's not overly expensive or invasive, and keeps her from being in pain in the last years of her life, I am all in. After all, we spent $$$$$ caring for Savannah's diabetes before she died; now it's Pepsi time.

Well, that is all, peeps, for now. I am off to finish up dinner....homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. I could not BE more excited. Seriously. Hope you all had a great holiday! Lots of love, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

There's something about Roxie...I can't put my finger on it. She looks like a soul that has had sadness in her life. She is so lucky to have you.

The picture of the pups in their collars is so cute.

Bo said...

Hope your feeling better...Acupuncture for dogs? Didn't know they did that.

bunny said...

LMSS, I agree about Roxie...I feel bad when I have to scold her when she is being bad.

Bo, I am on my second round of antibiotics, unfortunately, but thank you for asking me. Acupuncture for dogs rocks! I need a new soup recipe, BTW....come up with me a recipe!