Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Stuff for Saturday

Oy. Why is it peeps that when you take a few days off it makes the week seem LONGER? I mean, I only worked three days but it seemed like three weeks. Fourth quarter is typically the time I play catch up from the previous three and start planning of next year, but it seems like I have more than ever to do. And I keep creating work for myself which is just crazy. That said, I also have had a distraction this week:

 Meet Moon Doggie (totally stupid name, but yes, that is it). He has captured my heart and that of a co-worker. He is just the BEST. DOG. EVER. If I could trade the two of mine for him, I think I might. If I could adopt him, I def would. He is so even tempered and just GOOD. He was in my office all day yesterday and never cried, whined, peed on the floor, pooped on the floor, or was rambunctious. He just laid on his blanket and slept and chewed toys and came over to me for an occasional head pat. Sigh. If I cannot have him though, I want him to go to a GOOD home. Somewhere that will APPRECIATE and LOVE this dog for being so awesome. So now I am on the hunt for good pet parents for Moon Doggie. If anyone is interested, let me know. I will meet you halfway! And here's a photo of mine from this week:

Hello. I am Charlie the vampire doggie and I want to lick you. Charlie looks so funny when his years flip back that way. We call him vampire doggie. Actually Charlie and Moon Doggie are much alike in their temperament, size and look (I LOVE me some scruffies!). Charlie has just developed this horrible, annoying habit of barking at EVERYONE he does not know. And I do not like it. At all. Makes work very stressful. Next up is an "electric necklace." Or he has to start staying home all day in a crate. And though my gallbladder seems to be acting up, yet again, I did go this week, JEFF, and bought some Sam Adams:

Actually, Jeff was right, and this Sam Adams Octoberfest is a really nice beer. It must be because they were all sold out of it at the package store nearest Casa Bunny, so I had to buy this instead:

Which I really did not mind because now I get to try SIX NEW BEERS instead of just one! I plan to drink another choice (or two, depending on how the gallbladder does!) tonight so I will report back soon. By the time I arrived home last night though, I was too tired to cook, and looking at my piles of laundry, messy counter tops, and muddy doggies needing baths (they had been at doggie daycare all day!), I was in search of something to eat that did not require much effort or a drive-through. I almost wept when I saw this in the freezer:

These "complete meals for two" were on sale BOGO at the Publix a few weeks back and I had a coupon so I purchased one solely for the reason of last night. As far as taste, it was pretty good. I think I overcooked it (I tried to wash the dogs while it was doing its thing, and I think I left it on too long and the pasta gots a bit mushy), but for quickness and ease, I give it an A. Flavor a B+.

It has been cold here this week, so I am breaking out the cardigans, scarfs, and clogs with socks. I love the cooler temps.

The hubs and I have ended our BBC kick, BTW, finishing up with He Knew He Was Right this past weekend. Last night, we started watching last season of The Office. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Steve Carell and just don't know if I can watch anymore after this season. To me, that show IS Michael Scott.

Well, I am off to do a few chores and finish dinner. I am cooking a whole chicken in a crock pot, something I saw over at Pinterest. I will report back on how that went later. Hope you are having a good weekend! Love, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

So far my weekend has been a 3 mile walk, a 5 hour nap (no joking), a quick trip out for chinese food takeout and milk for breakfast and that's all she wrote!

I wondered how the Macaroni Grill dinners were. We eat there occasionally.

I wish my husband would let us get a dog. That Moon Doggie looks like a sweetie.

bunny said...

LMSS, I took a two hour nap today myself! I had to get up early this morning for a work event. I wish your husband would let you get a dog, too. Moon Doggie is a total sweetie and only $25 to adopt right now which includes his neuter surgery, up-to-date vaccines and microchipping. If you can talk him into it, I would meet you halfway (Savannah again, anyone?!?!). :) I said he would be perfect for an older couple. He's great on a lead and be wonderful to take on walks.

bunny said...

PS, not that you are old; just that you are a couple without little children etc. distractions and can give Moon Doggie lots of attention! $25!!

Jeff said...

I am glad you enjoyed the Sam Adams Octoberfest. The best mast-produced seasonal beer I've tasted. I too love the first few weeks of the Fall Season, but everything about Winter sucks, and HARD!!!

ctflack said...

Give the Office a chance without Steve Carell. I, too, was skeptical, but it is actually still really good. Also, why I am not following you on pinterest!

bunny said...

follow me, ctflack. I like being a leader. LOL