Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Week in Photo (or My Catch-Up Plan)

When did it get to be Thursday?!? Oy. Anyhoodle, as my body speeds through life without my mind, I thought I would do a quick check in to bring you up to speed on my week before I hurdle into what promises to be a helluva long weekend. Here we go:

Sunday, I caught my two youngest napping it out on Mom & Dad's bed. On the new comforter. If they weren't so cute, I swear I'd beat them. Like yard dogs. They have decided it is the most comfy place in our abode. Well, we do have an awesome mattress. Anyway, we now have to keep the bed covered in a cheap throw. Everything in our house is covered in a cheap throw. Sigh.

Monday night, I captured the two men in my life snuggling in said bed. Daddy-son bonding time. BTW, I shot this pic on my iPhone and then used Instagram to add the effect. If you've never used Instagram, it's pretty cool. Seriously. Even if I don't know completely how to work it.

Tuesday was the hubs and I's 15th wedding anniversary. Here is a photo from the day we wed. So young. So thin. So no grey hairs. Sigh. Since hubs in in school, we stayed close to home for dinner, but plan a fancier affair later in the month once he is finished with his class.15 years. A long time. Glad it was with my best friend.

Wednesday I scored FREE PIZZA for dinner. Domino's was giving away their new Artisan pizzas as part of an introductory promo and I saw the offer on one of my mommy blogger pages. I enjoyed my free pizza even more with this Rogue beer. Never have met a Rogue beer I did not like. This one was no exception.

Last night, I reeled from the news that Steve Jobs died. While I often want to throw my iPhone across the room and I admit I have issues with Apple's super inclusiveness, the man DID change the world. I saw this quote by him today and I though "damn, he was all a philosopher too."

And I leave you with this super funny bit I found on Pinterest (love Pinterest!). I have shared it all around the shelter this week. You know us humane people. Anything smarty pants + a cute fuzzy gets us going.

Lick, lick! That's all peeps. Time to go to beddy-bye. Our shelter is participating in a big 'ol fall festival this weekend. Three days. Three days of kettle corn and food on a stick. I am READY. BRING IT. Love, B.


Jeff said...

Congrats on the 15 years!!! That little bitch-slappin' kitty cat is too cute.

KP said...

Happy anniversary!

bunny said...

I knew you'd like the bitch slapping kitty, Jeff! And thanks on the congrats!

Thanks, KP!