Monday, October 31, 2011

Manic Monday

The past week has just been....weird. Start with the weirdness of last Wednesday (see last post). And it just went off-kilter from there. The weather is weird. People are acting weird. Animals are acting weird. Life is just weird. Regardless, here is how I spend my weekend+:

1) I went Saturday and had my hair cut and colored. Red. Like Emma Stone. Well, not quite that red. My stylist said he thought I would freak out if he went all in with the red. And he is right. I probably would have. But now I like what he did and think I can go more red next time. Tee-hee. My hair is also pretty much the longest it's ever been. Since I am getting old, I figure I better go for it now because really long hair is typically not all that attractive on older women. We'll see how it goes with the length and if I can bear it.

Yes, it is that curly. Yes, it is redder than it looks.

My stylist, Robert (L) and his husband, John. Two of the best people I've ever met.
Yes, I have my hair done by a gay, black man in an interracial marriage. And he rocks. Out loud.

2) Saturday I also went to Trader Joe's which, I find, is hit or miss. When I try something new from them, I either love it or wonder why I bothered. I stocked up on some faves....their tomato-roasted red pepper soup, awesome coffees, almond butter, pastas. I tried their new cranberry apple butter and was underwhelmed. VERY tart. And I like tart. I also tried their pumpkin cream cheese. Again, underwhelmed. Expected it to be more pumpkin-piey. I will post photos and such when I have more time.
3) Life at work has been bizarre mix of the good, bad and odd. An infested ball sack. A kitten raised from the dead who is now blind. A lady calling about a dead dog in the road with our rabies tag on it. Skyrocketing adoptions.....58 animals last week alone. Craziness.

In the BEST news, Moon Doggie, now Gus, has a new home with a WONDERFUL retired widower. Mr. Earl was so proud, he called me the day after he adopted to let me know how great everything was going. Two beings, looking for companionship and love, found their perfect match. Gus and Mr. Earl are going to have a great life together.

3) The hubs and I are watching last season of The Office on Netflix. Last night was Michael's last episode. Cried like a baby.
4) Yesterday, I felt horrible. A combo of poor sleeping the past week, stress and Aunt Flo. I took three ibuprofen and napped for two hours. Then I didn't sleep again last night. Sigh. Not sure what this whole not sleeping thing is about but I hope it is a bad cycle and not something enduring with old age. Because that? Will suck. If someone offered me $1,000 or the best, most restorative night of sleep of my life right now, I would be in my jammies before they could blink twice.
5) I made a very good score today at CVS.....three face powders, two mascaras, three Olay products, three dish detergents....$125 of products for $34 after coupons, rebates, etc. Not as good as some blogger mommies, but I was pleased.

This week is looking to be one long bear of a week. For now, I need to go and do a little work before I head off to bed and, hopefully, a better night's sleep. Hope you all are doing great. XO, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

Your hair looks marvelous.

Your hair god and his husband are gorgeous and I hope their lives are filled with happiness, love, and friendship.

I'm with you on the sleep thing. If I don't get at least seven hours, I'm a wreck the next day.

Jeff said...

Mr. Earl and Gus are perfect. What a great match. I am so happy you shared that with us. The pic of your married friends looks a little like they are in New Orleans, nice photo. Now, that hair. You know I have always, and will always love those curly, bountiful locks! Great job! P.S. Keep it long, and F___k that S__t about being old and blah, blah.

KP said...

I love your hairdresser and his husband. So sweet.

bunny said...

Thanks, all. Robert and John are gorgeous and sweet. Love them. And, Mr. Earl and Gus are faboo, Jeff. And The hair will continue to get longer. Will keep all posted.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Your hair ROCKS. I think older women with long hair is cool as long as you have GOOD hair. The long, stringy, thin stuff is not so good.

Sleep issues? I hate to say Perimenopause but that's when the crappy sleep starts with a lot of women.

bunny said...

LMSS, how can I have perimenopause when I am only 32??? haha