Saturday, October 01, 2011

Inside Casa Bunny: A Sneak Peek at Seasoning Land

Oy. Peeps, I have felt like a turd all week. I just lay around, being good for nothing. I could not figure out what was wrong with me....I was on medicine, right?!? Then, I realized that this is VERY STRONG medicine and it just kicks. my. ass. Daily. So, there you have it. The mornings are ok, but by 2 p.m.ish, I hit a wall of fatigue I cannot even begin to describe. And it goes downhill from there. So, yeah, it's been rough and I have two more weeks of this stuff to take. So, yeah. Oy.

Now that I have started off with my requisite whine fest, I will give you a real post. I recently cleaned out and straightened my spices/oils/vinegars area of the kitchen at Casa Bunny and, well, I realized I have a lot of seasonings. So, I thought I would share my bounty and favorites with you in case you are wondering what all kind of spiciness B. likes.

First, here is the countertop beside my stove, which is directly below the cabinets where I store my spices. I know people say you shouldn't store this stuff near heat, but it's gotta be handy, folks, so here it is. From left to right: My utensil crocks, my marble mortar & pestle, my assortment of vinegars including pomegranate balsamic, 25-year-old W-S balsamic, and white balsamic, my assortment of oils including white truffle oil, Trader Joe's EVOO, W-S EVOO, and an unfiltered olive oil, my one-handed pepper mills, one filled with black and one filled with pink/green peppercorns, my jar of finishing sea salt, and, behind, my non-slip silicone cutting board and my two smaller wooden cutting boards.

The cabinet above is where I store the spices and other seasonings. Let's take a closer look.

On the top shelf to the left is my assortment of vinegars....rice, sherry, balsamic glaze, red wine, white wine, and two more vinegars from the Olive Oil Shops....oregano and fig. This shop is in Charleston and it is FABULOUS. When we vacationed there in August, I beelined to the store. They have vats and vats of oils and vinegars and you can taste test everything. And I did.

Next to those is my stash of Dekalb Farmer Market spices. Their spices are so CHEAP. A tub this size for most spices is around $1. I have thyme, sage, tarragon, peppercorns, red pepper flakes and others that are more odd such as coriander. I don't feel bad when I have to throw them out either.

Next come the salts....grey sea, grey sea mixed with five pepper blend, Hawaiian red, black truffle. I love finishing salts. They are really all the salt I use. I also have a giant shaker of sea salt from the DFM I use, as well.

On the bottom shelf are my other spices, mostly seasoning mixes. I really like the Badia line because it is inexpensive and they have many good spices for Tex-Mex/Mexican/etc. meals which are a favorite around Casa Bunny.

McCormick's Grill Mates also has some good seasoning mixes. I really like the Hamburger and use it whenever I make hamburgers. The roasted garlic and herb is good on chicken and fish. The Weber Kick'N Chicken is nice for fajitas, tacos, etc. Tex-Mex meals, as well.

And lastly, here are my NEW W-S spices. W-S recently added a spice line which is a little $$ but they have some cool mixes. I actually purchased all these at my local W-S outlet for 30% off. While the outlet did not have the full line of spices, I was able to score a few good ones including the wild porcini sea salt which is wonderful. I used the pizza seasoning for the first time last night on homemade pizza and it was really good. I will be using the chili powder tonight to make, you guessed it, chili.

So, yes, I have an excess of seasonings. It is, as Dorcas Lane from Larkrise to Candleford would say, my one weakness. I hope you enjoyed this little look inside Casa Bunny's seasoning cabinet. I am now going to take a nap. Then off to purchase the makings for my chili tonight. Hope you all are having a gorgeous, relaxing weekend. Love, B.


blackbird said...

oooh, your pantry/cabinets are so neat and organized!

bunny said...

BB, they actually ARE sorta organized! LOL I will try to show more another post in the future.

Jeff said...

Babe, how ironic, I too am making chili tonight. My spices are not as posh as you have. I have a grocery store packet of mild chili seasoning.

bunny said...

Jeff, great minds, right?!? And I will be having a CRAFT BEER with my chili. Kisses!

KP said...

Love it.