Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Much More Boring Can I Get?

First, a blog on couponing. Now, I am going to regale you with tales of cleaning out my linen closet. Seriously. You have been warned. That said, I think I am turning into one of those Mommy bloggers. Except I don't have kids. And I work. And I don't craft. Or bake.

I have taken off a few days to take care of a few chores around Casa Bunny. Cleaning chores. Not fun, but when you are a homeowner and not rich enough to hire help, that's what you gotta do sometimes. Yesterday, I decided to tackle my linen closet. A chore which I have been putting off for months. And months. I was too embarrassed forgot to take a BEFORE photo, but here is all the shizz from the closet piled in the floor:

Don't call Clean House on me now! Actually, you can. I need help. I have realized that the hubs and I both do. I hold onto stuff because I think we will need/use it....eventually. He holds onto stuff because he paid "good money" for it and can't give it away. We need an intervention. But, for now, I had to tackle this pile. Sigh.

Again, I am too sentimental for my own good. I have a whole bin of linens from my Grandmother. I, mean, I love them and NO ONE DOES THIS SHIT anymore. Seriously. Hand embroidery. How can I give that away to some redneck at the Goodwill?!?!

And hand-crocheted doilies. Tons of them. I love them, too. Even though they are for 70YO women. I respect the craft and the time and work that went into them. Like my buttons, however, I wish I could find a way to use them. I have seen some framed, but I don't need any more artwork. If anyone has ideas, let me know.

I did pull some full sheet sets from our former guest room bed, now a queen, to donate. Apparently, I also have a pillowcase problem. See stack above for proof. We are those kind of folks that like lots of pillows. So I have lots of cases. Lots and lots. I pick them up on sale. Some of these also went to the Goodwill.

I also "found" a few things I forgot I had. I probably bought this TH shower curtain 5+ years ago. It was on sale at Dillard's for $12 minus extra discounts. I think I bought it for around $7. It was $60 originally. In a year or so when we tire of our current master bath, I will redecorate around it. I still love it.

Before I started the project, I searched for some organizing ideas on Pinterest. I ran across this blog and was not only inspired, but gobsmacked with the idea of ROLLING! ROLLING! I rolled up all my sheets, cases, some towels, napkins. It was brilliant. Kudos to Delightful Order! ROLLING!

Here is the end result. From the top, if you please. Table linens, sorted by season/holiday on top shelf in bins. Towels on second shelf (yes, not rolled). Hand towels, wash cloths, and extra ROLLED pillowcases in bins on third shelf. ROLLED sheet sets in bins on the fourth shelf. ROLLED blankets on top of floor bins. Lovely, no?? And this will last until my hubs messes it up. I have explained the system and threatened him with a massive purging if he does not tow the line.

If you are not asleep yet, I am now going to talk about sex. Kidding. Wanted to see if you were still here. Stay tuned for more snooze-worthy delightful posts coming soon! Now, off to clean out our crawl space! Whee! B.


Delightful Order said...

GREAT JOB! it looks awesome, so happy to hear that you were inspired! thanks for the shout out.

Jen on the Edge said...

Wow, that's an impressive re-organization.

As for letting go of stuff, just remember that there's always someone out there who can use it more than you can or who will appreciate it just as much as you do but will use it more than you do. So, for the doilies, do you have nieces who would like them? Or the embroidered linens?

bunny said...

Thanks, Delightful Order.

JOTE, my niece is 8. So, no. My cousins I hate because when my Grandmother died, shit was taken from me that she left to me. So, no. They don't take up that much space. For now, they stay.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

1) I have embroidered linens from my aunts and grandmother...too nice to use!
2) I LOVE the shower curtain.
3) I have serious closet envy.
4) When you go to take out the Christmas stuff will you PLEASE take pictures and do a post on how how you have it all organized?

bunny said...

LMSS, I am not sure the Chmas Closet is currently in a state for photography but I will see what I can do. :)