Monday, October 10, 2011

Fennel Me This

Whenever my friends Bobs and I go to the farmer's market, he always buys something--one thing--he has never eaten before to try. Sometimes he has discovered great new finds (like chocolate covered coffee beans!). Other times, it's a bust (like that strange Asian fruit/veggie thing he bought that I cannot remember the name of). I decided Bobs had a good idea going, so when we went to the farmer's market last weekend, I decided to branch out and try some fennel:

Seems like recently I have seen more recipes than I ever remember featuring fennel. I Googled fennel and was surprised to find out it is an herb. I thought it was a vegetable so you see what a dumb bunny I am. I have used fennel seeds in the past, but never the bulb. As shown above, it looks like a giant green onion with dill growing out of it. It has a flavor like anise, or licorice, but sweeter. I know. This is more shit than you ever cared to know about fennel. Anyhoodle, I decided to make Williams-Sonoma's Apple-Fennel Slaw:

I served the slaw with roasted cauliflower and carrots and grilled pork tenderloin. The slaw was really good...tart and tangy yet sweet....but a bigger bitch than me to make. Very labor intensive. And too many bowls to wash. Lots of icy water baths. Lots of thin cutting. I am surprised I still have all my fingers. And, to me, you couldn't even really taste the fennel. I am not sure if I will make again or, if I make again, if I will include the fennel. I would, however, like to try fennel again in another recipe....maybe roasted.

Speaking of roasted, I recently made roasted of my faves...and decided to jazz them up by sprinkling a little bacon on them at the end and drizzling with blue cheese dressing then popping them back in the oven for a few minutes. They were delicious. I mean, seriously, how can that go wrong?? In other news, I did try one more new thing from the farmer's market and mixed it with yet another new thing:

That's right, bitches, I found the Kraken rum! And I read online that it was nice mixed with ginger beer, so I bought some ginger beer at the farmer's market. If you have never had ginger beer, it is like super powerful ginger ale. Boy howdy, is it ever! Anyhoodle, I mixed up a concoction of the two tonight and it was mighty tasty. Brick House mighty.

Well, that is all, peeps. I am off to watch some more BBC drama. The hubs and I have been on a HUGE BBC kick for months and months. First it was Season 1 of Downton Abbey ( Dynasty meets Pride & Prejudice). Then Cranford (like Golden Girls meets Pride & Prejudice). Then all four seasons of  Lark Rise to Candleford (like Little House on the Prairie meets Pride & Prejudice). Now we are watching the mini-series Bleak House. The BBC rocks is all I can say. Well, goodnight, folks! Kisses, Bun.


Elisabeth said...

LOVE fennel. I discovered it a few years ago & got my mom to start growing it when I didn't have access to a garden. I stole some of hers this year & started my own in a pot. Yum.

bunny said...

E., what do you do with it?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

We have a smaller version but it is mostly fruits and veggies and meats and fish...none of the yummy bakery stuff or that spice section that makes me swoon.

I fully inteneded to try a Dark-N-Stormy when I was on vacation.Thank God I asked the bartender if I could read the label on the ginger beer. When I saw 47g of sugar I nearly flung the bottle back at him like a grenade!

bunny said...

You really have to come visit me, LMSS. Me and Bobs will take you on the town. I didn't know that drink was called a Dark & Stormy...that is cool! I will look the next time I go to the DFM...I think they had a sugar free ginger beer!

Jen on the Edge said...

I utterly loathe fennel, so I had to skim that part of your post because my gag reflex was kicking in.

If you haven't watched yet, I highly recommend the BBC mini-series "Sherlock."

Jeff said...

that finnel thing both looks and sounds discussing. it is like "thin lizzy" both concepts are interesting, but i would not want to taste either one. have you tried sam adam's octoberfest?

bunny said...

JOTE, will check into Sherlock...thanks!

Jeff, were you drinking when writing that comment?? No Octoberfest yet...I will try to buy some tomorrow!!