Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confessions of a Hoarder

My name is Bunny and I am a hoarder. Yes, I know what a hoarder is. I even participated in a rescue with Confessions: Animal Hoarder a year ago for work. (For kicks and giggles, here's a link to the photos from that episode. I know. A cat hoarder named Kitten. You can't buy that kind of irony.) Anyhoodle, I have to admit I am slowly turning into one of those crazy coupon hoarding people. Well, I don't have 78 bottles of BBQ sauce. Yet.

See, when I was unemployed, I started couponing and I gots kinda good at it, however, having a job just takes up so much time (that's supposed to be funny) that I stopped. But then, earlier this year, I thought "this is foolish...if I can save money, why wouldn't I???" So I started couponing again. But since I couponed two years ago, things have changed. People are fucking coupon crazy now. They go dumpster diving for coupons. They will fucking cut you for grabbing the last paper. They STEAL coupons out of the paper displays (this is TRUE...I had a Publix manager tell me just this morning he caught someone stealing coupons out of today's paper!).

Now, I ain't gonna kill anyone for a deal, but I do like to save money. It gives you a little rush. I poo-poo'd it for a while because it is just me and the hubs. Didn't seem worth it. But I have scored some great deals. Like 18 bars of soap for $1.82. Seriously. That's enough soap for like a year for us. I pretty much stick to CVS and the Publix for couponing. I don't have enough time to run all over town to 15 different stores like some of these crazy-ass mommy bloggers. And I don't do as well with groceries (I like the brands I like and cook what I cook) as I do with health & beauty aids, but I do manage to save $5-$15 per week on groceries with coupons most weeks. Here's some photos of my stash:

In our utility room, we have a huge metal rolling rack...a makeshift pantry if you will. This shelf is my stash of pasta sauces, canned soups, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, broth, and cake/brownie mixes. (It is a little disorganized now...sorry!) And that Nutella? Two large jars for $6.49 at Costo. SCORE! I can make all kinds of Nutella recipes, bitches!

On the other side of this shelf is my juice stash. I stock up on the Ocean Spray diet/light 100% juice when it's on sale BOGO at the Publix. I also have a stash of canned cat food. For my ONE cat.

Here is my stash of Snackwell's snacks I bought at the Publix a few weeks back when they were BOGO and I had $1 off coupons. Each box here was like 50 cents after sale/coupons. And my large box of chips from Costco for bag lunches on days there are no leftovers.

The "messy" side of my laundry room.That's my stash of paper towels (the hubs has an OCD issue with PT...seriously), toilet paper, tissues and more diced tomatoes. I apparently also hoard hangers. Anyhoodle, this stash is mostly from Costco. I have a membership to Sam's, but my buddy Bobs has a membership to Costco. And Costco has COUPONS! The diced tomatoes? BOGO with coupon at Costco. I gots like 20 cans for around $7. That may sound like a lot of cans, but we are heading into the cold months and I am going to be making the Hell out of soups and chilis. I will blow through those. Trust me.

This stash is my health & beauty aid stash in the master bath. I have enough lotion, bath gel and soap to keep me clean and moisturized for a year. Word.

Just to give my peeps an example, this is my haul from CVS today. This is $30 worth of product, however, after sales, coupons, and CVS Extra Bucks, I purchased all these items for $5. SCORE!

So, while I truly don't think I am going bat-shit coupon crazy anytime soon, I do have more than my fair share of stash. I am off from work the next few days and I am planning on doing some cleaning and straightening including going through my food stash and checking for expiration dates. Are you bored yet? Well, sorry. I am just a money-saving nerd. In this one regard.

Well, I am off to finish cooking dinner. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Love, B.


Jeff said...

one can never have enough canned tomato products BY GOD. also, I am pleased to see a fellow peter pan peanut butter fan (that sh?% is by far the best).

bunny said...

Jeff, EXACTLY. And PPPB is by far the best shit.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

One year I kept track of my coupon savings in a notebook. At the end of the year it totalled $800. I'm not even a serious coupon user. I just make a list, look at the ads and then go through my coupon box.

Our Publix accepts coupons from all the other grocery stores in the area. I'm also stocking up on Peanut Butter because they expect the price to go up $1 a jar and we eat a lot of PB here.

Our Costco stock up is usually Protein bars, cases of beer, Fiber One 90 calorie Brownies (diabetic heaven!)Carnation Instant Breakfast (for the non-breakast eating daughter) and GIANT bottles of ibuprofen (for the arthritic old people in the house)and cans of tuna.

I can't do PPPB ever since my Mom got the Salmonella a few years ago.

bunny said...

LMSS, I wish I had been keeping track of my savings since I started back couponing earlier this year. I will bet by the end of the year, it will be well over $1,000. My hubs does not get excited so I have to call my couponing buddy when I have a good score. As you can see, we too are stocking up on PB. On the Fiber One they give you the poots? Because their granola bars give me gas something awful about 3-4 hours after eating. TMI, I know.

Jen on the Edge said...

Stocking up is good, but don't forget that none of those items (except the paper goods) have an unlimited shelf life. You should eat into / use up your stash before things start to go bad. Plus, think of the money you'll save by not buying stuff at the grocery store.

bunny said...

JOTE, as noted in my column, I just went through and pulled forward everything with a soon-to-expire date. We are now eating into our stash.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

The Fiber One Brownies don't bother my intestinal tract. The ones I can't touch are the Pure Protein brand bars that hubs eats. I don't even digest them, if you know what I mean..TMI