Monday, October 31, 2011

Manic Monday

The past week has just been....weird. Start with the weirdness of last Wednesday (see last post). And it just went off-kilter from there. The weather is weird. People are acting weird. Animals are acting weird. Life is just weird. Regardless, here is how I spend my weekend+:

1) I went Saturday and had my hair cut and colored. Red. Like Emma Stone. Well, not quite that red. My stylist said he thought I would freak out if he went all in with the red. And he is right. I probably would have. But now I like what he did and think I can go more red next time. Tee-hee. My hair is also pretty much the longest it's ever been. Since I am getting old, I figure I better go for it now because really long hair is typically not all that attractive on older women. We'll see how it goes with the length and if I can bear it.

Yes, it is that curly. Yes, it is redder than it looks.

My stylist, Robert (L) and his husband, John. Two of the best people I've ever met.
Yes, I have my hair done by a gay, black man in an interracial marriage. And he rocks. Out loud.

2) Saturday I also went to Trader Joe's which, I find, is hit or miss. When I try something new from them, I either love it or wonder why I bothered. I stocked up on some faves....their tomato-roasted red pepper soup, awesome coffees, almond butter, pastas. I tried their new cranberry apple butter and was underwhelmed. VERY tart. And I like tart. I also tried their pumpkin cream cheese. Again, underwhelmed. Expected it to be more pumpkin-piey. I will post photos and such when I have more time.
3) Life at work has been bizarre mix of the good, bad and odd. An infested ball sack. A kitten raised from the dead who is now blind. A lady calling about a dead dog in the road with our rabies tag on it. Skyrocketing adoptions.....58 animals last week alone. Craziness.

In the BEST news, Moon Doggie, now Gus, has a new home with a WONDERFUL retired widower. Mr. Earl was so proud, he called me the day after he adopted to let me know how great everything was going. Two beings, looking for companionship and love, found their perfect match. Gus and Mr. Earl are going to have a great life together.

3) The hubs and I are watching last season of The Office on Netflix. Last night was Michael's last episode. Cried like a baby.
4) Yesterday, I felt horrible. A combo of poor sleeping the past week, stress and Aunt Flo. I took three ibuprofen and napped for two hours. Then I didn't sleep again last night. Sigh. Not sure what this whole not sleeping thing is about but I hope it is a bad cycle and not something enduring with old age. Because that? Will suck. If someone offered me $1,000 or the best, most restorative night of sleep of my life right now, I would be in my jammies before they could blink twice.
5) I made a very good score today at CVS.....three face powders, two mascaras, three Olay products, three dish detergents....$125 of products for $34 after coupons, rebates, etc. Not as good as some blogger mommies, but I was pleased.

This week is looking to be one long bear of a week. For now, I need to go and do a little work before I head off to bed and, hopefully, a better night's sleep. Hope you all are doing great. XO, B.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

UPDATED 10.27: You Picked the Wrong Day, Motherfucker

As you might be able to tell from my title, Bunny is pissed. off. I am going to tell you now that this post is a cacophony of F-bombs as a result so stop reading now if you will be offended. There are other reasons I hope you will be offended, but I am just warning.

Actually, I am better than I was about 3 p.m. today when I was in the middle of a perfect storm of seething rage. So, shall I fill you in? Let me. Please.

My hubs, as I may have mentioned here, is currently in graduate studies to acquire his MBA. He is now applying for internships in his field for Spring semester. He had a phone interview last week, has another in person interview tomorrow, and he had sent his information to one other company, as well. My hubs was not actually aware of this last company, but the company had been recommended to him by a client in his current job as well as a close personal friend of ours. The close friend also happens to be the BFF of the wife of the company's owner. So he sent in his information, via email, two weeks ago. His cover letter went something like this:

Dear Mr. Big Business Owner,
My name is Mr. Bunny, and I am a graduate student at Local University seeking to secure an internship during 2012 Spring semester. One of your current clients, Ms. Client, suggested Big Business as an excellent firm to approach. In addition, Ms. Wife BFF, who is a good friend of mine and my wife’s and whom I understand is a close friend of your wife, felt that your firm would provide a wide realm of opportunities and experiences within the field.
(blah, blah and so on)

Now I need to explain something that will be VERY relevant to this tale in just a minute. My hubs has a first name which is unisex. Like Robin, Kelly or Adriane. Keep that in mind.

Two weeks pass. No reply. Then today, I see this email on my cell phone (direct copy but name changed to protect the innocent, not the asshole):

From: Mr. Big Business Owner
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 12:55 PM
To: [Husband] and [Wife] [Bunny]
Subject: RE: Internship with Big Business

VERY interesting…

Note that “it” is married. I will not tell you who, but one of the people that “it” mentions is a gay female, so MAYBE [Bunny] is “its” “significant other”. Just too much there.

Please respond, “thanks but no thanks”. HA!

As I read this reply, I became sick to my stomach, then hot in my face, then I started shaking from rage. And then I welled up with tears of anger. That motherfucknig asshole. In case you don't understand, our friend...his wife's a lesbian. He inferred, when he saw my husband's name....and my name in the "To" line....that we were also lesbians, a couple. Oh, you asshat.

How many wrong things are here? Let's count. First, he obviously hit "reply" rather than "forward" so the jackass does not know how to use email. Then, the asshole PUT IN WRITING hateful, discriminatory statements about hiring someone. He made a ridiculous assumption about my hub's gender (which, if he had bothered to read my hub's references, he would have known was wrong since my hub's professors generously sprinkled "his" and "he" throughout the letters). He made another assumption about our relationship. And the use of "it"??? Seriously?? He thinks gay people are "its"??

I was SO. SO. ANGRY. SO. ANGRY. After showing the email to a few key people at my office, I decided I had to show our friend. And I was seeing her this evening. So, when I saw her, I showed her. And she was SO. SO. ANGRY. SO. ANGRY. And she was also upset because she thought her referral had blown the chance for hubs. Which I never even considered. I was just ecstatic my hubs will not be working for that asshole. Ever.

I spent the afternoon crafting my reply. Sadly, we live in a small ass-backwards town and the hubs IS going to be looking for a job in a year in this field so I had to be careful to not piss this man off. Luckily, my good Southern mother schooled me in the fine art of passive-aggressive bitch slapping, otherwise known as telling people to fuck off with a smile on your face. Here was my reply (direct copy but name changed to protect the innocent, not the asshole):

Mr. [Fucktard],
I thought you would wish to know that you hit "reply" rather than "forward" when sending the email below which, it seems, was not your intent. Please do not worry, however, about resending to the appropriate party. I will inform my husband, [FIRST] William [LAST], of your reply. Should Ms. Client or Ms. Wife BFF inquire about the status of their recommendations, I will inform them of your reply, as well.
Kindest regards,

So kind. So helpful. So willing to throw you under the bus, asshole. Of course, he is such a smug jackass, my email probably will not phase him. But at least now he may stew, even just a little, wondering who I am telling and what I am telling them. And I intend to tell many people. Many. With tears in my eyes. At the injustice and unfairness lobbied against us and our friend. Sniff. Sniff. Seriously, it makes me sick to my stomach on so many levels. And sad. So sad.

Next post will be back to my regularly scheduled boringness of food, pets, and other daily crap from Casa Bunny. Thanks for letting me vent. XO, B.


Well, guess the Hell what?!? That SOB replied. You are going to LOVE this one. Ready?!? Here goes.


Yes, that is what I did alright. You don’t know me and certainly don’t know my heart, so you don’t owe me the opportunity to explain the background behind this. It sounds way more callous and insensitive than it is, but even after an explanation, certainly you may think that it is. I would ask that you give me the opportunity to talk with you or even meet at a place of your choosing for a full explanation. I will leave that decision totally up to you.

Otherwise, the only thing that I can do is apologize that I wrote the email and that you received it. So I do say that I am so sorry and I ask your forgiveness about it and hope that you will give me a chance to give you some background as to what led up to some of the words that were used in my email and then you can decide more about who I am.

Please let me know, if you will allow it, when would be a good time to talk or to meet and visit over this. Unfortunately, I will be out of town, with no cell service after today thru next week, returning on Monday, November 7.


Celebrating serving Northeast Georgia for thirty years...

Our Purpose: Enhancing Lives Setting the Bar for Asshats
Asshat & Company
 P.O. Box 666
Gainesville, GA 30503

First of all, can I just say "SCORE, BITCHES!" Then, can I say, "REALLY?!?! SERIOUSLY?!? REALLY?!?" I, mean, now I KNOW you are an asshole instead of just THINKING you were one. At least he had the common sense to realize he had shit and fallen back in it (though he didn't have the common sense not to send the first email in the first place). Let's go through this missive, shall we?

First, I think I have a pretty good idea of his heart (a black hole of Hell) and he is right that I don't owe him shit. That fact that his statements were callous and insensitive at all is plenty. And I wouldn't give him the opportunity to shine shit off my shoes.

Now, let's notice that he apologizes for WRITING and SENDING the email but not for what he SAID. And, again, I am not going to him the chance at anything and I sure as Hell do not want to decide who he is. I have wasted enough of my time on this pitiful excuse for a human.

Needless to say, I will NOT be meeting with him. The way I see it, right now I have the upper hand. You know, the one I just bitched slapped him with (lick, lick, says the kitty). I will, however, probably write him a very short reply. Something along the lines of:

Mr. Asshat,
I have prayerfully considered your request and find that I am in no way to compelled to meet with you. You are right that I do not know your heart, but I do know mine and I know in my heart there is nothing that would come from our meeting that I wish to experience. As far as your request for forgiveness, it is not mine to give. 

Suck it, eat it, and gnaw on the bone, baby. Any other suggestions for replies may be posted in comments. I will keep you posted on future correspondence.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Stuff for Saturday

Oy. Why is it peeps that when you take a few days off it makes the week seem LONGER? I mean, I only worked three days but it seemed like three weeks. Fourth quarter is typically the time I play catch up from the previous three and start planning of next year, but it seems like I have more than ever to do. And I keep creating work for myself which is just crazy. That said, I also have had a distraction this week:

 Meet Moon Doggie (totally stupid name, but yes, that is it). He has captured my heart and that of a co-worker. He is just the BEST. DOG. EVER. If I could trade the two of mine for him, I think I might. If I could adopt him, I def would. He is so even tempered and just GOOD. He was in my office all day yesterday and never cried, whined, peed on the floor, pooped on the floor, or was rambunctious. He just laid on his blanket and slept and chewed toys and came over to me for an occasional head pat. Sigh. If I cannot have him though, I want him to go to a GOOD home. Somewhere that will APPRECIATE and LOVE this dog for being so awesome. So now I am on the hunt for good pet parents for Moon Doggie. If anyone is interested, let me know. I will meet you halfway! And here's a photo of mine from this week:

Hello. I am Charlie the vampire doggie and I want to lick you. Charlie looks so funny when his years flip back that way. We call him vampire doggie. Actually Charlie and Moon Doggie are much alike in their temperament, size and look (I LOVE me some scruffies!). Charlie has just developed this horrible, annoying habit of barking at EVERYONE he does not know. And I do not like it. At all. Makes work very stressful. Next up is an "electric necklace." Or he has to start staying home all day in a crate. And though my gallbladder seems to be acting up, yet again, I did go this week, JEFF, and bought some Sam Adams:

Actually, Jeff was right, and this Sam Adams Octoberfest is a really nice beer. It must be because they were all sold out of it at the package store nearest Casa Bunny, so I had to buy this instead:

Which I really did not mind because now I get to try SIX NEW BEERS instead of just one! I plan to drink another choice (or two, depending on how the gallbladder does!) tonight so I will report back soon. By the time I arrived home last night though, I was too tired to cook, and looking at my piles of laundry, messy counter tops, and muddy doggies needing baths (they had been at doggie daycare all day!), I was in search of something to eat that did not require much effort or a drive-through. I almost wept when I saw this in the freezer:

These "complete meals for two" were on sale BOGO at the Publix a few weeks back and I had a coupon so I purchased one solely for the reason of last night. As far as taste, it was pretty good. I think I overcooked it (I tried to wash the dogs while it was doing its thing, and I think I left it on too long and the pasta gots a bit mushy), but for quickness and ease, I give it an A. Flavor a B+.

It has been cold here this week, so I am breaking out the cardigans, scarfs, and clogs with socks. I love the cooler temps.

The hubs and I have ended our BBC kick, BTW, finishing up with He Knew He Was Right this past weekend. Last night, we started watching last season of The Office. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Steve Carell and just don't know if I can watch anymore after this season. To me, that show IS Michael Scott.

Well, I am off to do a few chores and finish dinner. I am cooking a whole chicken in a crock pot, something I saw over at Pinterest. I will report back on how that went later. Hope you are having a good weekend! Love, B.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Much More Boring Can I Get?

First, a blog on couponing. Now, I am going to regale you with tales of cleaning out my linen closet. Seriously. You have been warned. That said, I think I am turning into one of those Mommy bloggers. Except I don't have kids. And I work. And I don't craft. Or bake.

I have taken off a few days to take care of a few chores around Casa Bunny. Cleaning chores. Not fun, but when you are a homeowner and not rich enough to hire help, that's what you gotta do sometimes. Yesterday, I decided to tackle my linen closet. A chore which I have been putting off for months. And months. I was too embarrassed forgot to take a BEFORE photo, but here is all the shizz from the closet piled in the floor:

Don't call Clean House on me now! Actually, you can. I need help. I have realized that the hubs and I both do. I hold onto stuff because I think we will need/use it....eventually. He holds onto stuff because he paid "good money" for it and can't give it away. We need an intervention. But, for now, I had to tackle this pile. Sigh.

Again, I am too sentimental for my own good. I have a whole bin of linens from my Grandmother. I, mean, I love them and NO ONE DOES THIS SHIT anymore. Seriously. Hand embroidery. How can I give that away to some redneck at the Goodwill?!?!

And hand-crocheted doilies. Tons of them. I love them, too. Even though they are for 70YO women. I respect the craft and the time and work that went into them. Like my buttons, however, I wish I could find a way to use them. I have seen some framed, but I don't need any more artwork. If anyone has ideas, let me know.

I did pull some full sheet sets from our former guest room bed, now a queen, to donate. Apparently, I also have a pillowcase problem. See stack above for proof. We are those kind of folks that like lots of pillows. So I have lots of cases. Lots and lots. I pick them up on sale. Some of these also went to the Goodwill.

I also "found" a few things I forgot I had. I probably bought this TH shower curtain 5+ years ago. It was on sale at Dillard's for $12 minus extra discounts. I think I bought it for around $7. It was $60 originally. In a year or so when we tire of our current master bath, I will redecorate around it. I still love it.

Before I started the project, I searched for some organizing ideas on Pinterest. I ran across this blog and was not only inspired, but gobsmacked with the idea of ROLLING! ROLLING! I rolled up all my sheets, cases, some towels, napkins. It was brilliant. Kudos to Delightful Order! ROLLING!

Here is the end result. From the top, if you please. Table linens, sorted by season/holiday on top shelf in bins. Towels on second shelf (yes, not rolled). Hand towels, wash cloths, and extra ROLLED pillowcases in bins on third shelf. ROLLED sheet sets in bins on the fourth shelf. ROLLED blankets on top of floor bins. Lovely, no?? And this will last until my hubs messes it up. I have explained the system and threatened him with a massive purging if he does not tow the line.

If you are not asleep yet, I am now going to talk about sex. Kidding. Wanted to see if you were still here. Stay tuned for more snooze-worthy delightful posts coming soon! Now, off to clean out our crawl space! Whee! B.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confessions of a Hoarder

My name is Bunny and I am a hoarder. Yes, I know what a hoarder is. I even participated in a rescue with Confessions: Animal Hoarder a year ago for work. (For kicks and giggles, here's a link to the photos from that episode. I know. A cat hoarder named Kitten. You can't buy that kind of irony.) Anyhoodle, I have to admit I am slowly turning into one of those crazy coupon hoarding people. Well, I don't have 78 bottles of BBQ sauce. Yet.

See, when I was unemployed, I started couponing and I gots kinda good at it, however, having a job just takes up so much time (that's supposed to be funny) that I stopped. But then, earlier this year, I thought "this is foolish...if I can save money, why wouldn't I???" So I started couponing again. But since I couponed two years ago, things have changed. People are fucking coupon crazy now. They go dumpster diving for coupons. They will fucking cut you for grabbing the last paper. They STEAL coupons out of the paper displays (this is TRUE...I had a Publix manager tell me just this morning he caught someone stealing coupons out of today's paper!).

Now, I ain't gonna kill anyone for a deal, but I do like to save money. It gives you a little rush. I poo-poo'd it for a while because it is just me and the hubs. Didn't seem worth it. But I have scored some great deals. Like 18 bars of soap for $1.82. Seriously. That's enough soap for like a year for us. I pretty much stick to CVS and the Publix for couponing. I don't have enough time to run all over town to 15 different stores like some of these crazy-ass mommy bloggers. And I don't do as well with groceries (I like the brands I like and cook what I cook) as I do with health & beauty aids, but I do manage to save $5-$15 per week on groceries with coupons most weeks. Here's some photos of my stash:

In our utility room, we have a huge metal rolling rack...a makeshift pantry if you will. This shelf is my stash of pasta sauces, canned soups, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, broth, and cake/brownie mixes. (It is a little disorganized now...sorry!) And that Nutella? Two large jars for $6.49 at Costo. SCORE! I can make all kinds of Nutella recipes, bitches!

On the other side of this shelf is my juice stash. I stock up on the Ocean Spray diet/light 100% juice when it's on sale BOGO at the Publix. I also have a stash of canned cat food. For my ONE cat.

Here is my stash of Snackwell's snacks I bought at the Publix a few weeks back when they were BOGO and I had $1 off coupons. Each box here was like 50 cents after sale/coupons. And my large box of chips from Costco for bag lunches on days there are no leftovers.

The "messy" side of my laundry room.That's my stash of paper towels (the hubs has an OCD issue with PT...seriously), toilet paper, tissues and more diced tomatoes. I apparently also hoard hangers. Anyhoodle, this stash is mostly from Costco. I have a membership to Sam's, but my buddy Bobs has a membership to Costco. And Costco has COUPONS! The diced tomatoes? BOGO with coupon at Costco. I gots like 20 cans for around $7. That may sound like a lot of cans, but we are heading into the cold months and I am going to be making the Hell out of soups and chilis. I will blow through those. Trust me.

This stash is my health & beauty aid stash in the master bath. I have enough lotion, bath gel and soap to keep me clean and moisturized for a year. Word.

Just to give my peeps an example, this is my haul from CVS today. This is $30 worth of product, however, after sales, coupons, and CVS Extra Bucks, I purchased all these items for $5. SCORE!

So, while I truly don't think I am going bat-shit coupon crazy anytime soon, I do have more than my fair share of stash. I am off from work the next few days and I am planning on doing some cleaning and straightening including going through my food stash and checking for expiration dates. Are you bored yet? Well, sorry. I am just a money-saving nerd. In this one regard.

Well, I am off to finish cooking dinner. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Love, B.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fennel Me This

Whenever my friends Bobs and I go to the farmer's market, he always buys something--one thing--he has never eaten before to try. Sometimes he has discovered great new finds (like chocolate covered coffee beans!). Other times, it's a bust (like that strange Asian fruit/veggie thing he bought that I cannot remember the name of). I decided Bobs had a good idea going, so when we went to the farmer's market last weekend, I decided to branch out and try some fennel:

Seems like recently I have seen more recipes than I ever remember featuring fennel. I Googled fennel and was surprised to find out it is an herb. I thought it was a vegetable so you see what a dumb bunny I am. I have used fennel seeds in the past, but never the bulb. As shown above, it looks like a giant green onion with dill growing out of it. It has a flavor like anise, or licorice, but sweeter. I know. This is more shit than you ever cared to know about fennel. Anyhoodle, I decided to make Williams-Sonoma's Apple-Fennel Slaw:

I served the slaw with roasted cauliflower and carrots and grilled pork tenderloin. The slaw was really good...tart and tangy yet sweet....but a bigger bitch than me to make. Very labor intensive. And too many bowls to wash. Lots of icy water baths. Lots of thin cutting. I am surprised I still have all my fingers. And, to me, you couldn't even really taste the fennel. I am not sure if I will make again or, if I make again, if I will include the fennel. I would, however, like to try fennel again in another recipe....maybe roasted.

Speaking of roasted, I recently made roasted of my faves...and decided to jazz them up by sprinkling a little bacon on them at the end and drizzling with blue cheese dressing then popping them back in the oven for a few minutes. They were delicious. I mean, seriously, how can that go wrong?? In other news, I did try one more new thing from the farmer's market and mixed it with yet another new thing:

That's right, bitches, I found the Kraken rum! And I read online that it was nice mixed with ginger beer, so I bought some ginger beer at the farmer's market. If you have never had ginger beer, it is like super powerful ginger ale. Boy howdy, is it ever! Anyhoodle, I mixed up a concoction of the two tonight and it was mighty tasty. Brick House mighty.

Well, that is all, peeps. I am off to watch some more BBC drama. The hubs and I have been on a HUGE BBC kick for months and months. First it was Season 1 of Downton Abbey ( Dynasty meets Pride & Prejudice). Then Cranford (like Golden Girls meets Pride & Prejudice). Then all four seasons of  Lark Rise to Candleford (like Little House on the Prairie meets Pride & Prejudice). Now we are watching the mini-series Bleak House. The BBC rocks is all I can say. Well, goodnight, folks! Kisses, Bun.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Buttoned Up

When my Grandmother died, I inherited her button box. Actually, I think I just sorta took it because everyone else probably thought it was junk.

Actually, it isn't a button is an old-fashioned wooden sewing box. But my Grandmother kept all her odd buttons in it or buttons she removed from clothes she couldn't wear anymore. A child of the Depression, she didn't waste. After all, fabric may wear and tear, but buttons rarely wear out.

For some reason, I have always been fascinated by the button box. The colors! The smooth, shiny buttons! When I was a child and would visit her, I loved to just run my hand through the buttons and feel them. I would take them out and sort them. Count them. I developed a wee button fetish.

As I have grown older, I often have thought I should DO something with the buttons. Or some of the buttons. Something I could see or use everyday and it would bring back wonderful memories of my Grandmother. I have often thought of making a button pillow and I recently browsed etsy and found a few I liked for inspiration:

I like the heart....very fitting.

I also like the monogram....I am a sucker for anything with a monogram.
I also found some cool wall art made with buttons....Here are a few things I really like:

Button tree on painted canvas....I have many white/pearl buttons so I could do this one!
Love the button monogram....again, monogram fool.
Another monogram....this one monochromatic.
And just today, I saw this cute, cute idea for button-topped hair pins! I just wonder if this is too juvenile for me to wear:

I actually have enough buttons that I might could do all four of these projects (if I ever make the time and have the gumption); however, I think something inside of me might be sad to actually USE the buttons. Is that weird?!? Of course it is. Maybe just the hairpins. One or two. Or maybe just a wee pillow. Sigh. I am way too sentimental for my own good. So, what's your vote? Use the buttons or no? And if I do use them, what should I do with them? Hope you are having a great weekend! B.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Week in Photo (or My Catch-Up Plan)

When did it get to be Thursday?!? Oy. Anyhoodle, as my body speeds through life without my mind, I thought I would do a quick check in to bring you up to speed on my week before I hurdle into what promises to be a helluva long weekend. Here we go:

Sunday, I caught my two youngest napping it out on Mom & Dad's bed. On the new comforter. If they weren't so cute, I swear I'd beat them. Like yard dogs. They have decided it is the most comfy place in our abode. Well, we do have an awesome mattress. Anyway, we now have to keep the bed covered in a cheap throw. Everything in our house is covered in a cheap throw. Sigh.

Monday night, I captured the two men in my life snuggling in said bed. Daddy-son bonding time. BTW, I shot this pic on my iPhone and then used Instagram to add the effect. If you've never used Instagram, it's pretty cool. Seriously. Even if I don't know completely how to work it.

Tuesday was the hubs and I's 15th wedding anniversary. Here is a photo from the day we wed. So young. So thin. So no grey hairs. Sigh. Since hubs in in school, we stayed close to home for dinner, but plan a fancier affair later in the month once he is finished with his class.15 years. A long time. Glad it was with my best friend.

Wednesday I scored FREE PIZZA for dinner. Domino's was giving away their new Artisan pizzas as part of an introductory promo and I saw the offer on one of my mommy blogger pages. I enjoyed my free pizza even more with this Rogue beer. Never have met a Rogue beer I did not like. This one was no exception.

Last night, I reeled from the news that Steve Jobs died. While I often want to throw my iPhone across the room and I admit I have issues with Apple's super inclusiveness, the man DID change the world. I saw this quote by him today and I though "damn, he was all a philosopher too."

And I leave you with this super funny bit I found on Pinterest (love Pinterest!). I have shared it all around the shelter this week. You know us humane people. Anything smarty pants + a cute fuzzy gets us going.

Lick, lick! That's all peeps. Time to go to beddy-bye. Our shelter is participating in a big 'ol fall festival this weekend. Three days. Three days of kettle corn and food on a stick. I am READY. BRING IT. Love, B.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Saturday Supper

So, it's been in the 60s here in the G of A the past two days and I have been LOVE. ING. IT. (or Lovin' It! sang to the McDonald's tune). Last night, I was loving it so much, I made a big ol' pot of chili.

This recipe is from Publix's Apron Meals (click for link) and it is so easy and so good. I have waxed on about it here before, but seriously, it just cannot be beat for tastiness and quickness. I decided to make these cheddar-jalapeno corn muffins to go with:

I found the recipe (click for link) on Pinterest (which I LOVE....have found so many good recipes there!). They are super easy to make, as well (and you have to love the name of the & butter...what more could you need?). I will say that mine stuck a little to the pan, hence why they look so messy, but I am pretty sure that was because I only had a large can of corn and I sorta did not measure and added too much so the muffins were overly moist. But even though they stuck a little, the parts that didn't stick were super tasty. I will make again and measure next time. I also decided to get brave and try a new dessert:

Cheesecake Cookie Dough bars (recipe also found on Pinterest!). Besides the fact that I didn't read ahead and nothing I needed to be soft or room temperature was soft or room temperature and I couldn't figure out how to crush the graham crackers into crumbs and my layers started mixing into each other and my blender threw graham cracker crumbs all over my kitchen, they were a success! Oh, yeah, and they needed to cool overnight in the fridge. Well, we sorta ignored that and ate some anyway (see above) though the crust sorta crumbled everywhere. If I had READ AHEAD and been prepared, these would have been much easier to make, but regardless, they are seriously, seriously delicious. Even I could not mess up the deliciousness. In other news, I found out about this rum yesterday when I was reading recipes online:

It is called The Kraken and it's a black spiced rum that's supposed to be all kinds of awesome. I think I will be scouting it out at the local package store. Cold weather = hot toddies. Maybe with some cider?? Plus I love the bottle and graphics. Well, that is all for today. I went off to the farmer's market this morning (and bought all kinds of stuff to blog on later!) and I am now off for another nap. I feel about 80 years old these days. Napping. Later taters, B.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Inside Casa Bunny: A Sneak Peek at Seasoning Land

Oy. Peeps, I have felt like a turd all week. I just lay around, being good for nothing. I could not figure out what was wrong with me....I was on medicine, right?!? Then, I realized that this is VERY STRONG medicine and it just kicks. my. ass. Daily. So, there you have it. The mornings are ok, but by 2 p.m.ish, I hit a wall of fatigue I cannot even begin to describe. And it goes downhill from there. So, yeah, it's been rough and I have two more weeks of this stuff to take. So, yeah. Oy.

Now that I have started off with my requisite whine fest, I will give you a real post. I recently cleaned out and straightened my spices/oils/vinegars area of the kitchen at Casa Bunny and, well, I realized I have a lot of seasonings. So, I thought I would share my bounty and favorites with you in case you are wondering what all kind of spiciness B. likes.

First, here is the countertop beside my stove, which is directly below the cabinets where I store my spices. I know people say you shouldn't store this stuff near heat, but it's gotta be handy, folks, so here it is. From left to right: My utensil crocks, my marble mortar & pestle, my assortment of vinegars including pomegranate balsamic, 25-year-old W-S balsamic, and white balsamic, my assortment of oils including white truffle oil, Trader Joe's EVOO, W-S EVOO, and an unfiltered olive oil, my one-handed pepper mills, one filled with black and one filled with pink/green peppercorns, my jar of finishing sea salt, and, behind, my non-slip silicone cutting board and my two smaller wooden cutting boards.

The cabinet above is where I store the spices and other seasonings. Let's take a closer look.

On the top shelf to the left is my assortment of vinegars....rice, sherry, balsamic glaze, red wine, white wine, and two more vinegars from the Olive Oil Shops....oregano and fig. This shop is in Charleston and it is FABULOUS. When we vacationed there in August, I beelined to the store. They have vats and vats of oils and vinegars and you can taste test everything. And I did.

Next to those is my stash of Dekalb Farmer Market spices. Their spices are so CHEAP. A tub this size for most spices is around $1. I have thyme, sage, tarragon, peppercorns, red pepper flakes and others that are more odd such as coriander. I don't feel bad when I have to throw them out either.

Next come the salts....grey sea, grey sea mixed with five pepper blend, Hawaiian red, black truffle. I love finishing salts. They are really all the salt I use. I also have a giant shaker of sea salt from the DFM I use, as well.

On the bottom shelf are my other spices, mostly seasoning mixes. I really like the Badia line because it is inexpensive and they have many good spices for Tex-Mex/Mexican/etc. meals which are a favorite around Casa Bunny.

McCormick's Grill Mates also has some good seasoning mixes. I really like the Hamburger and use it whenever I make hamburgers. The roasted garlic and herb is good on chicken and fish. The Weber Kick'N Chicken is nice for fajitas, tacos, etc. Tex-Mex meals, as well.

And lastly, here are my NEW W-S spices. W-S recently added a spice line which is a little $$ but they have some cool mixes. I actually purchased all these at my local W-S outlet for 30% off. While the outlet did not have the full line of spices, I was able to score a few good ones including the wild porcini sea salt which is wonderful. I used the pizza seasoning for the first time last night on homemade pizza and it was really good. I will be using the chili powder tonight to make, you guessed it, chili.

So, yes, I have an excess of seasonings. It is, as Dorcas Lane from Larkrise to Candleford would say, my one weakness. I hope you enjoyed this little look inside Casa Bunny's seasoning cabinet. I am now going to take a nap. Then off to purchase the makings for my chili tonight. Hope you all are having a gorgeous, relaxing weekend. Love, B.