Saturday, September 24, 2011

Laid Low

Peeps, I have been laid low by this chronic sinus infection that finally came to its summit. I broke down and went to the doctor this week and gots all kinds of strong drugs. Now I cannot sleep because I am pumped up on steroids. It's so fabulous. Not. I am exhausted and tired and sleepy but I cannot sleep. And my head hurts. And I want to cry because I cannot sleep. There. I think that is sufficient whining.

So, I spent most of the week sitting on the couch and/or going to bed early and not doing much else. I watched the first episode of Glee. Meh. I am not sure about Glee anymore. The novelty seems to have worn off. I also am watching Ringer. As noted, I love me some Sarah Michelle Geller. It's pretty good, and I will probably keep watching for now. I also, though I did not intend to, allowed myself to get sucked into the X-Factor. I do love watching me some singing. This was my favorite performance of the week:

I admit I am a sucker for the sad story. I actually really like this song....I think he has talent. I hope he holds onto his new life and stays focused on the future and never looks back. I esp. love what he says during his interview: "There's always a chance and there's always a choice." Word.

I totally missed the Emmy's....I went to a friend's for dinner and the pre-show, but then went home and went to bed early because I felt like crap. The best part is the fashions anyway. My favorite of the night was Colbie Smoulders from How I Met Your Mother:

I love the pleating, the drape, the fit, and, mostly, the COLOR. FABULOUS. So bold, beautiful, different. I just love turquoise anyway. Her hair is perfect. Her jewelry is perfect. She looks beautiful. My only complaint is she could have stood up a WEE bit straighter. Posture, ladies, posture.

I also wanted to share this video. It is about one of the Michael Vick dogs and is a true testament to the notion that love and time and patience can overcome many ills in the world.

I will admit when all the Michael Vick controversy first happened, I thought people were probably overreacting. Even though I work for a humane organization, I eat meat, wear leather and would probably wear fur. On the "Crazy Animal People" scale, I am on opposite end from the PETA/throw blood on people folks. But then I read a detailed article about a year ago about what Vick and his homies did to those dogs (and he KNEW, ok, so let's not go there). The worst thing I read was that they would put dogs in a pool and would drop in electrical wires and watch while the dogs struggled to get out while being electrocuted. That's so sick I can barely write it. What kind of person can watch something like that? Seriously. All I can say is I hope there are LOTS of dog-loving NFL players who make it their mission in life this year to inflict as much pain as possible on Vick every time he gets out on the field. Last week was a good start. Word.

Well, I am off to try to take a nap. I will try to be back sooner rather than later. XO, Bun.


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Steroids and I don't mix very well. I turn into a bitchy, crabby, scary superhuman who CAN DO ANYTHING, even if I cannot.

bunny said...

Yeah. That sounds about right. :)

Jeff said...

Amen to your take on Vick. I do not follow football, but I especially cannot understand how fast people seem to forgive monsters. I can only equate that type of behavior to that of the neo-Nazi.

bunny said...

Jeff, the things he did really are unforgivable. He will have his day of reckoning, of this I am sure.