Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday on Monday: The 2011 Blizzard Edition

Well, peeps, I am stranded inside today due to 6+ inches of snow that fell in GA last night (and more bad weather on the way today in the form of icy mix). I know everyone makes fun of Southerners when it snows and all comes to a standstill but, really, we just ain't PREPARED for this stuff. Even knowing this was coming for days, our DOT and power companies just can only be so prepared because we get this type of weather so infrequently.

Anyhoodle, while I have power, I thought I would work a little and blog a little and do a lot of praying that the power stays ON. I actually brought work home with me....and there is plenty of chores around the house....if the power stays ON. Say it with me....ON. Stay ON. However, if it goes off, we have one LED candles and 15 bottles of wine. By the time they reach us and restore power, my liver will be pickled.

Lots has been going on here the past week so I will try to catch you up. It has been full steam ahead since the holidays ended. I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind. Last weekend, I decided to do a little bargin shopping at the outlets near my home and look what I gots:

 First, I went to the Bath & Body Works outlet and, due to their Big Sale and holiday markdowns, scored all this for like $30. Five wallflowers, three lip glosses, three lotions, one body cream, two sprays, a Sweet Pea gift set (for my niece's bday!) and two poofs. One of the sets also is for a gift. The rest is selfishly mine. All mine.

 This coconut summer vanilla lip gloss was like $1. It's like a pina colada for your lips. Mmmm.

 I also went to the Williams-Sonoma outlet because I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and made out like a bandit there, too. I FINALLY bought me one of these Oxo "from the top" measuring cup. Great to use. Sorta a bitch to store.

In foodstuffs, I bought $10 salt (which is actually now $12 but was 1/2 price so I gots it for $6), my fave chili-lime rub (great for nachos!) and a new rub, Buttermilk Ranch. Cannot WAIT to try.

 Also bought a roasted red pepper pasta sauce and a pepper & corn "topper" for cheapo. But here it is purchase of the day:

HELLZ, yes, it IS an All Clad saute pan/skillet. FINALLY. After talking about it more than a year. And it was worth the wait because it was discounted for the outlet, then 50% MORE off, and then I had a $50 gift card, so I was able to buy it for like $15. Seriously.

It's the deep 4-qt. with lid. Here's a side view. I have not used it yet (I am hoarding it for something special!) but I will report back when I do. The hubs also gots a good steal deal:

 Beautiful 500 thread count, 100% cotton Ralph Lauren sheets that look like they were made to go with our current comforter set. We are sleeping on them now. Silky! I also bought a few other things last weekend on super sale:
Cool purse mirror and bejeweled file at Ulta for .49 and .99, respectfully. I also bought a few out-of-season China Glaze nail polishes for $1.99 each. Score!

I also went to Sam's and Walmart for general grocery and household shopping and purchased this book at Sam's. We are trying to do better about eating at my house (both of us!) and this book gives a reasonable look at portion control and calorie counting. 

 In other news, I made this gnocchi mac & cheese on New Year's Day and, while goldeny brown delicious looking, it was a taste fail. I am not even going to link to the recipe. Sad day when any kind of mac & cheese sucks.

However, we did have a traditional meal of pork steaks, peas & green salad and cornbread, all which made up for the yucky gnocchi.

I am on a bender in regards to scarfs right now....look at this lovely, lovely orange and gold pashmina my moms bought me for $4. SO PRETTY. LOVES! I also have one in a plummy pink and have been wearing them to death.

Because it is so nasty here, we've been letting K.K., our long suffering and neglected cat, come indoors. We do, however, let her outside to potty. Here she is yesterday, apres potting, awaiting us to open the door and let her back in.

She's all hunkered down, tucked up, head down, on a bed of leaves.

 And here she is, safely inside again. "Damn right, bitches. This is more like it." Finally, I am not going to post any photos of the snow (I think you've all seen's white, it's fluffy) but after going out this morning to clear the stoop and a place for the fur kids to go potty, I was HUNGRY, so I made Big Southern Snow Day Breakfast:

 Bacon, biscuits, grits and scrambled eggs. Bunny don't play when it comes to snow days! Hope you all are warm and safe wherever you are. I am off to work, if I can unfreeze my fingers!. XO, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

"By the time they reach us and restore power, my liver will be pickled."

Ha! That one sentence has had me laughing hard while reading your post.

I love All Clad cookware. My husband foolishly used one of my jelly roll pans for a Man Project, so I'm down to just one. His punishment for such stupidity will be my purchase of an All Clad jelly roll pan. Suffice it to say that I'm having a hard time finding one for less than $50.

bunny said...

Oh, Mr. JOTE, WRONG thing to do. WRONG. I would be glad to look at the outlet for you.

As far as the wine, I am enjoying a nice pinot noir now. Nice and has made me warm (I've been freezing all day!).

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Brown Sugar and Fig! Sadly I have become allergic/sensitive. Makes me itch. But Black Amethyst has been my #1 fragrance for over a year. When we meet in person, we won't clash!
Also, that OXO measuring cup is that same one that Santa brought Mr Sunshine.