Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 in Review: The Highlights

Yesterday, while compiling my "Best Of" lists, I was scrolling through all my blog posts (because my memory is HORRIBLE) and I realized that I did many more interesting and wonderful things than I thought I did in 2010. So, here is a look back at the highlights of the year, some "firsts," some just fun, some just memorable.

  • After a year of being unemployed, was offered and started a new job.
  • Dined at 7+ new restaurants. Some more than once!
  • Attended a trivia night at a local bar/restaurant, something I had always wanted to try.
  • Went to see A Christmas Carol for the first time (the play at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta).
  • Went to 8 different concerts including three Atlanta Symphony concerts and three Chastain park concerts. 
  • Tried to make cheese with Bobs (which was an epic FAIL).
  • Went to the High Museum (for the first time in YEARS) to see the Dali exhibit.
  • Hosted a Cinqo de Mayo party at Casa Bunny.
  • Attended the Atlanta Gay Pride parade (for the first time ever) with Bobs. 
  • Won a contest on a blog (Bo's Bowl) and finally purchased a Le Creuset baker.
  • Planted and tended a vegetable garden for the fourth year and had great success with cherry tomatoes (and not so great success with heirloom tomatoes!).
  • Visited Park Seed in South Carolina for the first time. Will return for garden plants in 2011.
  • Vacationed in St. Simons for the first time in four years and saw old friends while there.
  • Visited Jekyll Island for the first time ever while visiting St. Simons.
  • Attempted at least 25 new recipes (better than I thought because I really felt my cooking suffered this year due to returning to work).
  • Read 29 books (not my best record, but not bad).
  • Wrote 50....yes 5-0....freelance articles for three various periodicals.
  • Adopted a new puppy and survived the first year of his life including house breaking and first round of training.
  • Adopted an African boy through Compassion International.
  • Attended the funeral of my adopted Granny Wofford.
  • Survived (but with a still somewhat broken heart) the death of my first dogter, Savannah.

And I must say, even though returning to work in general was challenging, and my job has been challenging as well, I have ROCKED. MY. JOB. Some of my successes include adding two new fundraisers, increasing revenues on four of six existing events, scoring numerous news articles and an ongoing weekly radio spot, overhauling the quarterly newsletter, ramping up our Facebook pages, and setting up a new marketing committee. I am not really someone who needs praise (I am satisfied with successful results) but I worked my ass off and I am very proud of everything that I accomplished.

In several ways, 2010 was very difficult....esp. losing Savannah....but I am thankful for my friends and family, including my Internet friends and family, who helped me through. Love to you all, and wishes for happiness, blessings and prosperity in 2011! Love, B.

PS, Please be sure to read my Bunny's Best of 2010 list from yesterday and leave your comments about your favorite finds of last year!


Jen on the Edge said...

That was an eventful year. Here's hoping that 2011 is a good one!

Sonya said...

Here's to a fantastic 2011!

bunny said...

Thanks, JOTE and Sonya, for being "regulars"...make sure you read my Best of 2010 list and add your faves!!

robertga99 said...

Glad I could be a part of some of them. Here's to lots of new adventures together in 2011. Cheers!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You pretty muched kissed ass last year.
2011...the year that one of our highlights is meeting in person!

bunny said...

Bobs, glad we can be sidekicks's to more adventures in 2011.

LMSS, did you mean KISSED or KICKED?? haha

Little Miss Sunshine State said...