Friday, December 17, 2010

The Virtual Holiday Home Tour 2010: Casa Bunny

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Jen on the Edge is hosting her virtual holiday home tour again and B. signed up so I can display Casa Bunny in all its seasonal splendor. If you want to jump over to Jen's blog, you can see the links to the other folk's blogs that are on the tour. So, turn up the carols on your iTunes, turn down the heat for a frosty feel, grab you a toddy and settle in. And enjoy!

 Welcome to our home....our stoop, decked out (hubs will be so
mad those random leaves are in the photo!).

Inside our front door is the holiday home to my hub's June McKenna Santa 
collection....well, part of it....and, yes, our walls ARE orange....we are not
afraid of color here at Casa Bunny.

This basket sits on the table behind our's simple...just balls...but
the basket belonged to my Grandmother and makes me think of her.

 These angels grace the top of our living room bookcase. I love the one on the right
because she has brown hair (like me). Why do angels always have blonde hair?

At the base of the bookcase sits large glass vases filled with white lights.

Our entertainment center which is home to more of hub's Santas.

 This table is off the living room and is the holiday home to my Lane snowmen....I pretty
much decorated this table the same as 2009 because I loved the look.

Off our dining area is an antique coal bucket, spray painted green, with balls and lights.

 A small display in our guest room....we don't really have guests so we don't do
much in this room....and, yes, when your nickname is Bunny, you gets lots of Bunny stuff.

Byer's Choice Carolers...I love the singing doggies...
more glass balls = best decorations ever.

Dining table Carolers for 2010!

 Other side of dining table centerpiece.
Dining room hutch....more hub's Santa on top, Christmas china, 
and the pups' stockings at the bottom.

Dining hutch detail.
Kitchen....more light, more balls, snowman plate above stove.

Kitchen window sill....see our bottle tree out the window? Didn't plan that but it's cool.

Wreath on antique sled off kitchen....the hubs made this wreath....he is uber talented.

Angels in sitting area off kitchen...again, balls! lights! sparkly!

 Angel statue from yard, surrounded by lighted wreath with balls,
and sitting on antique milk can at hallway start....yes, hubs made this wreath too.

Dresser in master eclectic Santa collection.

 Dresser detail.
Above our bed...chair back shelves with Christmas blocks, 
beads and Santa figurines.

 Left shelf detail.

Right shelf detail.
 Angels on other dresser in master bedroom...first, can I TELL you how much
I LOVE LED candles?!? I have fire paranoia so they rock my world. These angels actually
reside here year-round....this year I tried to decorate around my regular decor as much
as possible rather than packing things up.

Two small trees in master bedroom....last year, 
we did one large tree so this was a change.

Our Christmas centerpiece....the "grove" of trees....I don't think we will ever
change this....we both love it and we have too many damn ornaments.

 Our deck, door side 1....trick: This wreath is artificial and
we add natural greenery on top that can be replaced as it wilts.

Deck, door side 2....with lights.

Sorry for the lateness in getting this up...blogger was being a BEEOTCH this morning (and I know the spacing is all wonky...sorry!). Anyhoodle, that's most of it. We might have a few more touches here and there, but I am going with what I have because I need to scurry off to work. I hope you enjoyed our tour and maybe even we inspired your future decorating! :) I also hope you all have a blessed and happy holiday and a healthy and happy New Year! Merry, merry Christmas! XO, Bunny

**If you have a few extra minutes and want to read last year's post about our Christmas decorating history, click here.**


smalltownmom said...

I like the idea of a grove of trees. Lovely decorations1

Susan said...

Oh my! So much to see. Your collections are wonderful and the way things are displayed is so creative. I love the use of lights indoors and I really must do that next year in my home. Thanks for sharing.

blackbird said...

Gosh, Bunny!
NO ONE does Christmas like you!
It's the BEST.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh. My. Gosh. As I was last year, I am absolutely floored by how gorgeous everything is. Your wreaths and exterior decor have me thinking that we need to be doing more in that department. But the thing that has my jaw down in my lap is your grove of Christmas trees. I told you last year how much I love that, but this year I love it even more and want to do it in my own house.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LAVISH! LOVELY! And I am swooning over your outdoor decorations.

Katie @Dishin and Dishes said...

I remember you posting last year's post on guys are amazing decorators...I love the door! I can only imagine how many boxes of decorations you have. SO pretty!

badness jones said...

I love your grove of trees! And I love the glass ball ornaments everywhere....when I was little my mom decided she only wanted homemade ornaments on the tree, so I in my rebellion have forged a long-lasting love of glass baubles!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said... awesome. I love the Santas. They're awesome! Everything is just perfect!

Sonya said...

BE.U.TI.FUL. as always :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You seriously have the most beautiful Christmas house I've ever seen. I will be stealing the "lights in the colored vases" next year.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's all gorgeous--you really do go all out.

I have a deacon's beach that rests against a terra cotta wall in the living room--I never thought of decorating it. What a great idea!

Susan said...

I like your chair back shelves..the old doors on your deck with wreaths..You home looks cozy! Oh, and your pottery is lovely too. :)

bdaiss said...

Wow Bunny! I love! Especially the old coal bucket and the vases with lights. But really - your whole home is beautiful.

Oh - did you make the blocks? Fabulous.

bunny said...

Thank you, everyone!

JOTE, the "grove" is three CHEAP (like a total of $40) artificial trees...its the lights and ribbons and multitude of ornaments that make them what they are.

As I noted, the wreaths are also artificial with fresh greens layered on top.

It's really amazing how much inexpensive lights and colored balls (of all sizes!) can "Christmas" up a house. I would love a whole white tree just in different sizes of colored balls.

Juggling Jen, buy you a small tree after Christmas this year, set it on the bench next year and arrange something you love under.... lighted Village houses, old toys, santas, snowmen.

Susan, we bought one of those shelves, and my pop-in-law made the other two. Super easy. The door was "donated" from a neighbor. The pottery all marks a special trip somewhere. And thanks...if someone feels my house is cozy, then that makes me happy.

bdaiss, I did NOT make the blocks, but I bet it would be easy! Maybe next year!

Elisabeth said...

Sonya stole my comment...

Seriously - looks wonderful! Always does.

Fannie said...

I remember having "Christmas House" envy last year too! So much thought and time and creativity - Beautiful!