Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bunny Sunday: The Dark Thirty Edition

Ok, peeps, I am late posting today but it is STILL Sunday. So there. Since I am awaiting hubs to return from errands to eat dinner, let's just get to it, shall we?

First, this week was good. Yep. Really pretty good. The cold temps finally arrived in the G of A so it actually feels like the holiday season. But, damn it, even when I am in a good mood, people still persist in trying to piss. me. off. Example of the week: Molly the Terrier. First, meet Mols:

Molly was surrendered by her owner at the shelter about a few weeks ago. This family--who I know--came in last Saturday and adopted her. There is some back story here, as well, but I just cannot go into the details as I will start to really rail. Let's just say this was a very, very impulse adoption. Very. Short story: They have two children under 3YO who proceeded to torture poor Molly, so they brought Molly back on Monday. Then, BY GOD, I made it my mission to make sure Molly got adopted by a GREAT family. I took her to our radio show bit Tuesday, then posted her photo on our Facebook page. Viola! A really, really nice lady with a little Chihuahua mix came in Wednesday and adopted her. Molly has a new home for the holidays. And a new fur sister. Mission accomplished! So SUCK IT people who didn't love Molly!

In cooking news, Tuesday night I made a new recipe which I got from Bo's Bowl: Green Chili Chicken Pasta. Boy howdy, this nosh was good! And SO simple to make. I am stealing Bo's photo because I lost mine, however, I can tell you this dish is one of those that is even BETTER warmed the next day.

(don't sue me Bo! love you!)

I, mean, you could probably put alfredo sauce on a turd and I would eat it. Right?!?! I served it with a salad of romaine with black beans, tortilla strips and spicy ranch dressing. I would have added roasted corn, but I was out of corn. Bummer. This weekend, I made the Williams-Sonoma goulash for the first time this season....still our fave beef stew.

Seriously good. Seriously. Slightly labor intensive, but worth the work. One of my favorite recipes for the winter now. Loves. Totes. Before dinner, we noshed on this cheese sampler, courtesy of Rogue Creamery:

Bobs and I went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market (DFM, heretoafter) yesterday and I spent 2/3 of my bill on cheese and booze. Here are Rogue's Raw Milk Cheddar, Smokey Blue and Chocolate Stout Cheddar. Good, good stuff. In another note, to the friend from my past who gave me that Pampered Chef cheese knife: Thank you. It rocks. As far as the booze, I bought this:

A 12-pack of six different Flying Dog beers, just for kicks and giggles. And, since I was low on vino, these:

Two cabs and a pinot (yes, Cab, E-beth! Again! I am coming over to the Cab side!)...I have been drinking the Cycles Gladiator Cab (on left....I have tried their wines in the past and liked) and it is really nice. It was only $6.99 a bottle at the DFM. A value. Wish I had bought more. Oh, and I just learned something! Apparently, the same folks who make Cycles Gladiator also make Hahn (wine on the right)! Who knew!

Speaking of cooking and drinking, my stove picked this week to go on strike. Yep. Gave up. Burned out in a bright white light. Really. It did. Or the heating element did. So guess what Bunny's getting for Christmas? Yep. 

I went stove shopping this weekend and I am coveting the GE double-oven line with convection ovens. And smooth top. And a whole bunch of other bells and whistles. In black. Sleek. Sadly, it is more than my monthly mortgage. But I figure for as much as I cook, it is justified. And I deserve it. My appliance man is going to call tomorrow and get a final figure. I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, the good Lord willing, GE will have one in the warehouse they want to get rid of for a deal-eo. Pray for me and my stove, peeps. 

In pet news, here are a few cute photos of the fur kids for you. The first is Charlie napping in our home office last Sunday, all bundled up and tucked in:

Several folks said he looked like he'd been on a bender. Well, maybe. But not one related to booze. And here is my baby all pensive:

He likes to sit at the door to the deck/back yard and just gaze out. It's sorta sweet. He can sit there for hours a few minutes. This last photo is our kids with Santa Claws:

Every year at work, we have a pet photos with Santa Claws fundraiser. I took the kids for the first time this year. Pepsi looks all cute (though I can tell you she is roasting and panting like a fiend here!) but Charlie was like "OH, HELL-TO-THE-NO, BEEOTCHES!" See that look on his face?? He was PISSED. Santa is locked onto his collar and this was as close as we could get him. 

Finally, a good fuck or two to round out the week. First, I saw this poster today on a fellow blogger's site and LOVED it:

LOVES. TOTES. I am printing this one out to hang on my office wall. Seriously. In other fuck news, Bobs introduced me to this song yesterday:

Apparently, I am about two months behind on this one, but then I NEVER listen to the radio. That said, I LURVE this song and everything about it. The creative lyrics. The catchy tune. The doo-wop vibe. Awesome. BTW, it is NSFW if you haven't already figured that out. There is a "clean" version--Forget You--but it just doesn't have the...punch...of this version. Yeah. Wish I had this one to sing a few times in my life. Hey, Bobs, "ain't that some shit!"

Well, off to finish my wine and, if I am not too tipsy, help the hubs with a Power Point for school. Joy. Have a great week! XO, Bun.


robertga99 said...

Now ain't that some shit those people pulled with Molly's adoption. FUCK THEM!

Even though Charlie is pissed off, I still love the pic of your kiddos. The one time I took Scooby to meet Santa, he peed on him. That's Scooby that peed on Santa, not vice versa. Now ain't that some shit?

Bo said...

I've never taken my dogs to see Santa...they would probably act like it would probably be a bad idea.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I don't have a lot of energy this morning. Let's just say there was a meltdown of epic proportions in my house last night. This is the best I can muster up at 9am.


bunny said...

Amen, Bobs, amen!

Bo, it ain't for all me. So, probably a good call.

LMSS, sorry to hear about melt down. About to have one myself. And THANKS.

Jeff said...

Poor little Charlie. He reminds me of that boy in A Christmas Story who was forced to wear the bunny costume his aunt made for him. Good luck with the ROCKS!!!