Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Things I Love

I seem to have taken quite a few photos lately, but they don't add up to a cohesive mix for a blog. Then, I realized that they were things I loved, so I thought "Hey, a 'Things I Love' post!" So here it is.
Confession: I bought this necklace at WalMart. For $7. On sale. And it's awesome. I love me some  turquoise, esp. in the warmer months. So I will keep this one until next year.

I bought these earrings, as you can see, at Pier 1. They are lovely, artsy glass.  
Sadly, I sorta forgot I had these until I saw this photo!

  I had been looking for a new purse for a long time....I found this bag at a local dept. store
ON SALE for half off+. I bought it in black AND brown and got both bags for less that 
the original cost of one of the bags! SCORE!
 I bought that 12-pack of Blue Moon, and I had never had a Pale Moon. I liked it!
Was it the BEST beer I've ever had? No, certainly not. But was it a good "mass-market" beer?
Certainly. I would definitely drink this again.

I bought this cheese at Sam's! Yes! Sam's! And is so good. I would take cheese over chocolate
every day. Any day. And this cheese is creamy, mellow yumminess.

That's all. Sorry it is so short, but the hubs is doing homework tonight and I am working from the laptop. While sitting in the floor. Watching Glee. And Millionaire Matchmaker. And drinking a Pale Moon. And now it is time to go to bed. This damn time change is kicking. my. ass. Gain an hour my ass. Later peeps! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

OOh, love all your loves. Especially the necklace. And didn't you love Glee this week? Except for the Will/Biest kiss..too predictable.

bunny said...

LOVED Glee this week...lots of non-predictable things to balance that silly kiss.