Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Free For All

It's been....well....a weird week here at Casa Bunny. We've been Christmas decorating. And it's been hotter than it should be for November. So it's been a bit hard to feel Christmas-y.

And I have been a little blue the past few days. I have been thinking about Savannah quite a bit. I think the holiday decorating is doing it. I just miss her so much some days. This Christmas is our first without her. Call me the crazy dog lady, but it hurts just as bad as a person would. Anyhoodle, here are a few things from the past few days.

Wednesday night was the CMA awards. Which I only caught about five minutes of when I turned on the tube to watch Modern Family (loves!). I turned on in time to see Sugarland perform this song....which I immediately downloaded and have had on "repeat" for the past two days.

Now, I have discussed my (somewhat) former love of country music in passing, however, I haven't really listened to it in the past decade recent years. But I don't live under a rock and I do know who the prominent artists are. So I know who Sugarland are. And that they are hot-hot. And now I know why.

Thursday night is grocery night at Casa Bunny, and this week I decided to step outside of our regular apres-shopping Publix sub dinner and fix us up a plate of antipasta:

MMMMMM. Soft yet crusty bread, salami and pepperoni, herbed mozzarella, and Tuscan cheddar. To make it even better, hubs said he loved it. I almost fell off my chair. And not because I was enjoying this:

I bought this old vine zinfandel (a red zin) at Cost Plus World Market. It was really nice....a bit on the sweet side but good. It had an excellent rating, which was why I chose it. Here's the website descrip: "Twisted Zin is truly an unrivaled experience! Does an explosion of blackberry jam, chocolate covered cherries, spicy nutmeg, and luscious ripe plum sound appealing? We thought so." I think so too.

In other news, Charlie turned 10 months old Thursday. Someone please tell me when this sweet, adorable puppy (photo taken second day Charlie was at the shelter when he was still known as "puppy") turned into.....


This sweet, adorable 35ish pound big boy?

Lord help us, we love him something terrible! He has such personality and he has def helped take some of the sting out of Savannah's passing. In fact, we often remark that he is "channeling" Savannah because some of his mannerisms and habits are so her.

Tonight for dinner, I regressed to summer (because the temps sure have!) and made Big Plate of Nachos with salsa verde chicken, roasted corn and black beans. Yum. I used this salsa for the verde:

Which I purchased at....guess....wait for it....Cost Plus World Market! It was very tasty. And I drank this beer (finally!):

Lagunitas' Lucky 13. Wow. This one was good, but tasted too close to Brown Shugga'. They both are red ales and both have high boozy levels. Lucky 13 was the brewery's 13th Anniversary Beer, and it was such a hit, they continue to make it each year as a seasonal summer offering. So there you go.

Well, there you go....all caught up. Now I am off to be because, guess what??? Wait for it. I have to WORK tomorrow. Whee. Later taters. B.


Jen on the Edge said...

I love World Market (here it's just World Market, no Costco stuff). I can find so much there and it will be my go-to place for stocking stuffers next month.

bunny said...

Being a foodie, I just love all their food items, JOTE, as well as their tableware (I also bought stemless vodka glasses!).

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I haven't checked out the World Market here yet.

I'm glad you have Charlie to love on. He is such a cutie.

I also loved the Sugarland song. I watched the whole CMA show because I was home alone and that's about all that was on.

bunny said...

Don't go!! It's addictive and you will spend lots of money on things you do not need. If you don't feel like listening to me, then at least go to the website first, sign up for the rewards and get your coupon for signing up (mine was $10 off $30 or more purchase!).

Charlie is my love bubby.

Sugarland rocks.