Thursday, November 04, 2010

Conversations with My Teenage Self

I am stealing this idea from my fellow blogger twin, Little Miss Sunshine State. Here are the five things I would tell my teenage self:

1. Your senior year of high school, you will freak out and almost have a nervous breakdown, and then, in a panic, choose a college that will make you dreadfully unhappy. Don't worry about taking all those college prep courses. Research a college you really want to go to and apply early. If you do decide you want to go to art school, don't let everyone talk you out of it by saying you are "too smart" to go to art school. And don't go to that will screw up your college years and you will regret not having a "normal" college experience for the rest of your life.

2.  Don't be so damn responsible all the time. Let someone else be the DD. Smoke pot (just once, anyway). Travel to a foreign country. Date lots of guys. Have teen sex (or come really close). Make a "B." Don't worry about working every summer, holiday break and weekend. You have the rest of your life to be responsible, to work and to be stressed out. Be a kid, have fun, enjoy your youth.

3. If you do insist on working all the time from the summer you turn 14, then SAVE YOUR DAMN MONEY. Invest your cash rather than blowing it on cassette tapes, clothes, concerts, etc. and by the time you are 40 and unemployed, you can just laugh because you won't have to work.

4. Spend even more time with your love her so much and you will miss her even more when she is gone. Take photos. Videotape her. Write down her memories. When she finally starts to fail, quit work and go take care of her so that damn woman won't rob her blind on her death bed. Kick your stepgrandfather's ass for being an ass. Tell your uncles to shove it, too. You will never ever regret the time you do spend with her.

5. Take care of yourself. You will never be thin, but one day, when you are in college and then later after you are married, you will start to gain weight. As soon as you gain five pounds, lose it! Make this your life-long mantra and you will never worry about your weight. It is easier to lose five pounds than 100. Don't try to start smoking--it will only give you pneumonia. And wear sunscreen.

PS, go read Bobs list if you have warned that it may make you cry.    
PPS, I know I fell off the face of the Earth and I cannot tell you why other than life got
away from me. Will try to get back into a groove this weekend.


robertga99 said...

Great post! I thought this would be a great idea for a post but didn't count on how tough it would be emotionally. It has kicked my butt today!
luv ya!

bunny said...

It was great...I could do about 20 more! It was tough, though.

Jeff said...

I've missed you. Don't let things get you down. You are a strong-ass'd chick. Blog baby blog.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Everyone is coming up with great advice for their teenage self.
So far no one has written, "Gee I wouldn't change a thing."

bunny said...

Jeff, sweetie, I am not down...just reflecting. And when are we EVER going to see each other? BTW, lame-o me lost your phone...please call me.

LMSS, great idea on your part.

Jen on the Edge said...

#5 is the one that speaks most to me. Oh if only I could go back and tell my 16 year old self to appreciate my smokin' hot bod, then tell my 26 year old self to lay off the junk food.

bunny said...

Exactly, JOTE!