Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bunny Sunday: The Holiday Gift Edition

First of all, peeps, THANK YOU for the comments. I <3 you all. Secondly, here's what I have decided to do, for now, going forward: A dedicated post on Sunday (Bunny Sunday!) and possibly, if the mood strikes, other posts here and there. So, for today, I start with my first Bunny Sunday post: The Holiday Gift Edition.

I think I have been more than clear on BGR that 1) I totally am a foodie (but not in a foodie snobby way!), 2) I totally love to cook, and 3) I totally obsess over love Williams Sonoma (and they should name me their spokesperson). As you may remember, last year I did a lovely post, an ode to Chuck Williams and the WS Holiday Book. In similar fashion, I now present my list of favorites from the 2010 WS holiday collection:

LOVES these poinsetta dishes. LOVES. Like I need me one. more. damn. dish. in my house. Seriously. Someday, I am going to do a post on my dish fetish. It's simply awful. Just awful. So bad it's good.
I STILL have not gots my All-Clad skillet, which you remember I was coveting last Christmas. This version is the copper core 4-quart. It costs about as much as my monthly mortgage. No shit.

Three little words: Devil's Food Cake. Because it is sinfully good. And I would eat it gluttonously.

Did you know I love anything in tartan plaid??? Anything. In fact, I would like a shirt, pajamas and a skirt made out of this material. Must be my Scottish heritage. The damn nutcracker dishes are pretty freakin' cute too.

Bite-size gingerbread men with a cold glass of milk. What could be better as a before-bed snack??

 I NEED THIS!! An individual pie maker. No shit. Ingenious. That Chuck.

I have been craving red meat recently. The only thing better than a good cut of red meat is a good cut of red meat wrapped in bread. Individual Beef Wellingtons. Word.

In lieu of the single beefy wells, I would gladly receive this smoked pepper beef tenderloin. Give me a big glass of cab, and I am ready to go.

Tiramisu. Be still my heart. Which actually would be still (from a massive coronary) if I ate all this.

Dudes, you knows I love the antipasto, and this pairing has it all--artisan cheese, Italian salami, crispy bread. Just add wine.

I have always wanted to cook one of these, but would GLADLY accept a pre-cooked variety. Crown roast of pork. With a price tag that exceeds my monthly grocery bill. Well, almost.
And no foodie gift list of Bunny would be complete without CHEESE. WS has MANY U.S. regional cheese groupings. This selection is from North Carolina’s Looking Glass Creamery. Hell, maybe I should just jump my happy ass in the car and drive there.

 And, just for fun, I thought these were darling. Little chef snowmen. Or baker snowmen. Anyway...darling. And, as long as I am dreaming, if money grew on trees at Casa Bunny, I wouldn't be sad to find these items in my stocking on Christmas morning:  

The Tiffany Etoile band ring. And in yellow gold, believe it or not. Sets off the diamonds better. Yes. HAHA.

 I am in DESPERATE need of a new watch. I think I really like this Michael Kors rose gold tine chronograph. I sorta have a jones on for rose's different. I just wonder if this would turn. For the price, the only thing green better be all my friends with envy.

So, that's all for now. It was a good Thanksgiving here at Casa Bunny, but I won't backtrack...only move forward. For now, I must go break up K.K. and Charlie. She is kicking his ass. Stupid puppy. Be good and I'll be back (at the latest) next Sunday. Hugs, B.


Bo said...

Glad you are going to keep going...can't believe you haven't gotten a skillet yet.

bunny said...

Thanks, Bo...I didn't think about giving up so much as setting a boundary. And I cannot believe I have not gots the skillet either! I've had one in hand, on the way to the register, a couple of times, and chickened out! PS, Made your Italian Sausage Soup last night. Delish.

Elisabeth said...

LOVE those red poinsettia plates. They would be gorgeous in my soon to be new navy dining room. And, the ginger bread men are so cute. Since I'm not decorating this year, maybe I can make those as my toast to the season.

Jen on the Edge said...

I *love* the Stewart tartan table linens. Am clicking over to W-S now to see how much they cost.

Jeff said...

Giirrll, thank God your staying with me! His/her grace is a shine-in'. WS again, I've got to go to this joint.

bunny said...

E., call me when they are ready.

JOTE, probably more than a monthly car payment.

Jeff, *SQUEEZE*...come visit me and I will take you to the WS outlet.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I would fight you for that pie maker. Actually if we lived close enough we could get it and have joint custody of the thing! It is definately genius. Did you know Chuck is something like 95 years old?

I did a crown roast once, in honor of my son's first birthday.