Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life's a Beach

OK, so that IS a lame-o blog title, but sorry! We just returned from a little sojourn to South GA and the beaches of St. Simons. Which explains why I have been MIA for about a week and a half. Anyhoodle, we spent several glorious days sleeping, relaxing, walking on the beach, eating and sleeping. Oh, yeah, and eating. Here are some pics.

As soon as we arrived and unloaded the car, we went to the beach. 
We took the Charlester with us only to see him on the beach. He lurved it!
So many things to smell! And chase! And bark at!

 We were terribly excited about Charlie + beach because our girls? Do/did not love the beach. At all. 

Evidence? Here is Pepsi walking AS FAR AWAY from the water as her leash will allow.
Yes, that tiny dot to the FAR right is Pepsi.

And here is Charlie, running into a wave.

And digging in the sand.

And rolling around on the sand in doggy ecstasy.

And still rolling on the sand, while Mama tries to take a photo.

Ok, I will act right now, Mama!

The hubs and I sitting in the "arm" of one of the hundreds and hundreds of 
old oak trees the cover the island. They are very beautiful.

On Monday, we picnicked in the new waterfront park with a friend (we know a couple who live there and we used to rent their home before they retired to the island full time three years ago)...these crazy crows/ravens were everywhere. I felt like Tippy Herndon.

Monday afternoon we went to Jekyll Island and walked around the historic area 
including the posh Club Hotel, former vacation spot for the wealthy of the late 1800's 
such as the Goodyears and Rockefellers.

Faith Chapel on Jekyll....we arrived too late and 
missed the tour which showcases a signed Tiffany window. :(
We hit all our old fave food spots....Barbara Jean's (mmmm, chocolate stuff!) and CrabDaddy's (mmmmm, bread pudding!) and Monday night, had dinner somewhere new...tramici. I know it seems weird we chose Italian, but after four straight nights of seafood, I was ready for something different.

 The homemade gnocchi was TO DIE FOR.

Bobs, this is for you....they made their iceberg wedge with a side of pancetta! 
 And the chocolate on the rocks dessert was sinfully good.

 And we all went happily home, full and rested.

Except Charlie, who gots the poops his final day and was put on rice and chicken. That's what eating seaweed and who-knows-what-else from the beach will do to a land-loving boy. But I will say he was 
remarkably good on the ride down and back, staying in his car seat the ENTIRE time, both ways.

We also went to St. Mary's on Saturday, however, I forgots to take photos. In fact, I forgots to take photos many times. We have just been to SSI so many times, it was hard to remember to take pics. But we had a nice time and were glad to see our friends and spend some time chillaxin'. Now, we are home and back to reality...I am spending the next few days cleaning the house, inside and out, while the hubs returns to school this evening. Whee. And now we countdown to the holidays! Be back soon! Loves, B.


robertga99 said...

Thanks for the pancetta pic! Now I just need a shirt that says...
My bff went to St. Simons and all I got was a pic of pancetta. Hehe...j/k
I love the pics

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

It is so pretty there! In the beach pics, Pepsi lloks like she's thinking "somebody please pick me up so I won't get sand in my paws!"

bunny said...

haha...Bobs, you so funny! PS, I think we need to try to make gnocchi.

LMSS, it is very pretty there. Loves it.

Sonya said...

While the two of you are trying to make gnocchi, please keep in mind that I've never had any (imagine sad, pitiful face). I'm available for taste tasting, as needed.

mr. pineapple man said...

cute cute cute dog!!! and the chocolate on the rocks looks amazing!

bunny said...

Sonya, once I perfect gnocchi, I will let you gno.

Mr. P, welcome to BGR! The C on the R was awesome...I am going to try to recreate. Stay posted.

Jeff said...

Is it just not the greatest to get away's like Lysol for the soul.

bunny said...

Yes, Jeff, it's the best...even if you are somewhere else sleeping and eating, at least you are not at home worrying about cleaning the toilet instead! :)