Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's Chilly!

Yes, folks. After an unbearably warm September, October has presented us with a brisk almost chilliness that I am so loving. So ready for cooler temps after the miserable summer we had. Can I tell you again how much I hate hot weather? Sweating and bugs and just grossness.

Anyhoodle, it was a pretty quiet weekend here at Casa Bunny. Yesterday, I ran errands including a terribly expensive but cabinet stocking trip to Ulta. Did I tell you they are building a new Ulta like three miles from Casa Bunny? Bad. Very bad. One thing I purchased was one of those Oil of Olay eye rollery thingys. I am trying it out and will report back later. See, I have been trying to streamline my skin care routine. I have a formula now, and I am going to try it for a while, then I may do a blog post on it. But I may not. I don't want you all to know what a bad product whore I am. Bad. Very bad.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, working and eating. Friday night, the hubs and I went to Irish Bred Pub which recently opened near our home. It is a restaurant/sport bar/bar bar. Very interesting for our little town. We started with the fried pickles and I gots a Black Irish:

Damn, it was like a WHOLE JAR of fried pickles, and while they were good, they were not great. Zaxby's are better. A Black Irish is Guiness and Killians. It was good but way too expensive for draught beer. $5. Of course, we missed half-price happy hour by like 10 minutes. Oh well. Lesson learned. For dinner, we ordered the following:

The Shepherd's Pie, a generous portion and quite, quite tasty and.........

The traditional fish & chips. Holy Hell, was that a BIG piece of fish! I mean, look at the fork, then look at the fish. I would have preferred several smaller pieces of fish. And, yes, it is glistening. Was just a little oily. But a nice batter. And great fries.

Last night, the hubs and I went to Miss Meg's again. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so that was our celebratory dinner. We thought about going somewhere nicer in the ATL, but the hubs had to work yesterday and he had schoolwork today. Damn that school. It better be worth my missed meal!

Yesterday, I also made my way to Tar-jay which is always dangerous. But I was not TOO bad. Here are my favorite things I bought:

A big ol' jug o' roasted almonds. Damn skippy. I told the hubs he could have SOME...A FEW... but he better not demolish them. Or else. (Hubs, are you listening??) And I also scored this:

Got to love Fall! Pumpkin Spice DD coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer. Ahhhh. Loves it. In Charlie news, that boy continues to astound me. Take a look at this:

That little shit SNIFFED Pepsi's bone of the desk and then got up on his hind legs and was REACHING FOR IT!!! Are you kidding me??? Let's go in for the close up:

That little shit almost gots it too! I swear he makes me laugh, even when he is being bad. Lordy, are we in trouble. Well, that's all peeps. I cannot believe it is already 9:30 on Sunday the days fly. I think I am going to go put on my jams then read before sleep. Have a great week! Love, B.


Bo said...

Hope you guys have a nice anniversary.

bunny said...

Thanks, Bo....14 years with my best friend. Practically a lifetime these days.

robertga99 said...

hehe, love that pic of Charlie

Jeff said...

That Irish pub sounds fun. Do you remember when the best restaurant in town was the Western Sizzlin? G'ville has come a long way. Contrats on the anniversary!

bunny said...

Bobs, you know Charlie is a hot mess.

Jeff, when you coming to Gville again, buddy?? And thanks for the congrats.

Jeff said...

There is nothing better than a funnel cake! I'll be comin' to G'ville when the widescreens go on sale at the Walmarks.