Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous Fall

Well, peeps, it has been a good weekend so far. Yesterday, I went on a short shopping expedition and movie excursion with one of my BFFs. First, we went to DSW, this ginormous shoe store (if they don't have them where you live). I never go there because I wear a BIG. SHOE. And they never have my size in anything. And it depresses me. Shoe shopping is even worse these days because I am an overpronater and need old lady orthotic shoes. BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! LOOK!!! LOOK!!!

Cute Merrell Mary Janes!! Orthotic!! And for $40 off retail!! WHEE!! If they had only had them in brown, my life would totally be complete. OK, that is a bit drastic, but I was terribly excited to find a supportive shoe that I could wear to work and is comfy and is in my size. Score!!

After we went to DSW, we went to Cost Plus World Market, which is like Pier 1 on steroids. With a food section. And a wine section. And you knows how Bunny likes her food and wine. I cannot go into that store without spending $$. It is a FABULOUS store. I bought several food items (shut up!) but I will blog about them later, as I use them. So you will just have to come back to see those surprises!

Friend and I then went to see RED, which was really good and very enjoyable. It was funny and action-packed with a few AWESOME stunts (in fact, DON'T watch the trailer because it gives away some of the best moments! GOD, I HATE WHEN TRAILERS DO THAT! Luckily, I didn't see this trailer before I saw the movie). Go see this movie in the theater before it is gone. BTW, I love that it includes "seasoned" actors--Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen "I Would Go Girl" Mirren, and John Malcovich. Very good casting. And may I say that Brucie has aged extremely well??

He has acquired a ruggedness with age that, combined with his baldness and smirky-smugness thingy, it quite attractive. Yeah. I would totally tap that. And I bet he would keep you laughing too.

Sadly, an unbearable headache landed me home early for a nap. If I didn't know better, I would think I had a brain tumor. But I think it is just from overworking in the yard on Friday which led to tight shoulders/neck and resulting headache. Anyhoodle, I decided to make my favorite SUPER EASY Publix chili for dinner and have a know, self-medicate.

And I made my own tortilla chips! Which were really good! I just cut up some corn tortillas, sprayed them with olive oil spray and sprinkled them with this before baking:

I bought this at the Williams-Sonoma outlet a while back and had not really used yet, but it was really good on the chips. Here are the chips up close:

Yum! I want some now! It was really just a way to use up the HUGE STACK of fresh tortillas I bought at Wally World for like $1. Honestly, these were super-easy and tasty. Try it! This morning, the hubs made Pumpkin Waffles from Bo's Bowl:

We served them with Cow Wine (that is what I am now calling milk since the hubs has taken a liking to serving milk in my new stemless wine glasses). These waffles were really tasty. Give them a try, too! And I have enough pumpkin left to make my favorite pumpkin pasta later in the week. For now, I need to get a few more chores done today (plant pansies, clean out TBR pile, clean out office) and, maybe, read and relax a little. Hope you are all having a great weekend! XO, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

I *love* World Market. Love it, love it, love it. My girls love it too, so we go in there and spend far too much money, which the man of the house does not appreciate it, but we apparently cannot help ourselves.

bunny said...

I KNOW, JOTE! I cannot help myself either!!

robertga99 said...

No money for the farmers market, huh? And you told me that pre this shopping excursion! Grrrr

Bruce Willis has aged well. Take that Ashton!

bunny said...

I KNOW, BOBS! I did not intend to spend ANY money but the movie ticket, but baby needs new shoes! Thank God for VISA!

Bruce is HOTS!! I'd take him over Ashton ANY DAY.