Saturday, September 25, 2010

So, I Didn't Die

I wasn't even sick. I just fell off the face of the Earth for a week. Sorry. While I absolutely hate people who use the excuse of "busy" (I, mean, is anyone NOT busy these days?? I maintain you are only as busy as you want to be and make time for what you want to), I will admit this week has kicked. my. ass. I think I logged in, as of noon today, about 70 hours of work (yes, I was at work today. After working until midnight last night). We had a BIG EVENT last night and I was running all week. 

I won't even go too much into the BIG EVENT but to say I was a little discouraged by the outcomes. Everyone says it was great and good and we did raise some money. But it was my first "new" event and I had hoped for more....more people. More money raised. Just more. But it was what it was and now I can move on and decide if I would like to do it next year. I relearned many lessons though from my past event coordinator life and I will take those and move on.

Every night, I fully intended to blog, but between work, and freelance work, and volunteer work (yes, I am crazy!) and grocery shopping and dinner with a friend, it just never happened. To catch you up on the week behind me, I won this big bag of doggie treats at an auction last weekend:

They are from the bakery where I purchased Pepsi's birthday bone cake. This basket was just full of goodies for the furry kids! Look at this:

It's a little "hot dog" treat with "fries"!! How frickin' cute is that??? And look at these:

A carob-covered "cone"! A football! A carob-coated "cookie!" (Ps, carob apparently melts when it is 90+ degrees outside and you leave it in your car for three hours. Who knew!) So, the kiddos have been eating good this week which is a good thing considering I have had little time for them. In fact, the Charlester has spent the past three days at doggie day care. And take a look at this:

His daddy has encouraged this bad behavior of him jumping up on our wicker ottoman. ARGG! Mama cut his out, however, by buying a new ottoman cushion at Pier 1. I forget how much I love that store until I go in there. I bought two of the prettiest necklaces for $10!! For both of them!! Both!! I will try to remember to take photos and post. In other news, last Saturday, Bobs and I went to a local art festival, where his photo was featured:

The red-haired lady is photographer Fox Gradin, and between her and Bobs is Bobs' "female photo." Fox did a shoot of 10 folks, 5 guys and 5 girls, as retro black & white pin-ups for this art festival. She styled the men as women and, I tell you, it was hard to tell a few were dudes! In other news, if you live in north Georgia, get you some of these cupcakes:

True Love Celebrations on Cleveland Highway. Oh. My. God. These are the BEST cupcakes you will ever eat. Ever. And ever. Here are red velvet and key lime pie. So, so good. Oh, God. I want one now. And they are closed until Monday.

I also drank this wine this week (ok, last weekend) and it is so, so good. E! Look! A Cab! Quite tasty, this wine was one from the Farmer's Market. Other than that, it has been hotter than Hell here all week, but there is supposedly a "cooling down" next week. I just want it to be cool enough to start eating cold weather foods. I am ready for soups and chilis and roasts. With more red wine.

I have no plans to do anything tonight but eat, drink and watch movies with the hubs. Tomorrow, I may not leave the house. Between cleaning, washing, and writing an article or two, I probably will not have time anyway.

Hope you all are well. Hope you all have missed me just a little. Missed being here. Be back as soon as I can. B.


Jen on the Edge said...

In my experience in fund raising and alumni relations, I've learned that first-time events might not meet expectations -- especially with regards to money raised -- but that they are great "friend raisers" and the love builds on itself the next year.

Have a great, relaxing Sunday!

bunny said...

I know, JOTE, but it's just disappointing when you work your ass off and don't meet your goals. But everyone seemed to have a great time, so I hope that next year will be better! Thanks for the words of encouragement...I appreciate it!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I did miss you. I kept coming to visit and it was Lyle, again and again.

Those cupcakes and wine made me drool.

Winter Park FL has a ton of doggy events. Park Ave is doggy friendly. If I see anything that sounds like an interesting event I'll pass it along.

bunny said...

Thank you, LMSS...please do pass along any good events!!

Big Sis said...

How was Lyle Lovett? I didn't even know you were going until I saw it on the blog!

bunny said...

Sis, it's not until November.

Elisabeth said...

Looks de-lish! I'll have to put that one on my TBD list! ;-)

bunny said...

E., it was REALLY good. Like I will buy another bottle good. ;)