Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Piss Me Off

Lord, please quit testing me. Seriously. It's not very nice. See, peeps, Monday and Tuesday, I spent ALL. THE. DAMN. DAY. dealing with this stupid, stupid woman on the phone at work. Until I had a migrane. The story is long and involved, but basically, she adopted a puppy on Sept. 17. Then, the puppy became sick (her story changes on when it became sick), so she decides to take it to the local AFTER$$ HOUR$$ EMERGENCY$$ VET$$ on Sunday. Then, to her vet Monday. Now, she thinks we should pay her bills because we sold her a sick puppy. Seriously.

Ok, so the puppy may have been incubating sickness when she adopted it, but she waited 10 DAYS to do anything. If she had called us when it first became sick, we could have helped her. Within 10 days, we will help folks. After 10 days, or if you decide to take it to your own vet, you are on your own. And we have adopting folks sign an agreement to this effect. Which she signed.

Oh, God, was she nasty. What an unreasonable bitch who REFUSED to take ANY responsibility. As my mama said when I was telling her the story, when you have a baby and it gets colic, you don't return it to the hospital or ask them to pay your pediatrician bills. I had to call my boss, in COLORADO on VACATION because she was threatening to call lawyers. Seriously. Idiot. Anyhoodle, boss called her and told her she was an idiot and I suppose she is now better.

So, that consumed my first two days of the week and totally sucked the wind out of my sails. People like that just exhaust me. In good things from the week, here are a few highlights:

A "gifted" bottle of Crown. I am not sure I have ever had Crown. I buy middle-cheap whiskey. But I used it to make:

Yummy Whiskey Sours. Not as yummy (as I have heard) Bobs are, but still quite tasty. Mmmmm. Then, my one good meal this week I made (among eating out and going to Texas Roadhouse for a big ol' ribeye on a gift certificate) was this:

Some delish shrimp & grits made with yellow corn grits, otherwise known as polenta. I made up this recipe--which the hubs do not love so much (crazy ass!). I used what I had--zucchini, mushrooms, Italian tomatoes, shrimp and parm on top. I thought it was tasty. Shrimp & grits, Italian style. And I used this brand , FYI:

Of course, I have been well aware of polenta for a long time, but this was the first time I had made "polenta grits." They are SO AWESOME. Buttery, smoothness unlike white corn grits. So yummy. I will always make these for shrimp & grits recipes now!

Other than that, I think I am trying to get the plague, otherwise known as a fall sinus infection/cold. Great. Well, I can promise you if I get sick, I won't ask anyone to pay my medical bills. Hope you all are having a wonderful week, or at least one better than mine. Love and kisses, B.


Elisabeth said...

Umm. Crown. I used to drink it a lot - drink of choice, actually. Until a person of the male persuasion pissed me off & I consumed about 3/4 of that picture you showed. Then I thought I was going to die. Seriously. At some point in the night I thought I had died. But I didn't. But at that point I stopped Crown. Couldn't even see Queen E with hers own without my tummy doing a flutter. But I think now there's been enough time, cause that looks quite yummy.

Sorry you had to deal with a nasty obliviate this week (idiot oblivious to her own issues).

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I had stupid, stupid people at work last night. They were mad because we didn't have the Christmas stuff out yet.

Then I had a stupid lady who wanted me to leave 14 customers standing at the register and help her find some item.

bunny said...

E., yeah, tequilia and me are sorta still the same way.

LMSS, if only everyone was as smart as we were. hehe