Wednesday, September 01, 2010

On the Road Again with Charlie

Mama, have I told you lately that I really, really lurve my plush car seat???
I love sitting up high and seeing out.

What's that??? A squirrel??? No. Just the lake.

I better keep my eyes out for the fuzz....up here is where those cops sit in that speed trap!

What the Hell was that?!? A motorcycle?? I hate motorcycles!

And look at that fool....doesn't he know what a blinker is for??

All this riding makes a boy tired...naptime!

Later, B.


Sonya said...

I know that you're not driving and snapping pictures at the same time, right? Safety First!

bunny said...

Sonya, Yeah! Right! Exactly!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Love the car seat! I hope Charles does more "On The Road" episodes!

bunny said...

LMSS, he is the FUNNIEST thing about that a little person!