Friday, September 10, 2010

Four in Five

Ok, I am going to attempt to recap the past four days in five minutes. Ready? Here we go!
  • Tuesday...when was Tuesday? Have a told you how much I hate holiday weeks these days? You just have to cram five days worth of work into four.
  • Oh, right, I was blocking Tuesday from my mind. Our shelter participated in a hoarder rescue in a neighboring county with Animal Planet for Confessions: Animal Hoarding. Person had 30+ cats. Home was a toxic biohazard. And the smell. Oh. My. God. The smell. My boss said you could not step in the house without stepping in shit. And the ammonia levels from the urine? Double extremely dangerous.
  • Amazingly, I could eat after that, so I made this Tuesday night:
It is Black Pepper Chicken from Bo's Bowl. Except I made it with shrimp. Because it was what I had. And it was delish. But the hubs did not like it because it was "too peppery." Duh. Oh well, he ate peanut butter and there was more for me.
  • Wednesday....Start freaking out about all the events coming up at work. Hypervenilate. Consider taking drugs. Librax would be so awesome right now in my life. So. Awesome.
  • Have dinner with a friend. Wings. Beer. Laughs. Bitching. Good times. Decide regular nights out could possibly be a substitute for Librax.
  • Go to Walmart at 9 p.m. Wonder why there are so many damn people at Walmart at 9 p.m. Including me.
  • Thursday....gets tons accomplished at work. Went to grocery store. Saved $8 in coupons. Feel virtuous.
  • Wish I had time to read some books. Count days to vacation when I actually may be able to read some books.
  • Friday....figure out how to cut a barter deal with doggie day care so Charlie can go for free. Feel virtuous.
  • Get new pants. Feel happy since it seems all my pant zippers have decided to stop working properly.
  • Stand over stove and eat the brownies hub makes right out of pan. Wash down with milk drunk directly out of carton. Realize why pant zippers don't work.
Okay, that was the 15 minutes. Guess my life is more exciting than I thought. Ha. Have a good weekend! B.


Mickey said...

Crazy animal people

bunny said...

Mickey, the lady was actually a very intelligent woman...most people who "collect" things have something missing in their lives, a loss. It's sorta sad.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Forbidden Brownies...Mmmmm.
Crazy Cat Ladies make me sad.
WalMart at 3AM is lovely and quiet.
And it's sad that I know that.

bunny said...

LMSS, those brownies were gooooood. I think I will start going to Walmart at 3 a.m.

Sonya said...

I clicked through to the site. I thought the regular hoarders show was so sad, but the animal version is even worse. I've never heard of the show - you can image how much time this animal lover spends watching Animal Planet.