Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Piss Me Off

Lord, please quit testing me. Seriously. It's not very nice. See, peeps, Monday and Tuesday, I spent ALL. THE. DAMN. DAY. dealing with this stupid, stupid woman on the phone at work. Until I had a migrane. The story is long and involved, but basically, she adopted a puppy on Sept. 17. Then, the puppy became sick (her story changes on when it became sick), so she decides to take it to the local AFTER$$ HOUR$$ EMERGENCY$$ VET$$ on Sunday. Then, to her vet Monday. Now, she thinks we should pay her bills because we sold her a sick puppy. Seriously.

Ok, so the puppy may have been incubating sickness when she adopted it, but she waited 10 DAYS to do anything. If she had called us when it first became sick, we could have helped her. Within 10 days, we will help folks. After 10 days, or if you decide to take it to your own vet, you are on your own. And we have adopting folks sign an agreement to this effect. Which she signed.

Oh, God, was she nasty. What an unreasonable bitch who REFUSED to take ANY responsibility. As my mama said when I was telling her the story, when you have a baby and it gets colic, you don't return it to the hospital or ask them to pay your pediatrician bills. I had to call my boss, in COLORADO on VACATION because she was threatening to call lawyers. Seriously. Idiot. Anyhoodle, boss called her and told her she was an idiot and I suppose she is now better.

So, that consumed my first two days of the week and totally sucked the wind out of my sails. People like that just exhaust me. In good things from the week, here are a few highlights:

A "gifted" bottle of Crown. I am not sure I have ever had Crown. I buy middle-cheap whiskey. But I used it to make:

Yummy Whiskey Sours. Not as yummy (as I have heard) Bobs are, but still quite tasty. Mmmmm. Then, my one good meal this week I made (among eating out and going to Texas Roadhouse for a big ol' ribeye on a gift certificate) was this:

Some delish shrimp & grits made with yellow corn grits, otherwise known as polenta. I made up this recipe--which the hubs do not love so much (crazy ass!). I used what I had--zucchini, mushrooms, Italian tomatoes, shrimp and parm on top. I thought it was tasty. Shrimp & grits, Italian style. And I used this brand , FYI:

Of course, I have been well aware of polenta for a long time, but this was the first time I had made "polenta grits." They are SO AWESOME. Buttery, smoothness unlike white corn grits. So yummy. I will always make these for shrimp & grits recipes now!

Other than that, I think I am trying to get the plague, otherwise known as a fall sinus infection/cold. Great. Well, I can promise you if I get sick, I won't ask anyone to pay my medical bills. Hope you all are having a wonderful week, or at least one better than mine. Love and kisses, B.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So, I Didn't Die

I wasn't even sick. I just fell off the face of the Earth for a week. Sorry. While I absolutely hate people who use the excuse of "busy" (I, mean, is anyone NOT busy these days?? I maintain you are only as busy as you want to be and make time for what you want to), I will admit this week has kicked. my. ass. I think I logged in, as of noon today, about 70 hours of work (yes, I was at work today. After working until midnight last night). We had a BIG EVENT last night and I was running all week. 

I won't even go too much into the BIG EVENT but to say I was a little discouraged by the outcomes. Everyone says it was great and good and we did raise some money. But it was my first "new" event and I had hoped for more....more people. More money raised. Just more. But it was what it was and now I can move on and decide if I would like to do it next year. I relearned many lessons though from my past event coordinator life and I will take those and move on.

Every night, I fully intended to blog, but between work, and freelance work, and volunteer work (yes, I am crazy!) and grocery shopping and dinner with a friend, it just never happened. To catch you up on the week behind me, I won this big bag of doggie treats at an auction last weekend:

They are from the bakery where I purchased Pepsi's birthday bone cake. This basket was just full of goodies for the furry kids! Look at this:

It's a little "hot dog" treat with "fries"!! How frickin' cute is that??? And look at these:

A carob-covered "cone"! A football! A carob-coated "cookie!" (Ps, carob apparently melts when it is 90+ degrees outside and you leave it in your car for three hours. Who knew!) So, the kiddos have been eating good this week which is a good thing considering I have had little time for them. In fact, the Charlester has spent the past three days at doggie day care. And take a look at this:

His daddy has encouraged this bad behavior of him jumping up on our wicker ottoman. ARGG! Mama cut his out, however, by buying a new ottoman cushion at Pier 1. I forget how much I love that store until I go in there. I bought two of the prettiest necklaces for $10!! For both of them!! Both!! I will try to remember to take photos and post. In other news, last Saturday, Bobs and I went to a local art festival, where his photo was featured:

The red-haired lady is photographer Fox Gradin, and between her and Bobs is Bobs' "female photo." Fox did a shoot of 10 folks, 5 guys and 5 girls, as retro black & white pin-ups for this art festival. She styled the men as women and, I tell you, it was hard to tell a few were dudes! In other news, if you live in north Georgia, get you some of these cupcakes:

True Love Celebrations on Cleveland Highway. Oh. My. God. These are the BEST cupcakes you will ever eat. Ever. And ever. Here are red velvet and key lime pie. So, so good. Oh, God. I want one now. And they are closed until Monday.

I also drank this wine this week (ok, last weekend) and it is so, so good. E! Look! A Cab! Quite tasty, this wine was one from the Farmer's Market. Other than that, it has been hotter than Hell here all week, but there is supposedly a "cooling down" next week. I just want it to be cool enough to start eating cold weather foods. I am ready for soups and chilis and roasts. With more red wine.

I have no plans to do anything tonight but eat, drink and watch movies with the hubs. Tomorrow, I may not leave the house. Between cleaning, washing, and writing an article or two, I probably will not have time anyway.

Hope you all are well. Hope you all have missed me just a little. Missed being here. Be back as soon as I can. B.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Guess Who I Am Going to See??

I cannot wait. Can. Not. Wait.

Be back soon with more food porn and some fun from tomorrow! B.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Food, Glorious Food (aka Food Porn)

It's no wonder I am as big as the side of a barn. I love to eat. I love to drink. I love to drink and eat separately. And together. I just love me some food. So call me fatty and point me toward the buffet. In the meantime, here is a culinary recap of the weekend.

Bobs and I went back to Tacqueria del Sol Saturday (with a friend) and hogged out. That salsa trio? To. Die. For. That green salsa (like a verde-avocado mix) is so good I could drink it.

For the entree, I gots the special which was this Mexican-inspired shrimp & grits made with this so, so tasty Rotel-ly type sauce. Yum.

After lunch, we went to Hop City, where I had not been in AGES, and I stocked up on a few new beers for fall. Second from the left is a Creme Brulee Stout. Mmmmm. Can't wait to try that one.

I also purchased the Terrapin Pumpkin Fest which I tasted before dinner. It is ok...not my favorite pumpkin beer, but not bad.

After lunch, we went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market, where I purchased some more Rogue Creamery cheeses--the Garlic Cheddar and the Rosemary Cheddar. This cheese is not cheap, but is oh-so-tasty and a little goes a long way.

For dinner, we had the "ravioliette" (tiny raviolis) with the DFM house pasta sauce spiked with the DFM fresh-ground sweet Italian sausage. Hold me back, Nellie!

Sunday night for supper I made my newest discovery: Pork steaks. Like giant, slightly more fatty pork chops. The little butcher dude at the Publix tuned me into these last week.

I cut the meat off the bone (hubs does NOT eat meat on the bone!) and served it with homemade mashed potatoes and grilled boozy peaches and a salad.

These may be my very last grape tomatoes of the summer, served over Bibb lettuce with the most incredible blue cheese from Rogue Creamery.

It's their Smokey Blue, and according to the website, they "cold smoke it for 16 hours over hazelnut shells from the Pacific Northwest. The result is a balance of sweet caramel and hazelnut flavors that magically contrast the sharpness of our blue cheese. Crumble on top of a grilled burger or simply layer slices on rustic white bread. We recommend pairing with a Cabernet Franc or Zinfandel wine." Sounds like I have just figured out what to have for dinner tomorrow night (while the hubs is in class).

PS, can you tell Aunt Flo is visiting any day now??? Love to you all, B.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Four in Five

Ok, I am going to attempt to recap the past four days in five minutes. Ready? Here we go!
  • Tuesday...when was Tuesday? Have a told you how much I hate holiday weeks these days? You just have to cram five days worth of work into four.
  • Oh, right, I was blocking Tuesday from my mind. Our shelter participated in a hoarder rescue in a neighboring county with Animal Planet for Confessions: Animal Hoarding. Person had 30+ cats. Home was a toxic biohazard. And the smell. Oh. My. God. The smell. My boss said you could not step in the house without stepping in shit. And the ammonia levels from the urine? Double extremely dangerous.
  • Amazingly, I could eat after that, so I made this Tuesday night:
It is Black Pepper Chicken from Bo's Bowl. Except I made it with shrimp. Because it was what I had. And it was delish. But the hubs did not like it because it was "too peppery." Duh. Oh well, he ate peanut butter and there was more for me.
  • Wednesday....Start freaking out about all the events coming up at work. Hypervenilate. Consider taking drugs. Librax would be so awesome right now in my life. So. Awesome.
  • Have dinner with a friend. Wings. Beer. Laughs. Bitching. Good times. Decide regular nights out could possibly be a substitute for Librax.
  • Go to Walmart at 9 p.m. Wonder why there are so many damn people at Walmart at 9 p.m. Including me.
  • Thursday....gets tons accomplished at work. Went to grocery store. Saved $8 in coupons. Feel virtuous.
  • Wish I had time to read some books. Count days to vacation when I actually may be able to read some books.
  • Friday....figure out how to cut a barter deal with doggie day care so Charlie can go for free. Feel virtuous.
  • Get new pants. Feel happy since it seems all my pant zippers have decided to stop working properly.
  • Stand over stove and eat the brownies hub makes right out of pan. Wash down with milk drunk directly out of carton. Realize why pant zippers don't work.
Okay, that was the 15 minutes. Guess my life is more exciting than I thought. Ha. Have a good weekend! B.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Little Labor Day

Hello, peeps! Hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend. Not my hubs....he had to work Saturday and today. And had to do schoolwork yesterday. :(  Bunny, however, has been socializing and eating her way through the weekend. I will share.

First of all, I spent the (glorious) Saturday morning ripping out 90% of my dead veggie garden. I still have a few cherry tomato plants that are holding on and putting out, so those are still in their pots, but everything else is in the compost pile. Speaking of the weather, it has been a BE-YOU-TEE-FULL weekend here in north GA. Sunny, breezy and mid-80s. LOVE IT. Here is a photo of K.K. watching me work:

That is her "pet me bitch" look. I did. Check out my pylon-orange, paint-and-stain covered Crocs, BTW. These are my gardening shoes. I would never wear this color out in public but I have to admit it gives me a silly secret thrill to wear them outside. After working my bootay off in the yard, Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with a friend at a new restaurant:

Run, don't walk, to this unassuming gem in Clayton (Rabun County) GA. Some customers came into the hub's store raving about this place a few weeks back so we decided to visit this weekend. And, boy howdy, we were not disappointed.

The owners, who are from coastal GA, fly in fresh seafood. This is their calamari appetizer...instead of the tube meat, they use the white calamari steak. It was delish. The sauce is their Cusabi dressing...a cucumber-wasabi mix that is divine.

This is their simply heavenly seafood chowder. The hubs said it was like seafood gravy. I said I didn't understand what was wrong with that. At all. Pour it over a homemade biscuit and call it lunch.

I had the crab cakes, which were HUGE, and the cheese grits, which are locally ground and long-cooking.

Hubs had the fried shrimp which was yummy. Perfectly light breading. And look at those freakin' hush puppies! As big as a tennis ball!

Our friend got the fried oysters which she remarked were as good as any she had ever had. In Clayton! GA!  This was also included with the meal:

It was an odd addition for the plate, but good. Grilled bread, topped with basil, red peppers and provolone, drizzled with a thick, balsamic syrup. It was great, just didn't seem to fit. In all though, it was one of the best seafood restaurants I've ever eaten at....fresh food, simply and well-cooked, generous portions, well-priced. We WILL be going back. And though I rolled out of there and didn't think I would ever eat again, yesterday morning, we put out this:

Homemade waffles (by hubs) with Port Peaches....I melted some butter in a pan, whisked in some tawny port and sugar to make a boozy, buttery syrup, and then stirred in some diced, fresh peaches until warm. Pour over waffles. Devour. Yesterday, I went to a paternal family reunion with my 'rents while the hubs stayed at home and babysat and studied. Here is he and the Charlester wishing me goodbye:

My mens. Love them. Today, I am getting ready to go lay by the pool with Bobs....I need ONE day of total relaxation and calm before getting back to the work. Hope you all are having a great weekend! XO, B.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Song(s)

Hi, my name is Bunny and I have a confession. I like country music. See, I was raised on "old school" country...Dolly, the Oak Ridge Boys, Loretta. Back in the day, there was no such thing as grunge, rap or alternative music. There was limited pop, Lawrence Welk and country.

Flash forward 20ish years to the 90s, when grunge come roaring out of the northwest U.S. Can I just say "Yuck?" Sorry, but I was coming out of my high school and college days when I was all about Brit pop/alternative. The Cure. INXS. The Smiths. Depeche Mode. Duran Duran. Simple Minds. Grunge was about as far away from The Smiths as you could get it seemed.

It was at this time I started again listening to country music. See, I was driving back and forth to the ATL for work and grad school with only a car radio (this was way before CD players in every car, much less mp3 players). As fate would have it, country music was going through a revolution. Less twangy, more pop-py. Crossover hits. Garth Brooks. Trisha Yearwood. Vince Gill. Pam Tillis. Patti Loveless. Clay Walker. I am not ashamed to admit I loved it. Bought the CDs. Went to concerts. Sang along at top volume in the car. Sue me. These artists are awesome and have great voices. Better than 90% of the popular "artists" out there today. Anyhoodle, I was in a store yesterday when this song came on and sent me back to the day:

I forgot how much I love this song. The lyrics are great. That is the thing about country music for me...the lyrics. They always tell a story. Like a mini-novel set to music. So, now I think I am going to spend the rest of the weekend digging out my old country CDs and giving them a listen. I think I will start with Garth. He's a classic. Sadly, there are no good quality videos of GB on You Tube, so I will leave you with this gem from Clay Walker:

Dare you not to tap your feet. Hope you all have a great long weekend (if you are lucky enough to be off Monday). Later! B.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

On the Road Again with Charlie

Mama, have I told you lately that I really, really lurve my plush car seat???
I love sitting up high and seeing out.

What's that??? A squirrel??? No. Just the lake.

I better keep my eyes out for the fuzz....up here is where those cops sit in that speed trap!

What the Hell was that?!? A motorcycle?? I hate motorcycles!

And look at that fool....doesn't he know what a blinker is for??

All this riding makes a boy tired...naptime!

Later, B.