Sunday, August 01, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Peeps! It has been a spectacularly BUSY weekend. First, Friday (we'll include it as part of the weekend) morning we work up to find our hardwood floors in the kitchen soaked. Seems our ice maker line sprung a leak. A bad one. Two phone calls + one visit from the plumber later - $100 = problem solved. Dudes, if you have kids, tell them to go into a trade. Screw college. A 2-year degree at a trade school in plumbing, HVAC or electrical and they will be set. for. life.

Anyhoodle, the day progressed with my underwire snapping in my last halfway decent bra, which necessitated the need for bra shopping. Sigh. But after a shitty-ish Friday, Saturday dawned bright and early with me rising to go to a work event, but the highlight of Saturday was that it was the Pepster's b-day....she turned 12.

Here is Pepsi's birthday bone cake from a local pet bakery. They make awesome treats for dogs that are actually edible by humans...though a little bland. The cake above is peanut butter with carob icing and yogurt embellishments. For five long years, we skipped the cakes because of Savannah's diabetes, but we decided Pepsi needed one this year.

Here she is getting ready to chow down on her treat. We actually cut the bone in half and gave the other half to Charlie. The cake was their dinner last night. I'm SUCH a good mom! For our dinner last night, I made Big Plate of Nachos:

The story here is that I made FRESH pico de gallo from tomatoes from Casa Bunny's garden! It was freakin' yummers. MMMMM. Fresh pico. Today, I gots up, bathed the fur kids, cleaned the house, then headed out to find bras and other things to spend my money on. All I can say is, "THANK GOD FOR LANE BRYANT." In a side note, it's amazing how a new bra that fits properly make the twins look awesome and you 10 pounds lighter. I also made my way to the Williams-Sonoma outlet while out and about where I loaded up:

White Truffle Oil. HOW excited am I to have and use this? I broke it open tonight. It's tasty. And it was 40% off. I wish I had bought another bottle.

The "Stem Gem." If you remember correctly, I coveted this a while back and they had them at the outlet. For 40% off. WOO-HOO. I may also use it to core and stuff some of my cherry tomatoes.

Not one, but TWO, Calphalon skillets for $49 - 30%! YEAH BABY! It was a little bit of a splurge but I haven't bought anything for me cooking wise in a while. And all of these will be well used. Trust me. I actually already used the larger skillet cooking dinner tonight:

I bought some frozen tilapia fillets at Walmart and topped them with this seasoning (also purchased at the outlet) and it was wonderful! The green is shredded zucchini (which was good but I hit it a wee bit too hard with lemon....a little zingy) and I made the pasta which wasn't really a good side dish for this meal but was what I had. I am trying this whole "eat out the cupboards" thing right now. A nice rice pilaf or couscous would have been better. In other news, the hub's brought home Savannah's box this week:

My hub's boss (who owns a high-end, handmade furniture store) offered to make a memory box for Savannah. It is simple but very lovely, made from cherry with her photo on top.

Inside are her ashes (blue box), the cards folks sent us, her favorite toy, her leash, the collar she was wearing when she died. It is a very special piece and it was incredibly generous and kind of hub's boss to make this for us. To complete speaking about all our doggies, past and present, in this post, here is a funny photo of the Charlester:

He twists all up and grunts around. So funny. He is 27+ pounds now. Mama's big baby.

Such a sweetheart. A sweetheart with HUGE feet. And for my parting photo (I gots to part because my homemade peach cobbler just came out of the oven and is waiting for me...first of the season!) I post a submission from a BGR fan:

This fan was particularly enamored of my garden porn post of last year. The one that caused an explosion of visits to BGR. The one that is probably still my all time most viewed post. Because there are some freaks out there looking for people mating with 'maters. Anyhoodle, she picked this XXX-rated piece of produce from her garden and thought it would be funny for me to post it. So here is an update for the garden porn!

Well, I am off to bed. I have new bras and couldn't be better, right??? Love, B.


Bo said...

Bunny you have your pups so spoiled...Mine have never had a cake...I checked out that bakery...I think mine will be getting some Bday cakes.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ooohhhh. When we were chatting this morning, and you said you were going shopping, I had a fleeting thought of W-S Outlet. Neither one of us mentioned it, but isn't it woo-woo that you went there?

Savannah's box is so beautiful.

bunny said...

Bo, they are terrible's a good thing we don't have human kids. Poor Pepsi lived under the shadow of Savannah's diabetes for so long, I really felt she deserved a cake this year.

LMSS, W-S was a last minute thing but I knew something special was waiting. And Savannah's box is almost as beautiful as she was.

Elisabeth said...

That box is beautimous!!

Katie said...

#1 I am jealous that you have tomatoes that lived. I do NOT

#2 I am jealous that you have a WS outlet and I do NOT

#3 Love the doggie cake!