Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stumbling Into Saturday

Well, peeps, I finally made it to the weekend after a LONG, LONG work week. Then, I managed to kick it off right at 3 a.m. this morning when, stumbling back from the potty to empty my bladder of the 20 oz. beer I had last night with my awesome platter of nachos and homemade pico (Yes! Again! I cannot help is addictive!) I managed to badly bruise/rebreak the middle toe of my right foot.

Um, ouch. I have to admit though that I have with regularity broken most of the toes on both of my feet and broken my foot, as well. Graceful I am not. By the way, don't you like my new green polish? It is Limelight from Ulta. I know the job is a little sloppy but normally no one is looking at my feet quite THISCLOSELY. I usually don't go in for "trendy" colors but I was feeling like something different today. It makes me think of Wicked, the book, and the Wicked Witch. hehe

Today, Bobs and I went on a little jaunt. I had to go buy birthday prezzies for my nephew and then we went for lunch here. O.M.G. This place was so awesome! Bobs sent photos, but I cannot post because I cannot open (stupid, jacked up email!) but I can tell you we both were overcome with joy when eating. There are regularly LONG lines backing out of this place, and now we know why! We had the very fresh and chunky guacamole with the roasted salsa (gah!) and tacos and enchiladas. We were fighting over licking the enchilada sauce off the plate. If you live in/near the ATL, go here. Now.

After lunch, we went to the DFM which was the cluster I knew it would be. I purchased quite a few things including veggies, bread, cured meats and:

Red and gold raspberries....I see a mixed berry cobbler in our future. I also purchased the base for our dinner tonight:

Fresh spinach pasta with homemade tomatoes sauce which I jazzed up with the addition of Italian sausage, mushrooms, yellow pepper, and zucchini. Yum.

I also purchased these AWESOME cheeses from Rogue Creamery in Oregon. The Chocolate Stout cheese is made with Rogue (the brewery) Chocolate Stout!! Speaking of Rogue, my beer last night with nachos was:

Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA. As you can see, lots of head to this one! Overall, this IPA was solid, however, it did have a lingering bitterness (as the website notes) that I did not love. While I did not love it, and while IPAs are not my fave, if I had to drink an IPA for eternity, I think this one would be on a short list. Tonight, however, I decided to go white trash with my drinking:

Nothing so good as an ice cold Smirnoff Ice. If I wanted to admit to my true white trash nature, I would tell you I really, really love the grape flavor, but I have not seen it in a while which makes me wonder if they are still making it. Tastes just like grape Kool-Aid. Now, before I go to crash on the couch, I will leave you with this tidbit (since I have been slack about the Saturday song):

Whenever Bobs and I go off for the day, we both love to play the tunes SUPER DUPER loud in the car and sing along SUPER DUPER loud. Today was Prince day. I LURVES me some Prince. He may be wacka-doo but the man is a musical genius. I, mean, aren't all genuises a little wacka-doo?? Purple Rain?? Best. Album. Ever.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Going to nurse my toe with some gin! ;) Love, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

I lurve that song. Now I'm going to listen to it a bunch of times, as I've had a stupid Britney Spears song stuck in my head for days.

Sorry about the toe!

bunny said...

It's brills...the opening is so awesome..."Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life..." Just awesome.

KP said...

I love love love TDS. It is my favorite and I was soooooo happy to come back so I could eat there again. Let's meet for lunch at TDS!

bunny said...

Sounds great....tell me what Saturday or Sunday in September you would be available.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Every time you say DFM an angel in Florida sheds tears of sadness that she lives 6 hours away from there.

ctflack said...

Just FYI...they also recently built a Taqueria del Sol in Athens, so if you are headed that way you can eat there too.

robertga99 said...

You've got the look, you've got the hook
sho'nuf do be cookin' in my book
Your face is jammin'
Your body's heck-a-slammin'
If love is good, let's get 2 rammin'

bunny said...

LMSS, one day, we will visit the DFM together. It will be magic.

CTF, good to know.

Bobs, you ain't right.