Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Handbasket, Ready to Go to Hell

Mercy. What a week it has been. I have been like a cat covering up shit. My boss is on vacay which means I have been doing half his job and none of mine. Today I had to fight with our new phone/Internet provider over their POS service. As in we had NO ABSOLUTELY NO email ALL DAY at work. I was NOT nice. I was very frustrated as a matter of fact, and thought I was going to blow a gasket.

Yesterday, I became an ATL TV star....see we take a pet to the ATL for one of those local network morning shows each week and guess who got to be on this week since Mr. Boss was out?? Yep. Bunny. I don't care about being on TV except the whole being awfully, terribly, horribly vain, but once I got over the fact that their was no way to lose 100 pounds and ten years in two weeks, I just said "WTF!" and went for it.

Sadly, I was not paired with the super fun African-American female host, but the super uptight White male host. I mean, seriously, this dude has as much personality as a sack of potatoes. And was alarmingly orange up close. Mystic Tan gone bad. Real bad. He wouldn't even hold one of the puppies. Who were totally cute as beans until the camera turns on, then Ace lunges over and bites Bess on the ear. And Bess yelps. On air. It was fabulous. Just wonderful. Sigh. I would post the video but I look too fat AND my Southern accent is too drawly for words.

In good news, both my new DVR and my new camera arrived this week so I am happy that I can now take photos of things I love and watch the rest of Arrested Development in relative happiness. I just cannot wait for the weekend at this point. Cannot wait. For now, I am going to either have cobbler or a cocktail or both. Yeah. Both. B Out!


Sonya said...

I thought you were great! Might need to get your autograph before you really hit the big time.

KP said...

I thought you did a really good job!

bunny said...

Thanks, ya'll! ;)