Saturday, August 14, 2010


Has it really been TWO WEEKS since I last posted? Oy. I knew August was going to kick my ass, but I didn't know how hard. So how hard? Very. very. hard. I will try to give a recap of the goings-on then get my arse back into some kind of groove, even if it's wrong.

The first week of August was utter hell on wheels at my home because Mr. Martha was finishing his summer's Master's class--Intro to Finance. I didn't know who wanted to kill him worse--me or him. So, while his ass was getting kicked, I didn't demand too much computer time. Plus, I have felt sorta shitty the past few weeks. It has been hotter than balls here in the ATL-area and I think I have just been sapped.

This weekend also marks Weekend #3 of working of my working four out of five weekends in a row. This work is in ADDITION to the 45+ hours I am already putting in Mon.-Fri. It's just our busy time of year and, like many non-profits, we have lots to do and not enough people to do it. Actually, we have a GREAT pool of weekend volunteers...I just need me some good administrative volunteers during the week to type letters, write thank you notes, file, enter data, etc. If only we could train dogs to type. And do errands.

Then, last Sunday, guess the fuck what? My desktop went down. Again. For the THIRD time in less than two years. This time it was the mother board. Or, as I call it, the mother fucking board (sorry for all the language, but seriously, it's been that kind of week). After a consult with my Awesome Computer Dude, a "consult" with the Geek Squad and a look at my bank account, I decided to cash in on my extended warranty and have the Geek Squad try to fix it because that option = free. But is going to take forever. So now we have just the laptop, and I really hate doing stuff on the laptop rather than the nice, big screened desktop.

In garden news, my tomatoes are still putting out, but mostly just the cherries. Wait. That sounds a little porny. I meant "the cherry tomatoes are still making fruit." After a semi-shitty gardening summer, my rules for 2011 are:
  1. I buy NO ABSOLUTELY NO AND I MEAN NO heirlooms from that heirloom lady. Her heirlooms suck it.
  2. I buy all my tomatoes from Park Seed because their plants rock it.
  3. I will stop trying to be organic and use Seven Dust like it is going out of style because I am tired of busting my ass to put in and care for a garden then watch it become a buffet for bugs.
In pet news, everyone is behaving nicely. I rediscovered that pet bakery which has been sad for my wallet but a boon for the fur kids. We have to be careful, because I think Pepsi is packing on some pounds. We've become much more loosey-goosey with her diet since Savannah is no longer with us. So, yeah, Pepsi probably needs a little dietary oversight.

In entertainment news, I am FINALLY reading The Help and the hubs and I have been watching Arrested Development on Netflix. It's so freakin' funny.

In cooking news, I have been cooking a little, believe it or not. My favorite thing right now is my fancy lettuce wedge:

Half a head of romaine with topped with real bacon, fresh tomatoes, and blue cheese. Yum. The last two Fridays, I also have made Big Plate of Nachos with fresh pico:

Chicken, black beans, and pico from fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime. And I enjoyed my nachos last night with this beer:

Terrapin's Rye Squared. I have talked about this beer here before (but am too lazy right now to look for the link) but suffice to say it is spectacular. Here's the Terrapin descrip: Double the malt, double the hops, and double the flavor of the original Rye Pale Ale recipe. (Hence the name Rye Squared.) With its mammoth hop aroma, bitterness and flavor, this beer is not for the faint at heart. The Rye Squared clocks in at a hefty 9.5% ABV so double your pleasure and double your fun because Terrapin went a little crazy with this one!  Try this one if you get a chance.

In general good news, it seems I overpaid my taxes last year for my consulting business, so I received a nice check from the U.S. Gov. this week. I couldn't believe it, but my poor memory means Bunny finally gets a new camera! Woot-woot!

Ok, well I am off to clean Casa Bunny. I don't want to have to do anything tomorrow but rest or something fun. I promise to be back before two weeks! Love, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You didn't tell us what movie you watched last night.

Thanks for listening to my work woes last night.

45+hours a week? Damn, you are Wonder Woman. I can't even deal with 30+

Big Sis said...

I finished The Help right before I started back to work. Spent the whole book casting the movie in my head as I read it. I think I read somewhere that they already have Allison Janney to play Skeeter's mother. I vote Mo'Nique to play Minny and Alfre Woodard for Aibileen.
Talk to your computer dude. There should be a way to hook up your desktop monitor to your laptop.

bunny said...

LMSS, not watching a movie...watching Arrested Development. No problem listening...anytime. And, yes, I am Wonder Woman.

BS (hehe!), I just started The Book but will let you know my picks. See you next weekend. Smooches.