Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Right Foot

What the Hell did I do to piss off my right lower appendage? I mean, first, I rebreak/severely bruise a toe on right foot, THEN yesterday, I blow out my knee. I was coming home from work, loaded down like a pack horse with Charlie, my laptop, suitcase purse, and another bag for lunch/Charlie's stuff, and as I step up onto our ONE DAMN STEP leading into the house, "POP" goes my knee.

I knew immediately I had done something wrong. Something really, really wrong. Very wrong. It wasn't sharp shooting pain, but that aching "I just did something bad" pain. I immediately wrapped it in a compression bandage, iced it, propped it up and took a double-handful of Advil. Today, I did same. I just CANNOT believe this shit. Sigh. Here it is:

I do think, however, that my fast care taking has helped. And, no, it's not that swollen. I just placed a bandanna beneath the bandage because those bandages with eat into your knee. Of course, now my right calf and hip, and my whole LEFT leg are all gimpy because I have been walking all funny. Sigh.

In other news, I cooked some new stuff this weekend, mainly this awesome peach soup from Williams-Sonoma. You may not remember, but last fall, I went with some friends to a winery that served this awesome peach soup and I have been looking for a recipe every since. This recipe wasn't the same, but was very good.

First, gather the ingredients. Tell me out there, who of you know what the hell "Tawny Port" is? Well, the redneck cashier at my local booze store did, so kudos to him! The Barefoot Riesling was on sale at the Publix, but also surprisingly GOOD. In fact, I polished off a glass or three tonight. Note: Next time I will NOT use fat free yogurt...it gave the soup a bit of a twang. It was super easy to make though....first:

Dice up peaches. All we had were white. I am thinking a traditional peach with more flavor might have  been better, those these worked.

Whip out your trusty immersion blender and puree everything up. Chill for a long time.

Swirl some heavy cream on top to take off the twang. This soup was lovely (and quite boozy) and would be a great starter for brunch. Try it. For dinner Sunday night, I made veggie supper, which I love to have in the summer:

Fresh white butter beans from the farmer's market, tomato and onion salad, fresh zucchini from the farmer's market and cornbread. Food for the soul. I also whipped up a dual raspberry cobbler:

Yellow and red. Easiest cobbler recipe EVER. 1 stick butter, 1 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour. Mix, pour, top with fruit. Easy-peasy.

Mmmmm....crusty, golden goodness. So, so yummers. Sunday day, we went to the bro's house to celebrate my nephew's and neice's birthdays. Here are my handsome nephews:

They are all getting SO big. Makes me sad. they will still let me love on them a little though.

Wait! They still have some goofy in them. Whew. I was starting to worry. Well, that's about it peeps. Other than totally 'effin up my leg and feeling sorry for myself. Hope you all are having a better week. XO, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh, so sorry about your knee. Hopefully you'll recover quickly.

Cute nephews!

robertga99 said...

I want some of that peach soup! hint, hint

Sonya said...

Your food posts always make me hungry and annoyed with myself for not cooking more. Being able to cook doesn't mean much if I don't actually do it!

bunny said...

Thanks, JOTE!

Bobs, I am out of peaches but will let you know if I get more!

Sonya, trust me, inspiration comes in sporadic bursts these days at Casa Bunny!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Oh Dear. Being Virtual Friends is making you pick up my KlutzPrincess habits.

My nephews are 22,22,17,15 and 11. They all let me give them auntie love.

Jeannie said...

Hi! First time hopping in here from Bo's...and have to read about your poor knee lol! hope you are doing a ok and those boys are mischievous...beautiful cobbler too by the way..hope u have a lovely weekend! Cheers!

ctflack said...

Hey - just a suggestion on the soup (which looks interestingly good) maybe try a low-fat yogurt that isn't Publix brand. Most everything I buy is Publix brand, but I will not buy the yogurt. It just doesn't taste as good to me as Dannon or Yoplait. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what it is about it that I don't like, but then your tangy description hit the nail on the head. Sorry about your knee! It looks painful!

bunny said...

Thanks, CTF...yes, maybe switching brands totally is the better route.