Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm A Winner!

YEAH!! This week has been sorta crappy, as noted, but I just found out I am a winner! Bo over at Bo's Bowl was having a contest and I won! I never win ANYTHING so I am beyond excited. Bo chose #27, the number of my post as well as my age (yeah, right) and I won a $40 gift card to CSN.  You know I am going to be buying me some cooking stuff like this:

I have really, really, really been wanting a Le Creuset big baking dish, and at $35.95, I could easily purchase this with my gift certificate.

Or maybe I should go square...such choices! The shapes, the color. I also need some new everyday glasses. These are nice:

Pretty apple green color! I am sure I will find LOTS more things I want. It's not hard to buy things for my house esp. when related to cooking. BTW, if you've never visited Bo, skip over to his blog (see link to left or above). Bo is a man after my culinary heart....I have cooked several of his recipes and my two faves are the Chicken & Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry and the Hot Italian Sausage Soup. Gah. Now I am thinking about that soup, but it's 90+ degrees outside. First cold snap, I am making that's like soup crack. One day, Bo and I will meet, cook good food, sip some wine and have a grand time, I just know it. Well, I am off...I am blogging from work...BAD, BAD Bunny! :)


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Congratulations! You won AND Bo said some sweet things about you!

Bo said...

Let me know what you pick out.

bunny said...

Thanks, LMSS! That Bo's a sweetie, yes.

Bo, will do...still leaning toward the Le Creseut baking dish!